Love as a Predatory Affair episode 5 recap

King Kong begs Kitty to teach him to cook her Baslam Apple dish. Samantha saw King Kong held Kitty’s hand and he drove him away. Samantha asked Kitty for the dress. Samantha asked Kitty if she met Jason at the restaurant. Samantha wants to wear the dress and meet Jason in the restaurant tomorrow and eat in his restaurant. Kitty told Samantha that Jason doesn’t like girls wearing this dress. Jason told his father he has fired the manager for bribery. Jason’s father watches Jason serving the customers. A customer complained the Baslam Apples are gone. Jason’s father served the customer and tripped. Jason’s uncle restaurant has gone down from fifty percent. Jason’s uncle son showed his father the fried Baslam Apple. Jason’s uncle hurt his back and met Jason’s father in the hospital. Flashbacks of Jason’s father hit Jason’s uncle with a spatula and scold him.

Samantha wore a short and came to Jason’s restaurant looking for Jason. Samantha fought with an old fat lady for the chicken wing. Stephanie told Samantha no one will notice how she dress. Stephanie asked the chef to do another dish for the old fat lady. Jason apologized to the old fat lady and asked the chef to do another dish of chicken wing. A man put on a mask and drop a bag of bugs on the floor. Some security guards came and said they received the news that this restaurant has been affected by cockroaches. Stephanie found the bag of cockroaches and picked up a few cockroaches hand put on her pocket. Stephanie tried to hit the cockroaches on the floor. Jason stood in front of Stephanie and asked the security guards to try their Baslam Dish. Stephanie hit a male customer’s shoes. The customer tripped and the sauce fell on Samantha. Samantha yelled at Stephanie and tripped. Jason held Samantha. Samantha yelled at Stephanie for causing her shirt to be dirty. Jason asked Samantha for her phone. During the conference, the staff complained it is missing the manager and Stephanie is too new. Jason said a good manager cannot accept bribery and be smart and be brave. Jason asked Stephanie to show those cockroaches. Stephanie took out the bag of cockroaches. Jason said someone reported their restaurant being affected by cockoraches but luckily Stephanie caught the cockroaches. Jason wants to appoint Stephanie as the new manager. Stephanie caught the cockroaches. Jason is impressed at Stephanie for being brave. Jason gives the key to Stephanie. Kitty wash the shirt for Samantha. Samantha said this shirt is the love token between her and Jason. Samantha said Jason will call her asking about her shirt which is an excuse to hang out with her. Samantha daydream of Jason hugging her.



Kitty’s mother saw Kitty’s sister talking in the phone and asked her to talk more mature. Kitty’s mother asked Kitty to cook. Kitty’s mother let Stephanie rent her flat. Stephanie hit a mosquito flying on the wall. Kitty’s mother remembered seeing Stephanie in the video scolding the man who dropped the two filter water. King Kong pretends to scare Stephanie. Stephanie tried to hit King Kong with an object. Kitty came and showed herself in the video to her mother. King Kong whined that he’s always been mistaken for a pervert. Kitty and Stephanie yelled at King Kong for his looks looks like one. Stephanie ate Kitty’s brother’s apple. Kitty’s brother watches Stephanie’s body in the video. Kitty went in her brother’s room and confronted his brother for recording someone from her back. Kitty told her brother if Stephanie knows he’s recording her, she will punch him. Stephanie hit a cockroaches and put in the trash can. Kitty took Stephanie in the backyard. Kitty’s brother sneaks in Stephanie’s room. Kitty’s brother saw Stephanie’s photo album. Stephanie told Kitty about her hometown. Stephanie told Kitty she’s been promoted by Jason. Kitty’s brother hid under Stephanie’s bed while Stephanie is sleeping. Kitty’s brother sneaked out of Stephanie’s bed and stared at Stephanie’s belly button. Stephanie slapped Kitty’s brother while sleeping. Kitty’s brother bumped into Stephanie in the elevator. The employees asked Stephanie to help the other employee watch dishes since there’s not enough people.



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