Thief of Honour episode 14 recap

The soldiers search Ekin’s foster parents house. Ekin’s friend claimed he got lost. The soldiers dreove him out. The rebels found it strange that Ekin haven’t appeared in a few days. The cashier pretends to sell cakes and Noel bought one and read the slip of paper that Ekin has been missing. Noel asked her servants to switch cakes since the cakes is spoilt. The cashier read the letter that Ekin has been arrested since her father wants to find the seal. Noel’s father killed Ekin’s grandpa servants and ordered Ekin’s grandpa to hand out the seal. Ekin’s grandpa and Dicky fought with Noel’s father and his guards. Dicky’s father took the stab for Dicky and died.

The cashier consoled Ekin’s grandpa and said Dicky has join them rebel. Noel’s father chopped Ekin’s grandpa board. The cashier fought with Noel’s father and injured him. The cashier and his niece decided to leave while the lady want to stay in the brothel as a spy. The lady played the harp. Noel’s father burned Ekin and forced him to tell him where’s the seal. Noel’s father asked Ekin’s foster parents about the seal. Noel’s father slapped Ekin’s mother. Ekin’s mother saw the scar on Noel’s father arm and found out he was the one who burnt the house where Ekin’s parents stayed. The king’s uncle killed Ekin’s foster mother. The king’s uncle killed Ekin’s godfather. Ekin’s godfather asked Ekin to find Noel. Noel pointed a knife toward herself and vowed she will kill herself if her father doesn’t let Ekin leave. Noel left with Ekin. Noel fought with the guards and asked Ekin to leave. The king’s unlce asked Noel’s father if he burnt the house because he hid the seal.


Dicky refused to thank some commoners as he begs them for food. Dicky stole a chicken and got beaten by some people. Ekin’s friend massaged Ekin’s sister in the desert. Ekin’s sister cried and worried for her parents. Ekin’s friend and Ekin’s sister saw Dicky eating bun on the sand. Ekin’s grandpa and the leader of rebel rescued Ekin in the woods. Ekin refused to let his grandpa transfer his energy. Ekin told his grandpa that Noel’s father has burnt his parents house and killed his foster parents. Ekin’s grandpa caught some fishes for Ekin. Ekin refused to eat. Ekin shakes the tree for some fruits to drop. Noel asked her father why did he killed Ekin’s parents causing others to laugh at him for being an orphan. Noel’s father slapped Noel.


Ekin’s friend and Ekin’s sister placed the seal under the rock. Ekin’s friend warned Ekin’s sister to not tell anyone about the seal and even Dicky. Noel pray in front of Ekin’s godparents cemetery. Ekin’s sister cut her finger. Dicky suck the blood for her and took out the wooden stick. Dicky told Ekin’s sister that he rather exchange the seal for all of this. Ekin’s grandpa burnt the rabbit meat for Ekin. Ekin threw away and said he wished he gave the congee to his parents. Ekin’s grandpa froze Ekin and transfer energy. Ekin told his grandpa he won’t forgive him for causing his parents to die. Ekin’s grandpa said he didn’t feel comfortable for causing Ekin’s parents to die. Ekin’s grandpa sensed some soldiers. Ekin and his grandpa fought with the king’s uncle soldiers. The soldiers shot arrows. Ekin’s grandpa jumped with Ekin on the mountain. Ekin’s grandpa got shot by arrow and asked Ekin to leave. Ekin’s grandpa fought with the soldiers and got shot died. Ekin looked at his grandfather and screamed “Grandpa!”.



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