Love as a Predatory Affair episode 2 recap

Kitty thanked Jason for saving her. Jason gives Kitty one more day to move those boxes of Baslam Apple. Jason visited his uncle and asked him permission to lend some apples and promised he’ll paid tripled the price. Celina complimented Jason’s uncle cocktail.

Kitty’s mother asked Kitty’s sister and brother to hang out flyers for renting their flat. Samantha helped Kitty hang up the flyers. Kitty’s brother hang out posters of women in his room. Kitty’s sister sweep the floor back and forth while checking her phone. Samantha stared at the photos of women of Kitty’s brother. King Kong stared at Samantha’s body. King Kong told Samantha he isn’t a pervert and he was just seeing Kitty. King Kong walked backward and tripped own the stairs. Kitty remembered she was bullied for not doing her classmate’s homework. Samantha asked them to release Kitty and hit them. Kitty did the homework for Samantha. Samantha told Kitty she just wants to be a princess who search for a charming prince and live a marvelous life. Kitty thought of Jason while holding the Baslam Apple. Kitty made Baslam dishes for her family.



Jason asked Celina to cancel the meeting but the reporters are coming. Jason asked the chefs to pour off the cocktails and replace it with a more elegant glass and add fruits and leaves. Kitty told Jason she already finished. Jason asked Kitty to leave. Celina is disappointing in Jason for showing four regular cocktails. Celina smelled the Baslam Apple Dishes and got a good impression. Celina tried the Baslam Apple. Celina hosted the food show with Jason. Celina asked Jason about the ingredients in the dishes.

Jason’s uncle went in his office and saw his son eating food. Jason’s uncle complained to his wife that she gave their son meatballs and fried food. Jason’s uncle and his wife watches Jason and Celina on the food show. Jason showed his presentation proposal of food. Jason told Kitty that she doesn’t need to return her boxes of Baslam Apples. Jason ate diner with his father.


While cooking, Kitty gave her mother a lightbulb to change. While changing the lightbulb, Kitty’s mother tripped and King Kong grabbed her. A girl came and asked Kitty’s mother to lend her flat. Kitty’s mother let her rent the flat for four thousand dollars. Jason tasted the Baslam dishes from the chefs but found it not as tasty. The chef gives Jason three days to give clear instruction on what he wants in the dishes. Samantha complained to Kitty that her mother seduced men for money. Kitty told Samantha that she was born a model and can find many rich men. Kitty changes the lightbulb and fell on King Kong.



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