Love as a Predatory Affair episode 1 recap

This series starts Kitty has a nightmare of Samantha as a snake and gave Kitty a red apple to eat for Jason to fall for him but the red apple turned into a bitter green Balsam Apple after she eats it. King Kong ate the Baslam Apple and laughed and said once the person eat it, they will suffer.

Kitty’s brother and sister bumped into Kitty in the bathroom and asked her to alert them since they couldn’t see her since she is too short. Kitty made breakfast for her parents and asked her parents to buy a new air conditioner. Kitty gave her sister high protein meal and a lemonade for to retain her beautiful skin.

Kitty and her father came to the store and complained to the store owner that their nuts are placed on the bottom and covered by others brand. The store owner told Kitty and her father that their nuts are so dark while others look so fresh. Kitty acted like her father’s lover and told two housewives that he is sixty years old but lived long because of this nut and badmouth other nut brands that if they eat too much they’ll be sick. The two housewives ordered all the Baslam Apple from the store.

Samantha wore as mask while cutting fish at the market. Samantha warm herself in the bathhouse. An employee mistakenly ordered apple instead of Balsam Apple. Four men and ladies have a Augustino diner date and drank forbidden fruit drink. Augustino asked Kitty why did she brought Balsam Apple instead of Boston Apple. Kitty showed Augustino how to make that dessert and the main ingredient is the pork can. Kitty stared at King Kong as the devil. King Kong saw three pork cans in the trash. Samantha watches the men critique the food and found it a waste to spend one thousand eight hundred on this diner. Samantha stared at Jason intimately and found it worth the money. Kitty saw Jason and remembered him in her dream. Kitty told Samantha the dish is made of normal pork in the can. Samantha showed the normal ingredients to the men.


Jason criticize the food to Augustino as too normal. Kitty made dishes out of the Baslam Apple. No one ate it. Kitty called Samantha to put on some food words for her. Samantha asked the men to eat the Baslam Apple. Augustino tasted the Baslam Apple. Augustino asked the men to dip the chocolate in the mouth of the girl the liked. The four men gave Samantha the chocolate for her to taste. Samantha poured the chocolates. The three girls fight for the chocolate. Samantha stepped on Kitty for eavesdropping. King Kong told Kitty she was eavesdropping her to make the Baslam Apple dish. Kitty dropped the Baslam Apple. Jason picked up the Baslam Apple for Kitty. The guest ordered four thousand box of Baslam Apple. Jason asked Cutie to meet him and asked her how she’s going to solve this problem. Kitty said there are different names such as Bitter Melon and Wild Cucumber. Jason asked Kitty to move all the Baslam Apple boxes. Jason stepped on the Baslam Apple and tripped on Kitty.




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