Weapons of Power episode 11 and 12 recap

Xiaohou Zhun punched Nuo Feng’s father and said he was the one who has framed Mu Rong Bai. Nuo Feng came and hugged her father. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng that Mu Rong Bai has kiled her father. Xiaohou Zhun said he killed his master but he built a successful sect. Xiaohou Zhun told Nuo Feng that her father’s organ has been broken. Lin Pen blames himself and vowed he will seriously study martial arts to beat Mu Rong Bai to revenge for him. Nuo Feng cried in front of her father’s cemetery and regret of not obeying him. Nuo Feng gave Lin Pen a manuel. Lin Pen asked Xiaohou Zhun where is his brother.


Lin Die stood in the grass hiding from the soldiers. Tian Long grabbed Lin Die. Tian Long tied up Lin Die and took her to her place. Being tied up to a tree, Lin Die watches a villager bumping into an old villager and hit him for causing his oranges to fall down. Lin Die asked a kid to untie him but he refuses. The eunuch showed Lin Die his termite and demanded him to pay him for it. A sect member slapped Lin Die for watching Tian Long taking a bath. Tian Long told Lin Die she doesn’t mind taking her clothes in front of him if he wants to. Lin Die avoid looking at Tian Long and said virgin for girls matter. Tian Long asked Lin Die to work for her if he wants to see her master. Lin Die moved the fan for Tian Long. Lin Die carries two bucket of water and washes his face on the stream. Tian Long asked Lin Die watch her taking a bath. Tian Long pretends to twist her leg and seduce him.

Lin Die search for Mu Rong Bai and got caught by two hunters. A hunter wants to test Lin Die’s health while the other hunter wants to eat him.

Lin Pen and Nuo Feng practice martial arts. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng he plans to marry her and have kids with her and teach their children martial arts. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple gave flowers to Nuo Feng and feel she has changed. Nuo Feng told Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple she only consider him as her friend. She sees potential in Lin Pen in defeating Mu Rong Bai.

Lin Die sighed to Tian Long that the hunters gave him the diarrhea pill. Tian Long advises Lin Die to leave his fiance. Tian Long asked Lin Die if he believe that his fiance will wait for her. Tian Long told Lin Die he can leave if he abides to her request. Tian Long showed Lin Die her dress and hugged him and said he has to marry her tonight. Tian Long chases Lin Die. Lin Die ran across the bridge and tripped. Tian Long threw clothe and picked him up. Lin Die told Tian Long he won’t trust her and left.


Lin Die hid behind the grass and saw the two sect members searching for Tian Long and he wonders if she’s in danger. The sect members found Tian Long and saw her bleeding and put on the special medicine for her. Tian Long can’t bleed since if she bleeds she will bleed nonstop. Lin Die visits Tian Long. Tian Long teased Lin Die if he wants to rape her. Lin Die vowed he won’t ever have bad intentions on her. Lin Die asked Tian Long what kind of illness she has which she bleeds nonstop.Tian Long said she was born in a wealthy family. Her family sold two of their business in exchange for the monk to cure her illness. The monk raped her. The monks accused her for seducing him and arrest her parents. The six leaders of the sect tied her parents and her up. The sect leader forced her parents to tell him where is the evil sect. He killed her parents. A sect leader wanted to kill her but Mu Rong Bai came and fought with the monks and the six sects. Tian Long told Lin Die that it’s really hard to cure her illness. Tian Long told Lin Die she told him this story for him to understand that this world is evil and needs to know martial arts to protect themselves.



Tian Long took Lin Die to a warehouse to meet Mu Rong Bai. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Die he ordered Tian Long and the sect members to teach him a lesson about the martial arts world to not trust others easily. Lin Die greets Mu Rong Bai as his master.

Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple hold his fist and get pissed seeing Lin Pen helping Nuo Feng up after practicing martial arts. Nuo Feng feels close to Lin Pen since they have the same goals of revenge. Nuo Feng hopes Lin Pen understand that they are just close buddies.

Tian Long complimented Lin Die. The sect members teased Tian Long for falling for Lin Die. Lin Die fought with the sect members to test his martial arts. Tian Long fought with Lin Die and pretends to be injured and pointed a knife at Lin Die. Lin Die bowed in front of his master and begged him to let him leave to see his fiance. Tian Long lets Lin Die leave the village but he must be aware of the evil people. Lin Die drinks with the sect. Mu Rong Bai sent Tian Long to leave with Lin Die to investigate about Nuo Feng’s sect. The eunuch gave Lin Die a jade sculpture as a wedding gift.

Tian Long asked Lin Die if her fiance rejects him, can she be with him. Tian Long picked a fortune paper and wished about Liang Shanbo and Zhu Ying Tai. Tian Long stared at the wedding sedan chair. Lin Die told Tian Long he can introduce her to a gentleman. Lin Die has a feeling that her mother and fiance missed him. Lin Die searches for his fiance and mother at home. Some villagers told Lin Die that his fiance is getting married to another man today. Lin Die chases the sedan chair. Lin Die opened the sedan chair and dragged her fiance and asked her why is she marrying someone else. Tian Long grabbed the groom. Lin Die’s fiance told Lin Die that his mother took care of someone else’s son and lost him. Lucky there’s a master who proposed to her. This is her chance of being wealthy and happy.




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