Heroes from Shaolin episode 8 recap

Deric told Eddie that his master is very cool. Gordon told Eddie that his master is not him but Joe’s master. Eddie told Gordon that Eddie will be dead. Eddie told Deric to not worry about him he’ll be fine. Joe and his friends kicked Eddie for killing one of their friends. Joe’s master stopped them and punished them to bow and said that since Gordon has forgiven Eddie, they should respect him as a student. Joe’s master told Eddie that he will let him learn pray until his vengeance has reduced; he will teach him martial arts. Deric and his friends practice martial artists while Eddie pray. Deric and his friends came and told Eddie that his master is just playing him and wouldn’t let him study martial arts. Eddie’s master told Eddie he planned to teach him martial arts but seeing him playing instead of washing clothes, he punishes him to continue washing clothes. Gordon told Deric and his friends that Eddie has the potential to be a martial artist and will learn fast. They should be worrying about themselves.


Gigi’s father came to the temple to take Gigi back home. Gigi begs her father to let her stay to study martial arts with the nun. Gigi yelled at his father that at home she always sees her cousin and he only cares about his face. Gigi’s father yelled at the nun to teach his daughter martial arts and spoiled her. The nun got angry at Gigi’s father for looking down on women. Two girls asked Noel and Gigi to pick a card. The cards said Noel already is taken and Gigi will be with Deric. Deric invited Noel and Gigi to go to the Lantern Festival. Gigi picked up a slip of poem and asked Noel what does it means. Gigi solved a poem and the stall owner gave her a lantern as a reward. a sedan chair passed by and bumped into Gigi. Deric came with Noel but found Gigi missing. Deric followed the sedan chair and kicked the guards. Deric fought with the guards. Gigi came out of the sedan chair. Gigi’s father came. Gigi yelled at her father for asking the guards to kidnap her. Gigi left with Deric. Gigi’s father told the nun he will close this temple. The nun told Gigi’s father she will sue him for kidnapping a girl. Deric asked Gigi’s father to let Gigi stay her and he will take care of her. Deric told Gigi that she is very important in her father’s heart and she should go home with her father. Gigi refused and wants to stay. Deric promised Gigi he will teach her martial arts. Gigi bids farewell the nuns and Deric. Gigi told Deric about the poem she solved last night.


Eddie’s master let Eddie practice martial arts since he has behaved. During the night, Joe’s friends lied to Eddie they will beat up Gigi on her way to the tmple. Eddie ran to the gate and plead the monk to let him out but they wouldn’t let him. Eddie fought with the monks. Deric told Eddie that Gigi have left the temple. Eddie’s master is disappointed in Eddie and punished him to stay in the water tomorrow. Eddie begs his master and said he’s been tricked by Joe. Eddie’s master told Eddie he will punish Joe later but he will still punish him for being impulsive. Eddie hit the trees using a stick. Eddie told Gordon that the monks at the temple have a grudge on him. Gordon pushed Eddie on the water and told him that his master is right that he doesn’t have the will to follow Buddhist. Eddie said the monks will always treat him like a broken stick. Gordon tied up the broken sticks with a fabric and perform martial arts. Gordon told Eddie as long as he has the heart to follow Buddhist he can study martial arts. Eddie stayed on the water. Deric and his friends perform martial arts in front of Eddie. Gordon tells his student a story and they fell asleep. Gordon told Deric and his students that Official Lian Kun will come to the temple tomorrow and they will shop for food.


Noel grabbed a kid on the street from being hit by a horse. The official got down the horse and greets Noel as Official Lian Kun’s wife but Noel denied that she’s Lian Kun’s missing wife. Noel punched the official. The official chased Noel. Noel hid in Deric’s basket of salad. Noel told Deric privately that an official thought she was Lian Kun’s wife so she hid in the basket. Lian Kun arrived to the temple. Deric and Noel eavesdrop at Lian Kun behind the tree.



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