Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 14 recap

Qiao Feng threw the three swords toward the three elder sect members and said he will attend the martial arts meeting. Ah Zhu told Qiao Feng that he doesn’t need to sacrifice to find a doctor for her since she is just a lowly maid. The sect members told the doctor that Qiao Feng is coming to the martial art meeting. Qiao Feng arrives and greets the sect leaders and asked the doctor for help. Qiao Feng brought Ah Zhu for the doctor to cure her. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhu for her last name. The doctor asked Qiao how is he related to this maid. Qiao Feng told the doctor that Ah Zhu is his friend’s maid. The doctor stared at Ah Zhu and said she’s been beaten by two skilled monks. The doctor refused to treat Ah Zhu since Qiao Feng is the one who brought her. Qiao Feng told the doctor that he can’t differentiate between right and wrong if he refuses to cure Ah Zhu since he has a grudge on him. The doctor asked Qiao Feng to kill himself. Ah Zhu begs Qiao Feng to leave. Qiao Feng told the doctor if he finds out he’s a han, he won’t forgive him but if he is a Khitan he will kill him first cause he doesn’t want to kill a han before he cure Ah Zhu. A voice called Qiao Feng that he is almost dying but is still arrogant. The fourth villain came and called the meeting a meeting for the lunatics. He wants to see them fighting. The sect members fought with the fourth villain. Qiao Feng uses his power to injure the fourth villain.


Qiao Feng drinks and cheer farewell with the martial artists. Madame Ma drinks the cup of wine and accused Qiao Feng of killing her husband. The elder sect leader drinks with Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng drinks with the sect members and the four elder sect leaders. Qiao Feng begs the sect members to take care of Ah Zhu if something happens to him. Qiao Feng threw a sect member toward the two other sect members. The two sect member’s fathers fought with Qiao Feng. The sect members fought with Qiao Feng. The monks fought with Qiao Feng. The sect members called Qiao Feng a Khitan dog. Qiao Feng punched the elder sect leader and he died. The sect members fought with Qiao Feng. A sect member planned to stab Qiao Feng on his food but Qiao Feng noticed it and avoid it on time. Yau Tan Z came out and hugged his father. The sect members fought with Qiao Feng. The elder sect lady and Madame Ma watches Ah Zhu and planned to use her against Qiao Feng. The doctor asked Qiao Feng to transfer his energy to Ah Zhu. Qiao Feng deals with the doctor to cure his girlfriend and he will not step in this town anymore. The sect member pointed a sword at Ah Zhu but Qiao Feng prevented him. Qiao Feng held on to Ah Zhu and fought with the sect members. Qiao Feng grabbed the monk and forgives him since he learned martial arts from the temple


An assassins tied a rope and picked Qiao Feng up from the roof. Qiao Feng threw Ah Zhu to the sect member. Qiao Feng thanked the masked assassin in the cave. The masked assassins fought with Qiao Feng and said his martial arts is good since he could defend himself while he’s injured but he’s too naive. The elder sect lady and Madame Ma ordered Ah Zhu to tell who is the masked assassin who has rescued Qiao Feng. Ah Zhu doesn’t know who he is but only knows he’s a skilled martial artist. The sect members plead the doctor to plead the doctor and Qiao Feng will pick her up. The sect members is willing to show the doctor seven of his martial arts steps in exchange for him to heal Ah Zhu.


Jiu Mo Zhi asked Duan Yu why his martial arts haven’t improved after practicing for a while. Duan Yu suggests Jiu Mo Zhi to practice the steps from the end. Jiu Mo Zhi farted. Duan Yu asked Jiu Mo Zhi to be careful of not overdo the martial arts. Duan Yu told Jiu Mo Zhi that there are many martial artists in the martial arts conference and he doesn’t need to go if he’s scared. Wang Yu Yan asked Duan Yu if he really taught his martial arts to Jiu Mo Zhi. If he did, they will die in his hands. Duan Yu told Wang Yu Yan he taught the martial arts backward to Jiu Mo Zhi and he will become drowsy and they can escape. Mu Rong Fu saw the ball mark of Wang Yu Yan on the block in front of the restaurant. Mu Rong Fu asked the servant if he’s seen a monk with a lady. The servant told Mu Rong Fu he met a young man with the monk and the lady. The lady called the the lady and Miss and where they will go. Jiu Mo Zhi practices martial arts and becomes crazy. Duan Yu and Wang Yu Yan sneaks out. Jiu Mo Zhi used his lazer power and said he finally managed to achieve the martial arts.



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