Weapons of Power episode 14 recap

Tian Long’s sect members caught many housewives who eat a lot and are gambling addicts. Lin Die told the sect members that they are not his mothers. Lin Die told the sect members that her mother always hide from the debt and changes name. Lin Die read a letter from his mother that she’s hiding.

Nuo Feng told Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple she’s not in the mood to marry since she haven’t revenge for her father. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple put the hairpin on Nuo Feng.

The eunuch complained the bun is too thick. Tian Long defended Lin Die. The sect members teased Tian Long of falling for Lin Die. The sect members gossiped that Tian Long is lovesick. The sect members plan to match Lin Die and Tian Long up and write a love letter for them to watch the moon together. The sect member gave Tian Long the love letter. Tian Long asked the sect member to tell Lin Die to look at his own face on the well. Tian Long intimately held the letter. Tian Long watched Lin Die practice martial arts and said she will meet him tonight. The sect member gave Lin Die a bottle and asked him to pick up the raindrop tonight. Tian Long dressed up preparing to meet Lin Die. Tian Long came up to Lin Die. Tian Long asked Lin Die about what he thinks about her looks. Lin Die waits for the raindrops. Tian Long told Lin Die that to win her heart he has to console her and put a sweater on her. Lin Die told Tian Long she has high standard. Lin Die asked Tian Long if she wants to see the flower blossomed. Tian Long told Lin Die she wants to plant flowers of love. Lin Die wonders if it will rain. Tian Long asked Lin Die about asking her to go out but keep on talking about the rain. The sect members laughed and teased Tian Long. The sect members told Tian Long that they have written the letter. Tian Long cried and asked them why are they playing her with love. Lin Die told Tian Long he only likes her as a sister. Tian Long held a knife and wants to slice the flowers. Lin Die took the cut. Tian Long fainted. The sect members blame each other for teasing Tian Long. Tian Long wakes up and asked Lin Die to leave. Lin Die looks at the plant and hopes it will blossom. The next day, the flower have blossomed. Lin Die thought his arm cut last night on the flower.



Nuo Feng wiped her father’s face and said she will go down the mountain tomorrow. During the wedding, as Nuo Feng picked up the tea cup, she fainted. The doctor checked Nuo Feng’s pulse and said she’s pregnant. Lin Pen took Nuo Feng and ran and told Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple that Nuo Feng will never love a jerk like him. Xiaohou Zhun ordered the members to lock Lin Pen and Nuo Feng up. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple cried and hugged his master. Xiaohou Zhun came in the prison and told Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to kill their own members if they get on their way. Xiaohou Zun released Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. Lin Pen’s friend screamed. Xiaohou Zhun killed him.



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