Love as a Predatory Affair episode 7 recap

Selena deals with Jasons’ uncle to give her three percent of his allowance. Jason’s uncle’s son came in the room. Jason’s aunt told Jason’s uncle that she couldn’t believe is is courting a teenager. Jason’s aunt told Jason’s uncle that she is waiting for her fund to register the school for her son. Jason’s uncle told Jason’s aunt he will transfer money to her and she can pay for her son’s school tuition.

King Kong watches Samantha’s cooking video. Kitty’s brother explained he edited the video and matches Samantha’s face and Kitty’s hands. The videos received ten thousand hits. The video is called Goddess Chef. Kitty take notes of the recipe for Jason but she told Samantha she’s writing it for her father.


Stephanie eavesdrop on the the customers watching Samantha’s cooking videos. Stephanie watches the video and criticizes the men for only cares about the looks and not the food. Kitty’s brother complimented the food. Stephanie criticizes the men of being a lechers. Stephanie and Kitty’s brother text each other while walking and they bumped into each other near the elevator and Stephanie broke her phone.. Stephanie borrows Kitty’s brother computer. Kitty’s brother prevented her from using it and said his pictures look bad and his mouse is broken. Kitty’s brother gave Stephanie an ipad to use. Stephanie watches Samantha’s video and whined that more than three thousand dislikes on her comment. Stephanie said Samantha is bitchy but acts nice onscreen. Stephanie told Kitty’s brother that the video revealed Samantha’s boops. Kitty’s sister teased her brother of liking Samantha. Kitty told Stephanie that her brother filmed this cooking video. Stephanie asked Kitty about her brother’s screenname. Kitty’s brother explained to Kitty and Samantha about young lady. Stephanie complimented Samantha online. In the elevator, Stephanie laughed at Kitty’s brother’s screename. Kitty’s brother gave Stephanie the sweet cookies from his screenname. Kitty’s brother told Stephanie that men likes to watch tall girls with a good shape of body. Jason watches Samantha’s video.

Jason’s uncle restaurants starts to be deserted. Jason’s uncle showed Samantha’s video to Selena and said her popularity is on the top of her. Stephanie saw Kitty’s brother in the restaurant. Kitty’s brother said he’s filming a divorce scene. Stephanie wonders if it is good or bad. Kitty’s brother watches Stephanie helping an elder lady. Kitty’s father told Kitty that the food is dirty and he asked her to clean them before putting them in the warehouse. Samantha texted Kitty that her video has reached more than one hundred and fifty thousand views which beats Selena’s video.

King Kong sits and chat with Samantha and said he envies her colleagues since they could see her. King Kong told Samantha that she has a good posture. Kitty’s brother told Samantha that there’s a company who wants to collaborate with them. Samantha asked Kitty about her outfit. Samantha went with Kitty’s brother to the company while leaving Kitty and King Kong out. King Kong cook with Kitty. Kitty told King Kong that ugly people needs to have a skill. King Kong told Kitty that ugly people also have good qualities.


Samantha and Kitty’s brother meet Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle wants to collaborate with Samantha. Jason’s uncle asked Samantha about her background. Samantha said she does a small business and refused to tell much about her private life. Jason’s uncle showed Samantha his kitchen. Kitty cooked many meals. Kitty’s brother came home and told Kitty and King Kong that Samantha is discussing with Jason’s uncle. Jason’s uncle dined with Samantha. Jason’s uncle wiped Samantha’s mouth. Jason’s uncle’s son called Jason’s uncle and complained that his mother is whipping her. Jason’s aunt told Jason’s uncle that their son watched porn movies and is lusty like him. Kitty called Samantha and told her that Jason’s uncle restaurants is their opponent and don’t sign contract with him. Samantha bids farewell to Jason’s uncle and left.



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