Rural Hero episode 1 recap

Wasn’t in the mood to recap any wuxia today. Decided to watch and Recap an old tvb series Rural Heroes with my favorite Jackie Lui. After recapping so many wuxia i’m in the mood for this action cop series!

This series starts with Roger just got released from the prison. Kenny picked Roger up and went into his house. Kenny praised Roger of lying to his family he went out to do some busines but in reallity he was in jail. While Kenny read the letters from his parents, he accidentally dropped it on the floor and bent down to pick it up and saw a gun under the bed. A gang member saw Roger and grabbed him. Kenny told Roger he has no choice but join them since he saw everything. A gang member threw something at Roger through the window during the night. Roger followed him to the restroom and claimed he can’t wait to peee. Kenny and his gang shot the cops and robbed a suitcase of money. The robbers and the cops shot each other. Roger dropped the suitcase and ran. Roger and Jackie pointed gun at each other. Jackie shot Roger. A gang member shot Jackie and grabbed him. Jackie shot him from his back. The gang member took off Jackie’s mask.


The gang member watched the news on TV and got mad and shot the tv. The gang member went in the hospital and grabbed the nurse and asked her which room Jackie is staying in. The gang member went in the room but didn’t see Jackie. Jackie just got back from his walk. As Jackie walked up the stairs, he saw the gang member preparing to shoot. Jackie pushed a woman on the wall of the stairs as the gang member shoots. The cops shoot the gang member. The woman said she came to the hospital to bring the huge teddy bear to her sister. Roger injured called a gang member on the phone booth. Roger beat up the gang member and told the other gang member that the gang member put the cigars in his pocket causing him to be in prison for three years. The superintendent transferred Jackie to an island to reduce his workload.


Jackie and his friend looked at the villagers playing chess and practicing Taichi. Jessica rode a bicycle while reading the shopping list and bumped into Jackie. Jessica went to her shot and mumbled to her father that the soy sauces bottle got broken. A guy eavesdrop on Jessica taking a shower. Jessica chases him and bumped into Jackie and accused him of eavesdropping on her. Jessica’s father took Jackie to the police station. The cops told Jessica’s father that it is just a misunderstanding. Jackie suggests the cops to draw the criminal. Jackie told the cops to about the figure of the person of eavesdrop Jessica and showed the drawing to Jessica. Jessica recognizes the guy in the picture. The cops caught the guy and interrogate him but he denied. Jackie asked the cop if he knows how to interrogate criminals. Jackie showed his ID to the criminal and asked him if he did eavesdrop Jessica taking a shower. The criminal admits it. Jackie prevented Jessica’s father from beating the criminal. The cops showed Jackie his room and told him that he’s been demoted to this island like them.


Jackie saw a man and asked him to stop stealing wallets. Jackie gave him some money to buy some milk and warned him not to buy some cigars. Jackie asked the doctor to help his friend carry something. The doctor refuses. Jackie chases Roger and bumped into a pregnant woman. The superintendent scold Jackie. A cop complimented Jackie in his police uniform. Jackie asked the cop if he knows when he’s wearing the uniform there is a standard; he should take his arm off his shoulder. A cop accepted a tea box from two females. Jackie told the cop that cops cannot receive bribes and he should return the tea box. The villagers invited Jackie to diner but Jackie refused to accept the invitation since he’s busy. Jackie talks to his grandma on the phone. The cops teased Jackie of not having standards during work. Jackie search for flats to rent. Jackie checked the flat of Jessica’s mother and rent the flat. Jessica deals with Jackie to pay four thousand dollars and a half for the rent. As Jackie signed the paper, he saw a Roger passing by the store and he chases him. Jakie watch Roger walking on the grass and called his subordinates to chase Roger. Jackie caught Roger.



Comment: It made my day watching Jackie Lui in this series. ❤ him in State of Divinity 96, Heroic Legend of Yang and The General, and Sidebeat.


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