Love as a Predatory Affair episode 3 recap

Kitty chases King Kong. Kitty’s mother came and told King Kong that Kitty is her daughter. The girl told her boyfriend that Kitty’s mother is so easily being conned. King Kong heard them. Kitty’s mother asked the girl and her boyfriend to move out since thye haven’t paid the rent. King Kong scared the couple away with his large tattoo in his arm and said he’s renting this flat. While carrying the drawers, King Kong told Kitty that today is the happiest day of his life since he got to know her.

Samantha told Kitty that there are handsome and ugly guys but she always encounter lowly people. Samantha complimented Jason of being educated, handsome and honest. Jason cooked and tasted the food and almost burnt the food in his kitchen. Jason called Kitty and asked her to meet him at the hotel to talk about Baslam Apple. Kitty searched for her clothe in her sister’s messy closet. Samantha held up some of her sister’s pants but they are too long for her. Kitty checked out some restaurants online to eat with Jason but found all of the ladies pretty.


King Kong got hired to wash dishes. King Kong smelled the tasty abalones from the chef and dealt with a chef to eat his abalone and he’ll do whatever he wants. While the chef went way to talk about the returning cheques with Kitty, King Kong eavesdrop in the kitchen. The chef complained to Kitty about the bad ingredients. King Kong dip the chopsticks in the abalone sauce and dream about tasting it. The chefs saw King Kong in the kitchen and framed him for eating abalones. The chefs beat up King Kong. King Kong told Kitty and the chefs that he didn’t eat the abalones. King Kong asked Kitty to believe him. King Kong proved it by throwing up the sauce. The chefs counted the abalones. The chef accused King Kong of tasting the sauce and demanded him to pay one hundred million dollars. Kitty called out the ingredients to the chef and that isn’t worth that much money. Kitty told the chef that his secret ingredient is sweet flour. Kitty told the employee she was checking the ingredients since she was surprised her cheque got returned. King Kong thanked Kitty and about to hug her but found she smells.


Kitty shops for dresses. A saleswoman showed her the Korean robe. Samantha picked Kitty’s dress and and hug it. Samantha tried the robe and looked in the mirror and took a picture. Kitty tried the robe. Kitty stood by a tall girl in the elevator. A girl told the girl who wore the same robe that the saleswoman has conned her. The other girl said their postures are different. The girl told the other girl that people will mistaken kitty as her little sister. Kitty looked in the mirror and found the short leaked out from the skirt and thought of leaving. Jason called Kitty and asked her if she’s in the restaurant since the same song is being played. The girl in the same dress as Kitty came up to Jason and asked him if she remembers her since they were high school mates in England. Jason complimented Kitty matching her robe. Jason asked Kitty if she’s alright. Jason drinks with Kitty and would like her to give her the ingredient of the Baslam Apple Dish. Kitty told Samantha that she’s been gossiped and compared when she wore this dress. Kitty told Samantha that Jason’s uncle stood up for her. King Kong watches Kitty cook her dish. Kitty pinched King Kong’s ear for eavesdropping her cooking.



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