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Thief of Honour episode 15 recap


Noel’s father suggests the king’s uncle to hang up Ekin’s grandpa to lure Ekin to come. The king’s uncle asked Noel’s father to tell Noel to visit him in a few days. Noel ignores his father and refused to talk to him. Noel’s father whipped Ekin father and drove the elder couple for praying for Ekin’s grandpa. Noel’s father ordered the elder couple to badmouth Ekin’s grandpa and spit at him. Ekin stared at his grandpa and closed his palm but got dragged by the cashier. The cashier told Ekin he can punch him but once he take his grandpa’s body, no one will listen to him.

Dicky search for the seal in Ekin’s friend’s room. Dicky told Ekin’s sister he feels guilty toward her. He really loves the cashier’s niece but finds Ekin’s sister is nicer to him. Ekin drops a pink handkerchief on the grass where the guards is passing by. The guards picked up the handkerchief and went in Ekin’s sister house and raped Ekin’s sister. Dicky killed the guards. Ekin’s sister hugged Dicky. Dicky bury the guards. Dicky held on to Ekin’s sister and said he feels good seeing her fine. Dicky tried to kiss Ekin’s sister and said he can’t do this. Dicky promises Ekin’s sister after he finds her parents he will propose to her. Dicky worries the guards will rape her. Ekin’s sister told Dicky that she thinks the guards jut want to find the seal. Dicky asked Ekin’s sister if she knows where’s the seal. Dicky told Ekin’s sister that he knows that he’s not related to her so she can’t tell him. Dicky told Ekin’s sister he only needs her and asked her to return to him when she’s done. Dicky embraces Ekin’s sister’s hand. Ekin’s sister told Dicky that the seal is bury under the mountain. She’ll wait till Ekin’s friend comes home and they’ll return the seal to Ekin. Ekin’s sister hugged Dicky. The next morning, Ekin’s friend returned and told Ekin’s sister that her parents got killed by the king’s uncle. Her grandpa has been whipped and Ekin has escaped. Ekin’s sister cried and search for Dicky. Ekin’s sister cried. Ekin’s friend doubts Ekin sister has told Dicky where’s the seal. Dicky dug out the seal. Ekin’s friend asked Dicky to return the seal. Dicky punched Ekin’s sister. Dicky told Ekin’s sister that he only need to say a few sweet words to his sister to lure her and asked Ekin’s friend to tell Ekin’s sister to not dream being with him. Dicky told Ekin’s friend he has slept with Ekin’s sister. Dicky stabbed Ekin’s friend and he fainted. Dicky told Ekin’s sister he found hiding the seal here is dangerous but Ekin’s friend thought he has stolen it. Ekin’s sister slapped Dicky. Dicky pinched Ekin’s sister house and said he deserves this seal. Ekin’s sister told Dicky she will search for her brother.Dicky stabbed Ekin’s sister and she died. Ekin’s friend wakes up and bit Dicky’s arm. Dicky punched Ekin’s friend down the hill.



The lady played the harp and stopped and begs the king’s uncle for forgiveness. The lady’s maid told the king’s uncle that she saw a body which got hang up on the bridge and got scared. The lady begs the king’s uncle to let her bury Ekin’s grandpa to repent her mistake. The lady told the king’s uncle she doesn’t feel well today but she will server her another day when she feels better. The cashier worries for the lady’s safety for seducing the king’s uncle. The lady told the cashier she will put poison in the pond and in the waterlilies then she will make tea using the water. Ekin does a funeral for his grandpa. Noel came to Ekin and wants to leave with him. Ekin told Noel he can’t be with her since her father killed his grandpa. The lady’s maid asked the lady to make tea for the kung’s uncle using the flowers. The king’s uncle watches the lady making tea. The king’s uncle smelled the tea. While the lady played the harp, the king’s uncle yelled at the lady for daring to put poison in the water. The lady’s servant pointed a knife at the lady. The king’s uncle told the lady’s servant to kill the lady if she wants to. The lady’s servant pushed the lady and fought with the king’s uncle. The king’s uncle pushed the knife at the lady’s servant and she died. The king’s uncle raped the lady. The rebel came and checked on the lady. The king’s uncle guards fought with the rebel. The lady wants to die and cried and hugged the cashier’s niece. The cashier’s niece gave the cashier the bowl of medicine made by the lady. The cashier eavesdrop on the lady playing the harp and cried.

Dicky got caught stealing a bun and eavesdrop the customers talking about the seal. Dicky saw the guards and ran and tripped. Dicky laid down on the hay and said the seal has caused him to lose his family and everything. Dicky injured a villager and stole his money. Dicky took out a letter and read it. The leader of the rebel suggests his men to nominate a majesty. Dicky came and held up the seal.



2 thoughts on “Thief of Honour episode 15 recap

  1. I loved this movie, was able to recently watch it again. This movie made me a fan of Ekin Cheng. The music theme in here is one of the best

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