Legend of Qin episode 1 recap

This series starts with Crown Prince Jing Ke of Yan assassinating Emperor Ying Zheng and failed. Ying Zheng, the king of Qin named himself as Emperor Qin Shi Huang. During the labor, Tian Ming gave a kid a bottle of water and got hit by a soldier. Tian Ming fainted, and his eyes bled in the rain. Tian Ming wakes up in the rain seeing his soldiers all dead. Ying Zheng received an edict from Hengshan state and doubt if it was about the son of Jing Ke and his beloved consort. Flashback of Yingzheng found a jade on Jing Ke. The consort suicide hoping Yng Zheng will spare her son. Commander Dong Guo Zhi has received a message Ge Nie has come out from the Xiangyang City and he used the fastest way to send the message to Miss Duan Mu Rong. Lord got angry that Prince Dong know his hideaout. Lord scold Su Ying . Lord asked Da Si Ming what is Shao Si Ming is doing.


Villagers saw Tian Ming and got freaked out. Shao Si Ming received a message that Tian Ming’s hideout has been revealed. Tian Ming saw Shao Si Ming and recalled her saving him. Xiao Shi Ming told Tian Ming to just believe she is his imagination. Xiao Shi Ming recalled Da Sa Ming ordered her to take care of Tian Ming under Prince Dong’s order. Tian Ming kissed Xiao Shi Ming. Xiao Shi Ming slapped Tian Ming. Ge Nie pointed a sword at Tian Ming and asked him to come with him if he doesn’t want to die. Tian Ming tries to sneak out. Ge Nie asked Tian Ming if he wants him to tie him up to the tree. Duan Mu Rong called Genie a coward for hiding for thirteen years. She is going to kill him to revenge for her brother. She saved him but he betrayed her brother and worked for Ying Zheng. Ge Nie fought with Mu Rong. Tian Ming tries to sneak out while they fight. Ge Nie threw a ball of poison at Mu Rong. Tian Ming’s house got burnt.


Tian Ming ran to his house. Xiao Shi Ming used her power to tie Tian Ming up. The guards tried to kill Tian Ming. Xiao Shi Ming used her power and splash water back at the guards. Tian Ming jumps on the hay roof and search for his parents. The soldiers pointed their swords at Tian Ming and his parents. Tian Ming threw food at the soldiers and asked him to watch his kungfu. Ge Nie jumped. Soldiers surrounded Ge Nie, Tian Ming and his parents. Genie fought with the soldiers. A soldier rode on the horse and dragged Tian Ming. Ge Nie pushed out the swords that came toward him. The horse kicked Ge Nie. Ge Nie threw his sword and stopped the chain. The soldiers fired cannons toward Tian Ming and Ge Nie. Ge Nie ran with Tian Ming. More soldiers came. Geni uses his sword to attack the soldiers. Ge Nie fainted. Tian Ming begs Rong to save Ge Nie.


Rong recalled Ge Nie held her hand and said Tian Ming is Jing Ke’s son. Tian Ming’s godparents showed Tian Ming his jade. Rong stared at Tian Ming wiping Ge Nie’s face and asked him if he knows him and why he’s so good to him. Tian Ming said Ge Nie is a good guy since he is his savior. Tian Ming said when Ge Nie wakes up, he wants to be his disciple. Tian Ming opened Ge Nie’s sword. Rong gave Tian Ming a rabbit to eat. Tian Ming asked Rong how did she kill the rabbit since he didn’t see any wounds on it. Rong said she poisoned it. Tian Ming threw up. Ge Nie asked for water. Tian Ming watches Rong slicing snakes and had an illusion of Rong sucking Ge Nie’s blood. Tian Ming hurriedly piggyback Genie and ran and tripped down the hole. Xiao Shi Ming was about to pick them up but some guards passed by. Tian Ming asked for help. The guards picked Tian Ming and Ge Nie up. A guard looked at the sword and found it elegant and must be from a highly ranked person. The guards took Tian Ming to Master Xiang Shao Yu. Shao Yu looked at the sword and take a look at Ge Nie and recognized him. Tian Ming claimed he is Tian Ming’s disciple.The guard grabbed Tian Ming and asked him what was his motive.


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