Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 18 recap

Duan Zhen Jing’s wife checked Ah Zhi’s pulse. Qiao Feng told Duan Zhen Jing he came here to tell him the news that the villains are coming. Duan Zhen Jing’s found a badge and a letter on Ah Zhi’s arm and cried and told Duan Zhen Jing that he has killed their daughter. Ah Zhu stared at Ah Zhi and cried. Qiao Feng checked Ah Zhi’s pulse and froze them. Ah Zhi wakes up and laughed. Qiao Feng grabbed Ah Zhi’s hands and showed them the needles. Ah Zhi said she has other poisonous weapons. Qiao Feng bids farewell to Duan Zhen Jing. Ah Zhu feels unwell and asked Qiao Feng to leave first. Ah Zhu eavesdrop Ah Zhi and Duan Zhen Jing and his wife. Duan Zhen Jing’s wife teared up and said Duan Zhen Jing left him for the consort. She became pregnant and gave Ah Zhi and Ah Zhu to two other families. She placed a jade with a poem on both of their clothes. Ah Zhu cried and left.

Ah Zhu told Qiao Feng, she feel so touched seeing Ah Zhi and her family unite. Qiao Feng promised Ah Zhu they will come back to their hometown. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhu that they don’t need to go to Dali, since the person that they’ve met is Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Zhen Jing asked Ah Zhi to remove the net for the guard. Qiao Feng asked the guard to sit still so he can remove the net. Ah Zhi refused to apologize to the guard. The four villains arrived in front of Duan Zhen Jing. The four villains fought with the four guards. YatKhing arrived. YatKhing injured one of the guards. Duan Zhen Jing fought with YatKhing. The guard took the stab for Duan Zhen Jing and died. The guard told Duan Zhen Jing he never regret sacrificing for the Duan Family. He can only die for him. Ah Zhi said the guard’s martial art is weak and deserved to be death. Duan Zhen Jing slapped Ah Zhi. Duan Zhen Jing wants to have a duel with YatKhing and he asked his guards to bury him next to his guard after he dies.


Qiao Feng told Ah Zhu watching them fight will let him see their martial art skills. Ah Zhi laughed and told her mother that her father is a prince but is losing for a crippled man. Duan Zhen Jing’s wife watches Duan Zhen Jing’s sword is almost broken and couldn’t endure YatKhing. Duan Zhen Jing’s wife called out the guards for help. Ah Zhi told her mother she can’t ask for help since it would be unfair. Ah Zhi said she will accept her father if he is a hero. Duan Zhen Jing used his power to pushed the sword up. Ah Zhi told her mother if YatKhing uses his steel stick on her father, she is not sure if her father could handle it. Qiao Feng uses his power to pushed Duan Zhen Jing away. Qiao Feng told YatKhing he won’t interfere with his affair but anyone who tries to kill Duan Zhen Jing has to go through him first. Qiao Feng injured Yatkhing and threw the second villain in the sea. Qiao Feng told Duan Zhen Jing he will visit him when he feels better. Ah Zhi said if Qiao Feng didn’t punch her, she would have called him a hero. Ah Zhu told Qiao Feng that Duan Zhen Jing is generous and must have been careless in the past so he accidentally made a big mistake. Qiao Feng said Duan Zhen Jing killed his parents to hide his bad deeds. Ah Zhu worries Qiao Feng will kill the wrong person. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhu he will asked Duan Zhen Jing clearly before he kills him.


Ah Zhu cried and recited the poem on her jade and looked at the letter on her shoulder. Ah Zhu stood in front of Ah Zhi’s house and planned to tell Duan Zhen Jing to leave to Dali. Ah Zhu followed Ah Zhi to the woods and saw her digging a scent cauldron. Ah Zhi threw needles toward Ah Zhu. Ah Zhu chased Ah Zhi and asked where is she going. Ah Zhu told Ah Zhi to tell her parents to leave. Ah Zhi asked Ah Zhu to stop bothering her. Ah Zhi told Ah Zhu she has never promised to stay with her parents. Ah Zhi asked Ah Zhu why does she wants to control her. Ah Zhi asked Ah Zhu if she wants to be Duan Zhen Jing’s daughter. Ah Zhi threw a bomb at two sect members. Four sect members surrounded Ah Zhi and fought with her. The four sect members asked Ah Zhi to return the cauldron to their master. Ah Zhu begs Qiao Feng to save Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhi why does he care for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhu said it has been hard for Duan Zhen Jing and his wife to reunite with their daughter. Qiao Feng punched the sect members. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng why did he let them leave. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi he rather let those sect members teach her a lesson. Ah Zhu asked Qiao Feng to bring Ah Zhi back home for her mother to teach her.


Qiao Feng brought Ah Zhi’s to her parents. Qiao Feng told Duan Zhen Jing he wants to talk to him alone. Qiao Feng asked Duan Zhen Jing if he did something causing a kid to not know who is his parents. Duan Zhen Jing said he regretted but he had no choice. Qiao Feng asked Duan Zhen Jing to meet him tonight. Duan Zhen Jing asked Ah Zhu to try her dumpings. Duan Zhen Jing’s wife told Ah Zhu she feels close to her and wished Ah Zhi has a sister like her. Ah Zhu told Duan Zhen Jing she doesn’t have the deed to have a mother like her.



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