Heroes from Shaolin episode 12 recap

Deric ache is belly and told Gordon and his friends that the eighteen bronze was so thick so his stick broke when he hit them. Deric showed his two arms and said the cauldron is hot. The students and his master laughed that Deric already defeated the eighteen bronze. Deric arrived home. Gigi intimately meets Deric. Gigi received a letter from Eddie to meet him in the woods. Gigi begs Eddie to stop killing the rich. Eddie brought the greedy magistrate to Deric and the magistrate mentioned Lian Kun wants to frame him for killing Gigi’s father. Eddie killed the magistrate. Lian Kun visited Deric’s family. Lian Kun asked Deric’s father if he has killed Gigi’s father. Gigi told Lian Kun that the murderer is her uncle and her cousin. Lian Kun asked Deric’s father if Gigi’s father ordered an assassin to have a duel with him and took down his brand name. Lian Kun ordered the guards to arrest Deric’s father. Deric and Gigi greets Lian Kun. Deric asked Lian Kun how is his family. Gigi demanded Lian Kun to release Deric’s father or she’ll sue it to the palace. Lian Kun accused Deric of breaking Noel and him up. Gigi told Lian Kun that Noel was so afraid of him so she hid. Lian Kun told Deric he will kill his family member tone by one. Deric fought with Lian Kun. Deric has a duel with Lian Kun but lost. Lian Kun gives three day to Deric which is the day of Noel’s thirty eight anniversary to defeat him. If Deric wins, Lian Kun will release his family.


Gigi made a fake dagger and hope to exchange it with Lian Kun’s real dagger. Deric asked Gigi if she ever thought that she could be caught sneaking in Lian Kun’s mansion. Deric pleads Eddie to teach him how to defeat Lian Kun’s move. Eddie told Deric that others lost to Lian Kun within ten moves and it is not easy to defeat Lian Kun. Eddie’s girlfriend got up the water in the bathub and flirted with Eddie. Deric criticizes Eddie for living a life of killing others and flirting with women. An official punched Gigi for wanting to steal the dagger in Lian Kun’s mansion. Deric came and took Gigi away. Deric practice martial arts and feels useless for causing his family in trouble. A female put on a blanket on Deric while he’s asleep in the woods. Gigi practices martial arts and got bitten by the snake. Gigi told Deric she thought of using a snake to poison Lian Kun. Eddie stood in front of Lian Kun. Eddie told Deric he fought with Lian Kun and he lost. Gigi screamed and told Deric she has a dream that he would win the fight with Lian Kun.



Noel came up to Lian Kun. Lian Kun told Noel that he misses her every night. Noel asked Lian Kun if he misses her or the manuel. Noel told Lian Kun she can leave with him and write the manuel script for him but he has to release Deric’s family. Lian Kun asked Noel if she’s doing it for Deric. Lian Kun slapped Noel and said Deric’s family will die. Noel burnt the manuel and fought with Lian Kun. A man in the black suit took Noel away. Deric has a duel with Lian Kun and pointed the dagger at him. The majesty’s guards ordered Lian Kun and Deric to come. Law Lok Lam as Emperor Yongzheng smiled and told Deric he knows he isn’t a normal person and couldn’t believe his martial arts have improved a lot. The majesty said Deric is his best friend while Lian Kun is his loyal official. The majesty asked Lian Kun to release Deric’s family and drink with him and forget about this incident.

Gigi becomes blind. Deric told Gigi he used the step of using the snake move to defeat Lian Kun and it worked. Gigi search for the lantern. Gigi told Deric if she hasn’t been bitten by the snake she wouldn’t find out the snake move to defeat Lian Kun. Gigi told Deric she doesn’t care what happened to her as long as he’s fine. Deric told Gigi he isn’t worth for her to sacrifice for him. Gigi told Deric she knows he only loves Noel but she will still love him. Deric piggyback Gigi to the temple for Gordon to cure Gigi. Flashbacks played of Deric and Gigi’s scenes.



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