Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 12 recap

Wang Yu Yan advised Mu Rong Fu not to use some steps. Mu Rong Fu fought with Jiu Mo Zhi. Jiu Mo Zhi told Mu Rong Fu he is a disgrace to his family. A man in a black suit fought with Jiu Mo Zhi. Mu Rong Fu thanked the man in the black suit for saving him. The man in the black suit told Mu Rong Fu he has to have the will to improve his martial arts instead of giving up. Duan Yu’s bodyguards told Wang Yu Yan’s mother that Jiu Mo Zhi has frozen Wang Yu Yan and she ended up in the library. Wang Yu Yan suggests her mother to collaborate with Mu Rong Fu. Mu Rong Fu requested Wang Yu Yan’s mother to let him marry Wang Yu Yan but she refused and said she has to make sure he loves her daughter. Duan Yu’s four bodyguards took Duan Yu to the underground of the library and saw a tombstone of Mu Rong Bo. Duan Yu and the four bodyguards opened the tomb and didn’t see the body of Mu Rong Fu. Wang Yu Yan’s mother checked the prison and doubts how could Jiu Mo Zhi caught Wang Yu Yan. Wang Yu Yan’s mother saw the tile and realized how cunning Jiu Mo Zhi is and assumes he went through the underground.

Mu Rong Fu practices martial arts in front of Wang Yu Yan and caused the flowers to fall down from the sky. Duan Yu bids farewell to Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan. Mu Rong Fu told Wang Yu Yan if he marries her, she will be his greatest gift. Mu Rong Fu put on the hairpin for Wang Yu Yan. Two monks invited Mu Rong Fu to attend the meeting to investigate about the murder of the elder monk. The monk said there was a rumor of Qiao Feng and Mu Rong Fu protecting each other. Mu Rong Fu told the two monks that he found out Jiu Mo Zhi is the murderer. The maid told Mu Rong Fu that Wang Yu Yan is missing. Mu Rong Fu watches the steps on the grass and followed it and found the hairpin and thought how Jiu Mo Zhi has kidnapped her.



Jiu Mo Zhi asked Wang Yu Yan to put on the monk’s outfit. Jiu Mo Zhi told Wang Yu Yan that Mu Rong Fu is useless. While eating in the restaurant, Duan Yu ate and saw Jiu Mo Zhi and kneel down under the table and recognized Wang Yu Yan’s back. Duan Yu used his chasing skill and held Wang Yu Yan’s hand and ran. Jiu Mo Zhi threw Duan Yu. The four bodyguards fought with Jiu Mo Zhi. Jiu Mo Zhi took Wang Yu Yan away. Duan Yu chases Jiu Mo Zhi. Duan Yu chases Jiu Mo Zhi and bought the canoe. Jiu Mo Zhi and Wang Yu Yan go on the canoe. Duan Yu padded the canoe. Duan Yu pushed Wang Yu Yan on the sea and jumped on the sea. Jiu Mo Zhi fell down the sea. Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan swam to the shore. Duan Yu burned the chicken for Wang Yu Yan. Jiu Mo Zhi wakes up on the beach. Jiu Mo Zhi froze Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu is willing to write his martial arts to Jiu Mo Zhi.


Qiao Feng recalled when a monk has rescued him from falling from the cliff when he tried to pick up his knife. Qiao Feng returns to his home looked at the torn teapot and thought of his foster father. Qiao Feng found his parents being murdered. The monks saw Qiao Feng and assumed he killed his foster parents.


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