Heroes from Shaolin episode 16 recap

Noel fainted and told Deric to stop fighting. Deric carried Noel home and gave her some ginseng. Some officials came and ordered Deric to give out Noel under the order of the majesty. Gigi blames herself for telling the majesty about the manuel. Eddie’s girlfriend asked Eddie why did he lose to Deric. Eddie admit he let Deric leave. Eddie’s girlfriend slapped Eddie and whined that he has caused her sect to be destroyed. Eddie said he’s not afraid of Lian Kun. The majesty told Deric if he knew that Noel has the manuel, he would have protect her. The majesty wanted to punish Lian Kun for wanting to possess the manuel. Lian Kun told the majesty he can persuade to hand out the manuel. The doctor told the majesty that Noel has been falling down from the tree and may be in coma for life. The majesty slapped Lian Kun. Lian Kun madly kicked the furniture. The officials told Lian Kun that Eddie’s girlfriend apologized for losing Noel.

Lian Kun ordered the official to destroy Eddie’s sect. The guards fought with Eddie’ sect. The other sect also been attacked by the Qin soldiers. Eddie’s wife blamed Eddie for causing her sect to be destroyed and ordered him to find Noel if he wants her to forgive him. Eddie’s wife took her baby away. Deric pleads the majesty to forgive Eddie. If Eddie haven’t been lenient on Noel, she would have died. Eddie told Lian Kun he wanted to use Eddie to kill Noel.


Deric held Noel’s hand and begs her to wake up. He likes her since the day he met her. He always misses her and wanted to meet her after he left the temple. Deric told Noel he knows she likes him. He’ll wait for her until she can speak. Deric asked Noel if she finds herself naive for leaving him for Gigi. Eddie got addicted to drugs and drank and refused to pay the bill for the lodge. The lodge owner and his servant kicked Eddie out of his restaurant. Eddie picked up a toy and ate a chicken and told the boy that he is lucky that he has a mother but he is whining. Deric brought Eddie to his house. Eddie asked Gigi to lend him twenty thousand taels. Noel wakes up and covered her face and and screamed. Deric begs the majesty to let him bring Noel home. The majesty said it’s better for Noel to stay in the palace since the doctor can take care of her.

Eddie begs Deric’s students to give him money to buy drug. Eddie fought with the students and stole money from Qian Jin’s servant. Qian Jin told Deric that Eddie stole their money. Deric told Qian Jin that he is disappointed that they couldn’t hang on. Deric told Gigi that Eddie only wants to be alone. Gigi told Deric she has a dream that the crow howl on the top of the roof and worries that an omen will happen.

Lian Kun gets near Noel during the night and tries to rape her. Noel bit Lian Kun’s lips. Lian Kun slapped Noel and left. Lian Kun visited the majesty and said he suspects Noel is faking amnesia since she didn’t want to write the manuelscript for him. Gigi dip the food for Noel and asked her to come home with her. Deric begs the majesty to let him bring Noel home and he will inform him when Noel’s getting well. The majesty ordered the guards to beat Deric up. Lian Kun beat up Deric up until Noel admit she is faking amnesia. Gigi begs the majesty to tell Lian Kun to stop beating up Deric. Gigi begs Noel to tell the majesty she recognizes Deric. Lian Kun grabbed Deric and about to kill him. The majesty asked Deric and Gigi to leave. Lian Kun passed by Deric and laughed.


Deric called out Noel while sleeping. Gigi takes care of Deric. Eddie asked Gigi to give him ten thousand taels. Eddie searched the room and found some powder. Eddie stole Deric’s badge. The students search Eddie’s body. Eddie begged the students to give him money. Gigi asked the students to let Eddie leave. Deric asked his students to take a break. Deric watches Eddie drinking drug and asked him why does he continues going in the wrong path. Deric is about the taste the drug. Eddie told Deric is is annoying. Eddie came to to the brothel and gave a prostitute Deric’s jade. Eddie made out with a prostitute. Deric pulled Eddie out and said he was never liked this. Eddie said his wife and son has left and he lost everything. Eddie forced a prostitute to take off her clothes. The majesty is feeling ill and needs to have the manuel to recover his illness. Lian Kun gave the majesty a suggestion to execute Noel. The guards brought Noel to the majesty. Lain announced for execution.



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