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Thief of Honour episode 13 recap

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Ekin showed Noel the love dagger from his parents. Ekin gave Noel the love dagger. Ekin flew a kite with Noel. Noel’s father asked Noel to bring gifts for an official’s house. Noel’s father’s guards pushed the table and ordered the cashier to close down his restaurant. Dicky suggests the cashier’s niece to stay at his place. Noel passed by the restaurant and saw the restaurant being closed down. Noel asked his father why did he closed down the restaurant. Noel’s father asked Noel why did he hang out with Ekin. Noel’s father told Noel that Ekin isn’t good enough for her. Noel found Ekin and told Ekin and the cashier that her father didn’t want her to be with Ekin so he closed down the restaurant. Noel told Ekin she is not good for him since her father is a Mongolian. Noel said she decided to stay with him here. The cashier admired Noel’s courage. In the village, Noel’s father thought about how he used to kill someone in the fire. The king’s uncle asked Noel’s father to let Noel hang out with him tonight. Noel’s father laughed in his room and said he’ll let the king’s uncle to figure Ekin’s background himself.


Noel’s father asked his servant to bring the lady to him. Noel’s father asked Noel to come home with him. Noel’s father fought with Ekin and laughed and praise Ekin’s martial arts has improved. Noel’s father made a deal with Ekin that if he can defeat him in three months, he will him marry his daughter. Ekin deals with Noel’s father. Noel’s father gives Ekin the manuel. The cashier and the rebels refuses to believe that Noel’s father is willing to marry off his daughter to Ekin. The cashier told his brother that it is easy for Noel’s father to beat Ekin but it is hard for him to kill him. The cashier told the lady that Noel’s father also greed for the seal. Dicky told his grandfather that Ekin will the son in law of Noel’s father.

A Mongolian ate at the food stall and refuses to pay. Dicky stopped a Mongolian from bullying a servant. Dick’s grandpa practice martial arts and tripped. Dicky’s grandpa encouraged Dicky to work hard and learn martial arts. Dicky told the cashier’s niece he feels sad for his grandfather that the Mongols took over the hans. Dicky said he wants to hold the dagger and beat those Mongols. Dicky begs the leader of the rebel to let him participate in the rebel. The cashier warned Dicky he will end up being dead if he ever betray them. The rebels ordered Dicky to search for the seal.


Noel showed her father the love dagger. Noel told her father that Ekin’s mother got injured by this dagger and got saved by his father. Ekin practiced martial arts and ached. Noel’s father massaged Ekin. Noel’s father doubt who has the seal. Noel’s father asked Ekin if his mother ever mentioned about her friend who has the box of the seal. Ekin thought of his mother telling him that she’s been waiting for her friend for twenty years to pick up the seal. Ekin asked Noel to leave with her tonight since her father’s intention is to find the seal. Noel and Ekin got stopped by Noel’s father. Ekin said three months is too long and will have a duel now. Ekin fought with Noel’s father and got injured badly. Noel’s father told Ekin he can leave with Noel but he has to find the seal for him.

Ekin and Noel eavesdrop at Noel’s father praying in front of his parents tablet and said if he doesn’t work for the Mongols they wouldn’t trust him. If there’s someone who can drive away the Mongols, he will kill himself to repay. Noel’s father pointed a sword at Ekin. The king’s uncle brought the spy to Noel’s father and said he dare to send a spy on him. Noel’s father told the king’s uncle he planned to let Ekin to runaway to his foster parents then arrest Ekin’s grandpa. Noel’s father ordered the servants to lock Noel.


Ekin’s friend greets Noel’s father and ask for Ekin. Noel’s father gave Ekin’s friend some money to bring it to Ekin’s foster parents and ordered some servants to follow Ekin’s friend. Ekin’s friend gave Ekin’s parents some wine and fabrics. Ekin’s friend gave Ekin’s sister a handkerchief as a gift. Ekin’s sister asked Ekin’s friend about Dicky. Ekin’s friend said Dicky is really close with the cashier’s nice. Ekin’s parents came home and told Ekin’s friend and their daughter that they saw Mongolians coming. The box fell out and the seal came out. Ekin’s mother picked up the seal and asked Ekin’s friend and his daughter to leave with the seal and bring it to Ekin. The Mongolians barged in the house.


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