Love as a Predatory Affair episode 4 recap

King Kong told Kitty he’s planning to taste the best dish of Hong Kong Restaurants. Kitty suggest King Kong to add more salt if the dish is bitter but add more oil if the dish is too dry. King Kong noted the ingredients Kitty has used in her dish. Kitty showed Jason the notebook with the recipe of the Baslam Apple dishes. Kitty bumped into a man dropping his two water filters. The man yelled at Kitty. Stephanie came and yelled at the man. Stephanie told Kitty that she has to stand up for herself as a woman or she’ll get picked by men. Kitty told Stephanie she doesn’t want to be gossiped.


Jason tasted the Baslam Apple dishes and satisfied with it. Some customers accused Kitty of cutting the line while lining up to buy the dish. Stephanie asked Kitty to follow the rules and don’t cut the line. The manager gave a slip of paper to Stephanie to ask the chef to prepare fifty bowls of rice. While the chefs are busy cooking, the manager asked the chefs to prepare fifty bowls of rice. The manager gave the chefs some money from his winning lottery. The customers complained it takes too long receive their dishes. Jason came and wants to check the kitchen. The manager blamed it on the chef being slow. The manager puts the blame on Stephanie. The manager fired Stephanie. Kitty came up to Jason and told him what she saw. Stephanie showed the lottery receipt to the manager as a proof. The manager put in his mouth. Stephanie tap the manager’s back and pushed the paper out. The manager told Jason that the customer is a regular customer so he asked for fifty bowls of rice first. Jason asked two employees but they said they don’t know anything. Stephanie called the two employee cowards and always and hang on. Stephanie cleaned the stuff and asked Kitty’s colleague to leave since there are many customer waiting in line. The manager packed his stuff and yelled at Stephanie for causing him to lose his job.


Kitty’s boss told Kitty and her colleagues that they won’t receive bonuses since there aren’t Baslam Apples in the account book. Ronald told Kitty’s boss that if they found out he signed the document of other fruits instead of Baslam Apple to avoid taxes, he will be in prions. Ronald suggests Kitty’s boss to change the fruit names to Baslam Apples since the account money would be more accurate since they’ve sold the Baslam Apples the most. Kitty’s father wouldn’t give Kitty’s colleague some bonus since he ordered the wrong fruits. Kitty’s mother asked Ronald about the bonuses. Kitty’s sister asked Ronald to look at her leg. The employee stared at Kitty’s sister’s leg while fixing the air conditioner. Kitty stared at Ronald touching her sister’s leg. Kitty’s brother showed Kitty the apple he is filming. Kitty’s mother criticize Kitty’s brother of not going to university. King Kong tasted the meals and spit out and wanted to throw out the dishes since it doesn’t taste as good as Kitty’s dishes.




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