Love as a Predatory Affair episode 6 recap

Kitty’s brother and King Kong saw Selina’s face looking older. Selina told Kitty’s brother to film on the left side of her face since it looks prettier. Selina asked Kitty’s brother to film her replacement. Kitty’s brother filmed the face of Selina then filmed the hands movement on the food of her replacement. Kitty’s brother criticize the abalones missing flavors. Selina put some soy sauce in the pot. Selina told Kitty’s brother that the audience only cares for her and don’t care how good the food are. King Kong told Selina that they need to appreciate the food. Kitty’s brother and King Kong told Celina they quit. King Kong told Selina he doesn’t enjoy watching her since she isn’t fun to watch and trick others.

Kitty’s brother stared at Stephanie at the restaurant. Two schoolgirls flirted with King Kong and Kitty’s sister. Stephanie told the two girls if they keep on playing, she will tell their principal. The two girls said that if they didn’t pay for the school, the school wouldn’t be there. Stephanie told the two girls she is the manager here and is responsible to regulate the restaurant. The girls threw food in King Kong’s mouth. King Kong choked. Stephanie hit King Kong’s back and King Kong threw up.


Samantha cut the fish and waits for Jason’s phone call. A customer ordered some frogs. Samantha took out the bag of frogs for him to choose. Samantha’s mother told Samantha if she participated in the beauty pageant, she would be the first one out since her grumpy look will drive the customers away. Kitty told Samantha that Jason is very busy taking care of the restaurant. Samantha whined that Jason didn’t remember asking her about her shirt. Stephanie called Samantha asking her about her shirt for her company to repay. Samantha said the shirt is about eight thousand dollars. Stephanie told Samantha she will ask Jason about it. Stephanie told Jason to let her deal with Samantha about the shirt. A frog leap out of Samantha’s bathhouse while Samantha is taking a bath. The frog leaped on Samantha’s bed. Stephanie saw Samantha in the backyard and held the shrimp sauce. King Kong defended Samantha. Stephanie saw Samantha’s shirt so clean. Samantha fought with Stephanie and hit King Kong on the head using the broom. Stephanie hit Kitty’s brother on the head using the broom. Samantha said Stephanie should be responsible since she caused her shirt to be dirt. Kitty’s brother and King Kong pretends to ache their heads. Kitty’s brother told Stephanie if she teaches him to plant banana, he can protect himself next time. Stephanie asked Kitty’s brother how does he know she plants bananas. Kitty distracts Stephanie with the shrimp sauce.


Kitty’s brother chat with his buddy online and couldn’t believe the people would watch Selina’s cooking video. Kitty watches the video with her brother and said the cooking haven’t been done. Kitty watches Celina talking about the Baslam Apples lost their season. Celina critique the soup of not being the best but being too good. The restaurants feel so lonely. Two guys looked at the food pictures and said Baslam Apples are old school. Jason’s cousin took his friends to Jason’s uncle’s restaurant. Jason’s uncle’s past wife told Jason’s uncle she will teach her son well and she’s happy being single. Selina cheers with Jason’s uncle. Jason ate with Kitty in the restaurant and asked her if she has a new dish besides Baslam Apples. Selina and Jason’s uncle nitpick on Jason bringing the wrong person to the fancy restaurant. Jason said it is only a diner and he didn’t think much.

Kitty asked her father about the goods of their company. Kitty’s brother compliment Kitty’s cooking skills a lot better than Selina. Kitty wished she has an elegant kitchen. Kitty’s brother took Kitty to an elegant kitchen studio to film. Kitty’s brother films a cooking video of Kitty. Kitty mumbles onscreen. Samantha demonstrate to Kitty how to cook onscreen. Kitty helped Samantha slicing cucumber. Kitty accidentally burnt the pan while teaching how to cook.



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