Reasons to be a monk or a nun in ancient series/wuxia

Been watching too many wuxia and there’s always a scene where someone becomes a nun or a monk. Temples are usually the best hideout for the criminals.


1. They want to repent their mistakes. In Doomed of Oblivion, Gigi’s Wong Yut Che was punished to be a nun because she framed Wong Hei Cheng Ban Kiu of treason against the majesty.

2. In Duke of Mt.Deer 98, Emperor Shunzhi became a monk to live a peaceful life.

3. The saddest reason to be a monk in my opinion is when you become a monk because you think your lover doesn’t love you back. In the Four, Cilla’s Ling Siu-to became a nun in the end because Lang Ling-hei doesn’t tell her he loves her back. Felt heartbroken when watching Heroes from Shaolin where Li Ning becomes a monk and Amy felt upset that he told her to forget him.

4. Their dreams is to be a monk and follow the Buddhist. In Heroes from Shaolin, Lin Ning dream is to become a monk.

Being a monk or a nun can be a good thing or a bad thing. Some wants to live a peaceful life and others dream is to be a monk and follow the Buddhist.

Being a monk and fall in love with other can also be a crime.

What’s your thoughts of characters become a monk or nun? Do you believe it is a good or bad thing for characters to become a monk/nun to repent their mistakes?


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