Heroes from Shaolin Temple episode 4 recap

Gigi’s father wants to punish Eddie for eavesdropping his martial arts. Eddie said Gigi’s cousin should be punished for learning martial arts from the drunkard. Gigi told his father she saw her cousin beating up Eddie badly. Eddie told Gigi’s father he never took care of him and whenever he is sick, they just hope he dies because he is not blood related to them. Gigi’s cousin told Eddie he’s not as good as a dog. Gigi asked her cousin to beat her first if he wants to beat up Eddie. Eddie told Gigi’s cousin he suspects he has bribed the drunkard to go against Deric. Gigi’s uncle kicked Eddie. Gigi begs her father to help Eddie. Gigi asked her uncle to stop. Gigi’s father asked Gigi’s uncle to stop and told Eddie that he forgives him for his mother but from now on he can’t step in his house. Eddie left.

Gigi’s cousin told his father he can’t stand Gigi pleading for Eddie. Gigi’s uncle asked his son to give some money to the drunkard for him to leave. A magistrate accused Eddie for stealing. The magistrate searches Eddie’s boyd and found some taels. A servant pour some tea on Deric in the restaurants. Some customers gossip about Deric pretending to be a monk. Gigi begs Deric to help Eddie. Deric said he’s already stressed. Gigi begs Deric to ask his father for help. Deric asked Gigi to wait. Deric bribed the guards to let him visit. Eddie. Deric gave Eddie some medicine and asked him to pointed a knife at him to escape. Eddie pointed a knife at Deric and pushed Deric to the guards and escaped and locked the door.


Eddie ran away from the guards. Eddie ran in the temple. The guards came and asked the drunkard if he’s seen Eddie. The drunkard shouted at the guards and the guards left. Eddie told the drunkard he’s cheap but why doesn’t he have a way to go. Gigi’s cousin called Eddie a dog and gave the drunkard some silvers to kill Eddie. The drunkard returned the silvers. Gigi’s cousin beat up Eddie. Gigi’s cousin kicked Eddie. The drunkard suggests Eddie to grab Gigi’s cousin and die together. Eddie grabbed Gigi’s cousin and fell down with him. Gigi’s cousin punched Eddie. The drunkard showed Eddie the move to beat Gigi’s cousin. Eddie kicked Gigi’s cousin. The drunkard laugh. Gigi’s cousin asked the drunkard why did he helped Eddie. The drunkard said he was having fun. Eddie kicked Gigi’s cousin and asked him to leave. The drunkard gave Eddie a bottle of wine.


Deric fainted in front of his father and said he listens to him and haven’t eaten for seven days. Deric’s father said he’s changing the rule that he can’t eat once he defeated the drunkard. Deric got up and thanked his father. Deric begs his father to let him to go to the temple to learn martial arts. Deric wants to study both his father’s martial arts and the Shaolin Sect martial artist. Deric bet with his father if he can cause his two feet get off the ground, he has to take him to the temple. Deric brought a bowl of soup for his father. Deric tried to snatch it away from his father but fell down.

Eddie asked the drunkard if he was wrong from escaping from jail. The drunkard said he is a pauper but a captain found him and trained him and treated him like his son. The happiest day of his life is also the saddest day of his life. He saved a woman who got raped and got caught by the soldiers. The captain ordered the guards to behead him. He fought with the soldiers. The soldiers found out he isn’t related to the case. The drunkard has killed two hundred or more people. The drunkard asked Eddie if he did the right thing or not. Eddie told the drunkard that those soldiers also have parents and kids and was only listening to the order. The drunkard said there’s no right or wrong in this world. He will do whatever he likes.

Deric told his father he has noticed his setbacks which is his posture. Deric asked his father to let him carry him. Deric carried his father. Deric’s two friends held Dric’s father up using a rope tying up to the tree. Deric’s father was surprised Deric could carry him without using his hands and asked him what martial artis did he used. Deric said he has used the martial arts from the Shaolin Temple. Deric told his father he will pack up to the temple. The rope fell on Deric’s father. Deric’s father yelled at Deric. Deric ran. Deric’s father pinched Deri’s ear. Deric’s told his father if he still stubborn he will runaway from home. Deric told his father he hasn’t practice his martial arts for twenty years and wouldn’t able to improve. Deric told his father he needs a more focused environment to study martial arts. Deric’s father told Deric he won’t let him go to the temple unless he cause his legs to fall off the ground. Deric whispered to his father to let him go to the temple to learn martial arts. Then his father will teach him his martial arts while he teachers his father the kungfu from Shaolin. Deric kicked his father’s foot and Deric’s father jump.


Eddie bids farewell and told Deric he wants the drunkard to be his master. Deric told Eddie that his father has let him to study martial artis in the temple. Gigi whined that both Eddie and Deric are leaving. Deric and Eddie drink with Gigi for the last time. Gigi bids farewell to Deric. Deric told Gigi to play alone since he won’t be back until he successfully learned the martial arts. Eddie and the drunkard gambled and won lots of cheque.Eddie and the drunkard wrestle for money. Eddie said this is the happiest day in his life. The drunkard and Eddie saw four guards and laughed and fought with them. The drunkard’s food got locked in a chain. The drunkard uses his arm to fight with the guards. The drunkard used his foot to carry up the hay and kicked the guards. The drunkard got hung up by the chain. He took the chain off and fell down. The guards beat him up. Eddie saw it and kicked the guards. Eddie told his master he has killed the guard and has improved his martial arts. The drunkard died. Eddie hugged his master and cried.



Deric looked at the monks practicing martial arts at the temple. Joe stared at Deric and his three friends giggled while the elder monk made a speech. Deric asked the elder monk if he can be Li Ning’s student. The elder monk told Deric he can’t and can only choose between those two monks to practice martial arts. Deric wants to see Li Ning. The elder monk told Deric he can see Li Ning after he successful practice martial art. Joe wants to compete with Deric. The monk tested the students to carry the cauldron over their heads. Joe uses his hands to carry the cauldron. Deric sat and carried the cauldron while putting his head on the cauldron. Deric managed to push the cauldron up and he spat blood.



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