Heroes from Shaolin episode 15 recap

Noel showed Deric a farewell letter from Gigi. Noel saw Gigi and called her. Gigi keep walking forward. Gigi tripped and told Noel she can take care of herself. Gigi asked Noel why did she lie to her that she didn’t like Deric. Gigi told Noel she doesnt’ need anyone to pity her. Noel asked Gigi if she thought she’s getting in the way of her and Deric. Noel said if she could be with Deric, they would already been together but they can’t. Noel told Gigi she doesn’t want this incident to ruin their relationship.

The opera actress carved a tattoo on the back of Hui Qian to join her evil sect. The opera actress told Hui Qian that he has been affected by her poison. Qian Jin and his servant told Deric that Hui Qian haven’t been here for several days. Deric watches the opera and saw the opera actress threw a stick toward a man and apologized. Deric followed the opera actress to her temple. The opera actress whipped Hui Qian. Deric fought with the sect. Eddie called his sect to stop. Deric asked Eddie to release Hui Qian. Deric told Eddie it hurts seeing him going in the wrong path. Deric told Eddie he is disappointed in him seducing people to lure them in the sect. Eddie’s girlfriend fought with Deric. Eddie asked his girlfriend to stop. Eddie told Deric from now on they will go on their separate ways.


Eddie’s girlfriend told Eddie that without her, he wouldn’t be living a comfortable life. Eddie packed his stuff. Eddie’s girlfriend begs Eddie to stay. Eddie pushed his girlfriend. Eddie’s girlfriend ache her belly and said he has to think of their baby. Eddie picked up his wife. Eddie’s girlfriend gave birth to her baby. Eddie’s girlfriend asked Eddie if she gave birth to a girl, would he abandon her. Eddie held his son. Eddie showed Deric his son. Eddie asked Deric to give a name to his son. Deric said to name him black and white. Eddie told Deric to not play with him. Eddie asked Deric what did he do wrong. Eddie told Deric he already tried to go in the right path but still about to be kill. Eddie told Deric that those so good people are hypocrite. Deric told Eddie that whatever happens, they are still buddies.

Noel asked Gigi to open her eyes. Gigi is happy she can now see again. Gigi told Noel she seems a lot prettier.


Law Lok Lam visits Deric and claimed his name is Yong Zheng. Hui Qian and the students laughed. Deric bowed in front of Yong Zheng. Law Lok Lam wants to have a fight with Deric. Deric fought with Law Lok Lam and kicked him. Law Lok Lam told Deric he misses their days in the temple. Deric told Law Lok Lam he wants to be friends with him but he wants to be the majesty more. Deric told Law Lok Lam he is a special person for wating kill him after he knows his idenity and now visiting him. Law Lok Lam said he must protect himself. Law Lok Lam told Deric he will spare him for whatever crime he will do. Lian Kun ordered the guards to search Deric’s house. Law Lok Lam said he was visiting Deric. Deric told Law Lok Lam that Lian Kun mistaken Noel as his wife so he keeps on surrounding this house. Noel told Law Lok Lam is is a twenty years old woman and couldn’t be Lian Kun’s wife unless there’s a pill that can cause them to turn younger but if there was such kind of pill, she should give it to the majesty. Law Lok Lam told Lian Kun he is afraid he will become crazy if he continues searching for his wife, so he’ll find a pretty wife for him. Law Lok Lam forbids Lian Kun to bother Deric.

Eddie’s girlfriend greets Lian Kun. Eddie refuse to collaborate with Lian Kun. Lian ordered Eddie’s girlfriend to capture Noel for him. Eddie refuses since Deric is his best friend. Lian Kun told Eddie if he refuses, he will kill break down his house. Eddie’s girlfriend asked Eddie if he has slept with Noel. Eddie told his girlfriend that Deric is his best friend and he can’t betray him. Eddie’s girlfriend begged Eddie to listen to her. Eddie told his girlfriend if she persist, she will lose him. Gigi held Noel hands and asked her to admit she is twenty years old. Eddie drank with Deric and thanked him for taking care of Gigi. Deric told Eddie she can’t hurt Gigi but she can’t wrong Noel. Eddie told Deric that those two girls are waiting for his answer. Eddie warned Deric to watch out for Lian Kun. Gigi told Deric that someone has kidnapped Noel.


Eddie went home and slapped his girlfriend. Eddie’s girlfriend is unwilling to hand out Noel. Eddie’s girlfriend grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and asked her if she is will release Noel. Deric asked Eddie to hand out Noel. Eddie’s girlfriend drank the poison and told Eddie that he has abandon his girlfriend for his friend. Eddie’s girlfriend suggests Deric and Eddie to have a duel. Eddie had a duel with several people. Gigi and Hui Qian rode the horse to the palace. Gigi and Hui Qian stood in front of the majesty’s guards and want to see the majesty. Lian Kun blocked them. Gigi rode the horse and told the majesty that Noel is Lian Kun’s wife but turned younger due to the manuel. Lian Kun fought with Gigi. Eddie hung up Noel on the tree and fought with Deric. Noel uses her mouth to untie the rope and fell down.



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