Heroes from Shaolin Temple episode 7 recap

Joe’s master persist to search for Eddie. Gigi begs the elder monk to spare Eddie. Gordon begs the elder monk to give him three days to find Eddie. Eddie falls in the trap in the woods near the temple and got beaten by Joe and his friends. Eddie fought with them and threw on of them in the hole. Gordon asked Deric to create fire through the bushes to burn the meat. Gigi anxiously search for Eddie alone. Deric asked Gigi to believe in Gordon for him. Gigi told Deric he’s always been mean to her, when they were childhood he gave another girl the fan instead of her. Deric said the other girl was prettier but now he finds Gigi prettier. Gigi said Eddie used to blow leaf to cheer her up. Deric told Gigi if she doesn’t go home, he won’t be able to stop her being chased by wolves. Gigi played the melody on the leaf and begs Eddie to come. Gigi and Deric asked Eddie to come back to the temple with them. Gordon guaranteed Eddie will be fine. Gordon asked Eddie to pull out his two hands. Gordon held a rope. Eddie withdrew his arm. Gordon said he has to tie Eddie’s hand to make it believable to the monks. Gordon threw the rope to Deric and asked him to tie Eddie up. The elder monk let Gordon handles Eddie alone. Gordon suggests to hang Eddie on the tree and let god decide if he wants to die. Gigi cried and begged Gordon to save Eddie. Gordon lets Gigi stay for two more days in the temple.



During the night, Gordon stared at Eddie screaming and told him he couldn’t sleep because he keeps on yelling. Deric told Gigi she needs a plan to save Eddie since there are many monks watching outside. Deric held Gigi up on the tree to free Eddie. Joe’s master arrested Deric and Gigi. The elder monk punished Deric by giving him thirty spanks. Deric refused to admit his crime. The elder monk locked Gigi and Deric up. Eddie told Gordon he never regret what he did. Gordon asked Eddie if he has ever killed an innocent person. There’s a thunderstorm. Eddie begs Gordon to save him. The monks ran and told Deric he heard Eddie has died. Joe and his friends untied Eddie and check up on Eddie. Eddie punched them and ran. Gordon took Eddie in the room. Gordon gave Eddie a bag of meat and asked him to leave. Eddie asked Gordon why did he save him. Gordon said he hung him up because he made a mistake. Eddie told Gordon if he doesn’t kill him, they will kill him. Gordon said revenge cycle will keep on going. If he doesn’t kill anyone, they won’t kill him. Eddie said he was scared of the thunder shocking him last night. Gordon said the more the people are scared of death, the more they are scared. Gordon reminds Eddie to remember to hang on instead of killing others.

Gordon returns to the temple and bows in front of monk surrendering about releasing Eddie. Eddie encountered a soldier he used to beat. The soldier begged Eddie to save him. Eddie gave the meat to the soldier and said he can’t help him. The soldier begged Eddie to bring him to the temple. Deric and the students greet Gordon. Gordon told Deric that he’s only going to turn inn iron like Li Ning. Eddie carries the soldier to the temple and asked the monks to save the soldier. Eddie surrenders. Eddie is willing to be a monk to repent his mistake. As the monks sliced Eddie’s hair, Eddie thought of his tragic past. Gigi and Deric beg Eddie to not come out since he will get arrested by the official. Eddie is willing to be arrested. The elder monk told the official that he got the wrong person, this is his disciple.



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