Heroes from Shaolin episode 10 and 11 recap

Lian Kun watches Noel picking up the cat. Noel watches her hands and breathe. Deric takes Noel around the temple and the history of a majesty built this temple for his princess who became a nun and died. Noel told Deric she wants to come back to her master. Gordon takes Deric and Noel to a room where they’ve kept the two missing manuels. Gordon told Deric about the manuel restoring their youth and Noel is familiar with that. Gordon told Noel she lied that there isn’t any river in the north. He’s been there for three years. Gordon told Deric he has told the answers to the nun so Lian Kun will leave and Noel will return the manuel. Noel insists she has never possessed the manuel. Noel told Deric she is an Anti-Qin and saw the soldiers killed her parents. Deric told Noel that the temple is the safest place. Deric took Noel in the well and out in the warehouse. Deric leads Noel and gave her a horse. Lian Kun grabbed Noel on the horse. The guards surrounded Deric. The soldier dragged Deric up with a rope and rode the horse toward the sword. Deric pushed the rope toward the sword and threw the sword at Lian Kun’s horse. Deric jumped on the horse and grabbed Noel on the horse. Deric fainted in the woods. Noel hugged Deric and transfer energy to Deric.


Noel gave Deric a cup of medicine. Deric told Noel she’s been using her. Noel apologized to Deric that she has her reason. Flashbacks of Lian Kun gave Noel the manuel. Noel reads it to Lian Kun. Lian Kun asked Noel to translate the manuel to Han words so they will turn into a young couple together. She was only able to translate a few words but Lian Kun got impatient. Lian Kun stared at Noel and asked her if she has practice the martial arts by herself. Lian Kun slapped Noel. Noel told Lian Kun that her face was pale so she put more powder blushes on her face. Lian Kun told Noel he was just testing her and afraid she would betray him. She came from a martial arts family. The tibetan monk saw her potential and taught her the words. But too bad her father got banned from the town. During the festival, Lian Kun saw her and fell for her and then her father got freed. At times she wanted to suicide but didn’t have the courage. She showed Lian Kun the manuel she translated while he practice martial arts. Lian Kun spat blood and crawled toward her and slapped her and fainted. Noel smiled and told Lian Kun she has translated the manuel backward. Noel kicked Lian Kun and said he already hang on long enough and if she gives the manuel to him, it will only harm the people. Noel slapped Lian Kun. Deric asked Noel to give him the manuel. Noel said she has to make up for her sad childhood. Noel told Deric she has burnt the manuel. One time she almost got caught by Lian Kun so she burnt the manuel. Noel refused to return to the temple with Deric. Deric begs Noel to retwrite the manuel so he can give it to the elder monk.


The elder monk ordered Gordon to find Noel and Deric before Lian Kun cause Lian Kun uses harsh punishment. Noel’s master prayed and fought with Lian Kun. Lian Kun asked Noel’s master where is Noel. Lian Kun kicked and slapped Noel’s master and asked her where is Noel.Noel’s master told Lian Kun she won’t tell him even if she dies. Lian Kun told Noel’s master she dares to separate him and his wife. Noel’s master told Lian Kun he only deserves to marry a beast. Lian Kun put the mute poison in Noel’s master mouth and ordered her students to bow in front of her crippled master. Gigi checked up on Noel’s master. Lian Kun told Gigi she is Noel’s husband. Lian Kun went with Gigi to the mountain searching for Noel. Noel asked Deric to make her some hot tea. Noel screamed and asked Deric to drive away the cat. Noel begs Deric to leave with her. Lian Kun played the sad tune on the harp. Gigi asked Lian Kun to tell the story of why Noel left him. Noel said she dislike men who hide their feelings and let women guess their feelings. Gigi asked Lian Kun how did he won Noel’s heart. Gigi warned Lian Kun to be nice to Noel. Gigi took Lian Kun to the house in the village she’s always stay in. Lian Kun found a paper with her handwriting. Gigi went out for awhile searching for food. Noel sweat while writing the manuel script. Noel fainted. Noel’s master went in the house. Lian Kun grabbed Noel’s master. Gigi found Noel’s pink ribbon on the beach and showed it to Lian Kun. Gigi opened the bun basket and saw Noel’s master head and freaked out. Lian Kun stood behind Gigi. Lian Kun grabbed Gigi. Gigi took out her hairpin and stabbed Lian Kun on the neck. Gigi ran in a house. Lian Kun ran in a house searching for Noel. Deric took Noel around the mountain and watch the villagers dancing. Noel and Deric danced with the villager. During the night, Noel saw a cat and screamed. Deric took Noel out. Some drawings of Noel fell down from the tree. Deric and Noel bumped into Gigi. Gigi ran with Deric and Noel on the canoe. Lian Kun sneaked in the canoe. Deric fought with Lian Kun in the storm. Noel and Gigi fought with Lian Kun. Gigi fell down the sea. Lian Kun kicked Noel. Noel fell down the sea. Deric jumped down the sea. On the shore, Deric checked up on Noel. Lian Kun fought with Deric. Gordon put his hands on Lian Kun’s back and begs him to stop. Gordon asked Lian Kun to let the monks punish Deric.




At the temple, the elder monk said Deric should be punished by having forty spanks. Gordon found it too lenient. Joe’s master suggests to punish Deric by cleaning the temple. The elder monk thought of punishing Deric by going down the mountain. The elder monk lets Gordon punish Deric. Gordon punished Deric by writing manuel script. Deric stared at the library of manuel. Gordon told Deric this will take him three years. Gigi returns home and checks up on her father’s illness. Gigi’s cousin told Gigi that Eddie drove her father ill. Eddie bought a sword. Gigi saw Eddie and told him that her father is sick and Deric got punished leniently. Deric chopped a gold store owner and stole his money. Gordon teased Deric he can leave the mountain by crawling on the hole on the wall. Deric fought with the bronze monks and got kicked by them. Deric crawled out of the room. Deric worries about Noel. Gordon asked Deric to stay here writing manuel script. Deric read the martial art step. Deric practices the martial arts from the manuels. The maid told Gigi that her father died from illness while she was away. Gigi told her cousin he must have hired the doctor to caused her father’s death. Gigi’s cousin asked the servant to lead Gigi out. Deric’s father asked Gigi to stay in his house.


In 1954, Yongzheng appointed Lian Kun as the general. Gordon looked at Deric’s manuscript. Deric told Gordon that the most important is he understands the moral in the script. Deric’s grandmother told Gigi that Deric has been punished for writing the manuscript and can’t go home to dine with them. Gigi lined up on the back of the line and followed the monk to the temple to be a student. Gigi begs the monk to let him bring two buns to Deric. The two monks dragged Gigi out of the temple. Gordon smelled Gig’s body and recognizes Gigi and took off her hat but found her bold and apologized for mistaking the wrong person. Gigi brought some cakes for Deric. Deric teased Gigi she can become a monk. Deric took off Gigi’s hat and asked her if she really did shaved her head. Gigi told Deric to eat the cakes while she write the manuel script. Deric told Gigi to not do anymore things for him. Gigi returned to her home and asked her cousin how did her father died. Deric’s father asked Gigi why did she shaved her head. Gigi said she shaved her head to disguise as a monk to visit Deric but she couldn’t believe that her father passed away after she returned. Deric’s grandmother asked Gigi to call her grandma. Deric’s friends applaud Deric for finishing writing his manuel script. Gordon showed Deric more manuel script to write. Deric successfully fought with the bronze. The cover opened. Deric fought with Li Ning. Deric bowed in front of Li Ning and carried the golden cauldron.




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