Rural Hero episode 2 recap

Jackie grabbed Roger. Jessica recognizes Roger as her brother. Roger gave his father a box of tea. Roger’s father asked Roger why didn’t he come home on his last birthday. Some gangsters ate chip without paying. Roger asked them to pay. Roger’s brother left with the gang. Roger’s mother pleads Jackie to lend a room to Roger. Roger ate diner with his family. Jackie ate ramen for diner. Jackie watches Jessica eating the chicken in the backyard.


Roger eavesdrop his younger brother made out with a girl. Roger’s father hit Roger’s younger brother for exceeding his credit card.

Jackie’s colleague wants to sit down and eat dumplings but Jackie said they are still working. Jackie saw one of his colleagues chilling. Jessica got caught by a store owner for writing down their food selling prices. Jackie found Jessica holding a notebook. Jessica said she was just comparing store prices. Jackie asked Jessica to come to his police station for interrogation. Roger rubbed the leg for Jessica and asked her to not be nice to their stepmother since she caused their mother’s death. Jackie saw his colleague eating dumpling at the store. Jackie watches his colleague flirting with two girls. Jackie stepped on the coals ruining the spell performance of the villagers. Jackie yelled at his colleague for dressing like a priest and doing a spell. Jackie gives his subordinates two days to clean up the police station.

A song being played hooked Jackie up to the restaurant to eat. Jackie smiled hearing his colleague complaining to the restaurant boss how strict he is. Jackie returned the glass of tea to his colleague. Jackie’s grandma suggests Jackie not to be too strict or he will lose respect from his neighbors. Jackie bought a large teddy bear for the Poon’s sister but the clerk told Jackie and his friend that she already left. Jackie bumped into Poon. Poon’s sister whined to Poon that she didn’t get the job as a journalist.


Roger’s young brother shot at a woman’s but for distracting him asking out. Roger’s younger brother’s girlfriend father found a condom and confronted Roger’s young brother for taking advantage of his daughter. Jessica passed by a narrow hallway and saw Roger’s brother’s friend beat up Roger. Roger’s brother asked his mother to give him two hundred dollars.

Jackie’s colleague organized the police station in the last minute before Jackie arrived. Jackie’s colleague chased Jackie and said someone drowned on the harbor. Jackie was about to call the police by the harbor but Jackie’s colleague took Jackie to the harbor to check it out. Jackie opened the files and some magazines dropped out. Jackie found some sausages in the drawer. Jackie strictly ordered his subordinates to abide the rules. Jackie rode the bike so fast while trying to follow his colleague and fell. Jackie and Jessica chased a thief from the backdoor. Jackie chased the the thief and grabbed his arm on the roof but they both fell down. Jackie watches his colleague interrogating a criminal and smiled.



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