Heroes from Shaolin Temple episode 5 recap

Deric’s master ordered Deric to stand up. Deric’s friends carried him up to the temple. Deric’s master ordered Deric and his students to stand up while eating. The monk ordered Deric to serve tea for him. Deric couldn’t pick up the teapot. The monk criticized Deric of not being able to pick up a teapot. The monk drank the tea and asked Deric to go back to his seat. Deric wrote a letter to his father saying he’s dong well in the temple and was able to punch Joe and his master complimented him. Deric’s master punished Deric. Deric’s friends want to help Deric do chores. Deric’s friends told Deric that he has never done chore and it is sad that he has to work hard. Deric drove his friends away. Deric sneaks in the kitchen to steal a bun.

A monk Law Lok Lam grabbed his teapot and asked Deric to come out. Law Lok Lam told Deric he saw his master’s students couldn’t endure his harshness. Law Lok Lam told Deric that not only disciples, but brothers will fight with each other. Law Lok Lam told Deric he can tell he’s from a wealthy family but even a wealthy person who comes in this kitchen have to eat his bun. Deric asked Law Lok Lam why does he drinks so much as a monk. Law Lok Lam said when he’s drunk he wont’ think of anything.


Gigi asked her father to teach her martial arts. Gigi’s father said there was a nun who wanted to borrow his land. He lend the land to her for a cheap price but she wouldn’t repay until she sent his men to beat her up. Gigi would like to see those kind of jerks.

Deric’s friends asked Deric for a drink. Deric’s master asked Derick’s friend to move. Deric’s master ordered his students to pick up a purple flower from the mountain before noon tomorrow. While Deric and the disciples are jogging, Law Lok Lam reminds Deric to remember to have confidence. Joe helped Deric up on the top of the moutain. Joe crawled down the mountain to pick up the purple flower. Joe picked up the purple flowers and crawled back up and showed to Deric and threw it and told Derick a weakling like him isn’t worth to be a disciple. Deric crawled back down to pick up the purple flower. Deric searched for the flower on the plain. Deric touches the pack of goats and searches for the flower. Noel asked Deric why did he disturb her goats. Deric saw Noel holding a flower. Deric begged Noel to return the flower. Noel gave back the flower to Deric. Deric looked on the top of the mountain and asked Noel how can he go back to the temple. Noel showed Deric the direction but it was complicated. Deric held Noel’s hands to lead him. Deric piggyback Noel to the temple. Noel watches Deric running to the temple. Law Lok Lam anxiously waits for Deric and thrilled seeing Deric holding the purple flower. The disciples encouraged Deric to run to the temple. Deric’s master asked Deric to leave since he arrived after the root has died down. Deric told his master he was supposed to arrive early but Joe threw his purple flower. Deric called his master’s martial arts outdated and he wants to see Li Ning. Deric’s master told Deric his status isn’t up to it. Deric’s master told Deric he can lead him to Li Ning but he will regret it. Deric came in the room and called Li Ning and asked him why did he become an iron. Deric said he’s been bullied by the disciple and hoped Li Ning will fight for him. The monks threw Deric out.



Deric packed his stuff and leave the temple. Gordon complimented Deric for wanting to leave the temple since he has to go through eighteen steps. Gordon asked Deric to crawl through the tiny hole of the wall if he wants to leave. Gordon told Deric that Li Ning complimented him of being intelligent that he only mastered the first step of martial arts. Gordon took Deric to watch he three and five years old monks practicing martial arts. Gordon bet with Deric to win the fight with one of those kids if he wants to leave. Deric challenges the smallest kid. The kid spanked Deric with his stick. Gordon introduces Deric to his disciples. Gordon asked his disciples to separate in two groups and throw tofu at each other. Whoever catches the tofu without breaking it has successfully achieved his martial arts. The two teams throw tofu at each other. Law Lok Lam asked Deric why don’t he join them. Law Lok Lam told Deric that Gordon isn’t a simple master.


Gigi came to the temple and asked the nun to pay her rent. The nun claimed she doesn’t have money. Gigi asked the nun to ask her master to fight with her. Gigi asked the nun’s master to fight with her or she will take her stuff. The nun’s master fought with Gigi. Gigi got injured and fainted. Noel gave the bowl of medicine for Gigi. Gigi asked Noel where did her master learns the martial arts. Noel told Gigi that she studied it in the temple.

Joe and the disciple fights with Deric for the shower. Gordon asked Deric to lend the place for Joe. Joe challenges Deric and the disciple for a fight. Joe threw down Gordon’s disciples. Gordon barked like a dog. Joe asked Deric to bark like a dog since his team lost. Deric was about to punch Joe. Gordon asked Deric to bark. Deric barked and left. The next morning, Gordon told Deric and his friends he knows they blamed him btu they deserve it. Deric told Gordon he is willing to crawl under the hole of the wall. Gordon asked his students why don’t they work harder. Gordon proved his martial arts isn’t useless and speedily ran on the fences. Deric and friends are impressed.



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