Heroes from Shaolin episode 9 recap

Official Lian Kun visits the monks. Deric took Noel inside the well and found some manuels and read the words on the wall. Noel asked Deric if this well is safe. An official told the other official he found someone lookalike his wife but is about eighteen to twenty years old but she has escaped. Lian Kun ordered the official to find his wife. The monks line up in front of Official Lian. Joe’s master’s students compete with Gordon’s students. Deric fought with Joe and punched him. Two of Joe’s students eavesdrop on Noel getting out of the well. Gordon told the elder monk that there’s still one person which haven’t performed which is Eddie. Eddie performs his martial arts and broke the stick then combined the broken sticks together and perform. The two students got killed. The elder monk checked the pulse and found out they’ve been killed by Eddie’s martial arts. Joe confronted Eddie. The elder monk ordered the students to lock Eddie. Eddie claimed he’s innocent. Deric searched for Noel in the well. Deric told the elder monk that Eddie isn’t the murderer. Deric told the elder monk he suspects a female did it. He saved a girl from being chased form the bandits and hid her in the well but now he couldn’t find her. Deric and the students told Gordon that perhaps someone could have eavesdropped him practicing martial arts. Eddie admit he did it and said no one will believe him anyway. The elder monk said he will investigate this case and hand Eddie over to Lian Kun if he is the murderer. Deric chased and fought with Noel. Joe asked Noel if he has killed the two students. Noel told Deric that she did see them but only sidetracked them but didn’t kill them. Deric asked Noel to come with him to prove it. Noel told Deric that even if she comes, it can’t prove that Eddie isn’t the killer. Deric called Noel selfish. Noel told Deric that Lian Kun will not spare her if he sees her. Deric fought with Noel and jumped on the horse.


Gordon sighed and told Deric that Eddie has been arrested by Lian Kun and fought with the guards. Deric went in the well and touched the wall and saw Law Lok Lam. Deric asked Law Lok Lam if he was the one who placed the manuels and killed the two students. Law Lok Lam fought with Deric. Deric pushed the bottle of wines down the floor and fought with Law Lok Lam. Law Lok Lam asked Deric if he dares to kill him since the Qing dynasty will go down if he kills him. Law Lok Lam told Deric he is the fourth prince. Law Lok Lam told Deric that the fortune teller told him the truth but he spares him. Law Lok Lam said Kangxi is very ill and the princes are scheming against him for the throne. Deric told Law Lok Lam he also wanted the throne. Deric told Law Lok Lam he only knows that his friend has been framed and he needs to stand up for him. Law Lok Lam asked Deric to kill him if he wants the people to suffer. Deric told Law Lok Lam to go to the temple with him. to admit he killed the two students. If his identity is revealed, his brother will take the soldiers to kill him and there will be sacrifices of many innocent lives. Deric told Law Lok Lam Eddie can’t die while being framed. Law Lok Lam promised Deric he will save Eddie if he keeps the secret. Law Lok Lam gave the ring to Deric and asked him to show it to the monks to save Eddie. The guards kicked Eddie. Deric came and asked Eddie not to kill others. Deric killed the magistrate and fought with the guards. Deric asked Eddie why did he kill others, he has the evidence. Eddie told Deric if he doesn’t kill them, they will kill him. Deric asked Eddie to come to the temple. Eddie to Deric is fate is worse that him; he was born ill fated. Eddie told Deric that in his life, he has the luck to know two good friends with which is the drunkard and him.


The magistrate told Official Lian Kun he couldn’t find his wife. Lian Kun thought of Noel and how he drove the cat away and played the harp for him. An official praised Noel in front of Lian Kun for writing a good poem. Lian Kun slapped Noel for seducing other officials. Official Lian Kun looked at the handkerchief and wonder where is his wife. Lian Kun gave the nun a cheque and asked for Noel. Lian Kun fought with the nun. Noel asked Lian Kun to stop. Noel checked on her master. Lian Kun begs Noel to come home with him. Noel denied knowing Lian Kun and asked him to leave. Lian Kun asked Noel to come home and yelled at her for causing him to lose faces. Lian Kun promised Noel he will not slap her anymore. The nun punched Lian Kun and ran with Noel. Noel and hte nun ran to the beach toward Gordon and his students. Lian Kun punched Deric and fought with Gordon. Gordon let go of Lian Kun’s hands and apologized to him that he can’t take away a student from the temple asked him to go to the temple to explain. Lian Kun told the elder monk that his wife is thirty six years old. Lian Kun asked Noel about her name and hometown. Lian Kun asekd Noel why did she come to the temple. Noel said her father passed away and she was adopted by the nun. Lian Kun asked Noel if she remembered any river. Noel claimed yes and explained. Lian Kun said there is no river. Noel told Lian Kun he has never went to her hometwon and is lying. Lian Kun said he has something to ask the nun about Noel. Lian Kun asked Noel about her adoption and hometown and her father. The nun said Noel’s father passed away and she adopted Noel. Lian Kun bids farewell to the elder monk. Deric asked Noel to take care of the nun until Lian Kun leave the temple. A cat walked toward Noel.




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