Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 13 recap

Qiao Feng told the monks he just arrived her and saw his parents death. The monks would’t believe it and called Qiao Feng a Khitan. Qiao Feng asked the monks if they are from the temple and who has informed them that someone came here. The monks refused to tell and fought with Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng froze the two monks and said if he wanted to kill them it is very easy. Qiao Feng punched the monks and the teapot broke and Qiao Feng apologized and left. Qiao Feng bowed in front of his parent’s grave. Qiao Feng doubts that the assassin is on his way to kill his master. Ah Zhu stood in front of the monks and wants to come in but the monks prevented him due to she’s a female.

Qiao Feng eavesdrop at the monks in the temple. Qiao Feng’s master told the monks they should be happy for him to have karma. The monks asked Qiao Feng’s master about the person who killed the elder monk. The elder monk refuses to tell who is the killer for the good of others. Qiao Feng’s master asked Qiao Feng he can come in. Qiao Feng came in and bowed in front of his master. Qiao Feng’s master told Qiao Feng he wanted to see him. Qiao Feng’s master stared at Qiao Feng’s face and got freaked out and passed out. Qiao Feng hugged his master and doubted why he passed away after seeing him. Qiao Feng called the monk and said his master has passed away. Qiao Feng vowed he will catch the murderer. The monks accused Qiao Feng of killing his master. The monk told Qiao Feng that before he came here his master already been attacked. A monk brought some tea and got freaked out seeing Qiao Feng and said he saw him hitting his master on the chest. Qiao Feng said that person must have impersonated him. Qiao Feng bowed in front of his master and fought with the monks and threw a monk over the monks and left.


Qiao Feng eavesdrop by the door and saw another person who looked like him. Qiao Feng eavesdrop at a monk froze the other monks while they are praying. THe monk tapped the closets and stole a manuel. The monk return and came behind the Buddhist statue. Qiao Feng held him. The monks accused the other monk of stealing the manuel. Qiao Feng watch the monk and found it smiliar to the monk who has frozen the monks. The elder monk told the monks that the monk was next to him all along. The two elder monk pray and saw Qiao Feng behind the sculpture. Qiao Feng fought with the elder monks. The monk got hit by the tile and got injured Qiao Feng used his dragon palm on the elder monk and left with the monk. The monk begs Qiao Feng not to take off her clothe. Qiao Feng took off the mask and found out it was Ah Zhu under the mask and asked her if she has killed his parents and master. Ah Zhu told Qiao Feng if she was skillful in martial arts she wouldn’t have been injured. Qiao Feng took Ah Zhu to the doctor but he told him that he needs to be prepared for her funeral. Qiao Feng search around for a good doctor to treat Ah Zhu.


Duan Yu pretends to have a stomach ache in front of Jiu Mo Zhi. Wang Yu Yan drew a sign of a ball on the block as she and Jiu Mo Zhi and Duan Yu ate in the restaurant. Duan u ordered plenty of meats. Duan Yu pretends to complain about the dirty chopsticks and pushed it toward Wang Yu Yan’s hat. Wang Yu Yan’s hair fell down. The servant accidentally spilled tea on Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu asked Miss Wang if she’s alright. Duan Yu and Jiu Mo Chi heard there will be a martial arts competition against Qiao Feng. Wang Yu Yan told Jiu Mo Zhi she heard Qiao Feng is a skilled martial artist.

Ah Zhu leaned on Qiao Feng and cried and said she was afraid he wouldn’t return. Ah Zhu asked Qiao Feng not to leave her. She was really scared being along and die here. Ah Zhu asked Qiao Feng to tell her a story. Qiao Feng said not long ago, there was a poor family living in the mountain. The family consists of a mother, a father, and a son. One year later, the father has an illness. The mother sold the chicken and used to the four taels to find a doctor to treat her husband’s illness. The doctor refused to cure the father due to not enough money. The son stole a knife. The seven year old son despited the doctor for pushing his mothe and lost the four taels. The seven year old boy sneaked from the backdoor and stabbed the doctor during the night. Ah Zhu freaked out and said the boys sounds like a Khitan. Qiao Feng said in the eyes of the Hans, the Khitan is evil. Ah Zhu told Qiao Feng that he has the trait of a hero, and it is normal for him to kill that doctor. Qiao Feng said his father’s illness got treated by the monks. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhu if she would let him take care of her if he finds out he is a Khitan. Qiao Feng heard a noise and eavesdrop at the three martial artist chatting about the martial arts meeting to kill Qiao Feng.



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