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Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Christmas

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Finished watching Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Christmas which was airing on my channel on TV. It was a touching episode of sacrificing for the happiness of others.

Mr.Nguyen gave his daughter to some soldiers during the Vietnam War so she can have a better life. Mr. Nguyen wish he could see his daughter again for Christmas. Arnold deals with an officer if he can shop all the presents on the list for him, he will search for Mr.Nguyen’s lost daughter to him. Arnold and Gerald shopped for all the present except the Nancy Spumoni boots which they couldn’t find. They search everywhere in the city but everyone laughed and said they were running out of it last month. Helga’s mother gave Helga a Christmas present which is the Nancy Spumoni’s boots. Helga skated dreamily in those Nancy Spumoni’s boots on the ice but looked at the list and realized Arnold also wanted those boots. She wanted those boots for Christmas but her crush Arnold also need it. Helga went to the officer and gave him the box of boots and persuaded him to find Mr. Nguyen’s daughter for him. During Christmas party, Arnold’s family opened their presents. Oscar received a pack of coal. There were no presents for Mr.Nguyen under the tree. Mr. Nguyen doesn’t want any presents. Someone knocked on the door. Mr. Nguyen’s daughter’s May came and reunited with Mr. Nguyen and he called her a filial daughter. Mr. Nguyen introduced his daughter May to his family. Gerald told Arnold that perhaps there’s an Angel looking out for him. Helga wishes Arnold a Merry Christmas.

The End.

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