This or That!

Interesting comparison! Do you prefer this over that? There will be always comparison or preference of one over another. When too many people are talking about one certain drama or go to one certain blog, we tend to promote the smaller or less well-known dramas or blogs.

Asian Drama Blogs vs One Country’s Blog?

Some would prefer one country’s blog cause they only want to go to that blog for that certain topic. Some wuxia fans thought there is a lack of wuxia blogs, so they created a wuxia blog on wuxia only. Some are expert on that topic more than other dramas so they only blog about that country’s drama.

Some prefer Asian Drama blogs since they are diverse on the topic and try out other dramas.

Popular Dramas vs Less Popular Dramas?

Some wouldn’t care if the drama is popular or not, they will blog or watch whatever they like.

Some feels that there are too many people talking about the same dramas, so they rather blog about the less known ones.

Big blogs vs Small blogs?

Popularity wise, many fans would go to the same well known blog.

Some prefer to promote the less well known blogs to stand out.

Americanized blogs vs Native blogs?

Some prefer Americanized blogs that have good grammars.

Some prefer Native blogs because they show more cultural contexts and have watched plenty of dramas.

Picture Blogs vs Text Blogs?

Some prefer the visual appeal of Picture Blogs

Some prefer the content of the Text Blogs.

Do you have a preference? Would you promote the less well known blogs or dramas over the big ones? Would you rather visit a blog that is very diverse or blog that focuses fully on one country’s dramas?


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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