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Sword of the Outlaw episode 38 recap

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The magistrate’s daughter stabbed herself with a sword and asked when a person lose hope what can she do. She can’t kill the sect leader but she can kill herself. The sect leader cried while calling the magistrate’s daughter.

The bodyguard gave a bamboo stick to the Mongolian Girl and said if she wants to have energy, she needs to eat. The bodyguard told the Mongolian Girl after she eat it, she will find it is good. Eight years ago, there was a case of an assassin killing all the rich ladies. They killed nine people and cause JiangNan to be in chaos. When he took the case, he lured the assassin into the trap but he was very sly. That location doesn’t have water or dried food or grass. There’s no water but there are only sand. He experienced the warm of sand when he smells the sand to live. Then he met the assassin because he is almost dead. The bodyguard said the assassin said he is even more crazy than him. The Mongolian Girl said the bodyguard is the craziest person he met and wants to be the best so he sacrifices himself. The bodyguard said it is trust. The Mongolian Girl said trust is important but he is too persistence. The bodyguard said when he sees a horrible case, he can’t stand. He remembers when he first accept the case,he caught a criminal and interrogated him and sent him for the government and executed him. Last fall, he caught another criminal and he was the was the assassin who has killed the family. The family of the first criminal wouldn’t let him. The bodyguard has made a mistake executing the wrong person so he believes in evidences. The bodyguard said there are different viewpoints of sweet and miserable but if she is miserable she would feel better spiting it out. The Mongolian Girl suspects her past is her dream. The bodyguard said this is reality but she refused to admit it. She remembers when she was a child, she has a big family and a big brother but she couldn’t remember anything besides that. The bodyguard asked the Mongolian if her brother is named Yan Zhuiyun. The bodyguard told the Mongolian Girl to have the courage to admit she is Zhuiyun’s sister. The bodyguard told the Mongolian Girl, she did remembers her past but wants to forget it and doesn’t want to live in the present. The Mongolian Girl said she doesn’t have a history and only have a future. The bodyguard asked the Mongolian Girl if she wants to live the rest of her life as the eunuchs’ assassin. The Mongolian Girl said right or wrong isn’t important but the only things that matters is the goal. The bodyguard said it is better to have no goal and going on the wrong path.

A sect member told the bodyguard he has betrayed the Mongolian Girl. The Mongolian Girl told the bodyguard to not lie to himself and he belongs to this world since he is a bodyguard. The bodyguard asked the Mongolian Girl if a bodyguard mission is betraying their feelings and killing others. The bodyguard said he has lived for twenty five years and understand the word black and white. The eunuch told the bodyguard that when he became castrated, he promised to be a good eunuch. Out of hunger, his godmother sent him to the palace to be castrated but he appreciated cause she have him a chance to live. The eunuch asked the bodyguard to cherish his life. When he held a bun, he promised himself he will love his life. He thought of the word black and white. The eunuch said sometimes he believes his motive differ from those words but when he is in hunger, he will believe in it. The eunuch gave the bodyguard a trial of ten days in hunger to test him.

The Mongolian Girl apologized to the eunuch that she has let Zhuiyun escaped. The eunuch laughed and said Zhuiyun can’t escape and needs a more humiliated place. The Mongolian Girl asked the eunuch if it is good or bad for Zhuiyun to steal the money to give to the poor. The Mongolian Girl said after for going out for so long, she has experienced many things. The eunuch said stealing money for the poor is good, but no one knows if their motive is to get the love from the people to rebel. Those money are dirty.

The sect leader wants to collaborate with the bodyguard to search for Zhuiyun. The bodyguard asked if a surviving is that important. The sect leader said sacrificing for something valuable is worth it. The killing game is the game of the strong. The wuxia world is created by the evil humans eating other humans. They have to have the thought of black and white to kill them. Therefore they need an evil plan and not useless bodyguards. The bodyguard said without evidence, everything is a lie. They don’t need more blood and chaos. The sect leader asked the bodyguard to open his eyes and see how the government is. The bodyguard asked the sect leader to think of his wife and friends. The sect leader said only the strong survive and that is him. The Mongolian Girl warned the sect leader if he steals the map of treasure again, her Japanese sect won’t spare him.


The eunuch reminds the Mongolian Girl to not use her emotion and she has to remember what is important. The Mongolian Girl pointed a sword at the restaurant owner and asked him where’s Yan Zhuiyun. The Mongolian Girl watches Zhuiyun from the back and fought with him. The Mongolian Girl dropped the jade and Zhuiyun picked it up. Zhuiyun asked the Mongolian Girl how does she has the jade. Zhuiyun recognizes the Mongolian Girl as his sister. The Mongolian Girl told the eunuch she feels that the bodyguard still is useful for her. The eunuch told the Mongolian Girl he has a twenty years old wine which is the same age as hers. When she accomplishes her mission, he will open it to celebrate. The Mongolian Girl begs the eunuch to forgive the bodyguard. The eunuch gives the mission to the sect member the mission to kill the bodyguard.

Zhuiyun told Fengyi that the Mongolian Girl is his sister. She was intelligent as a child. The eunuch transformed her into an assassin. Fengyi and Zhuiyun reached the cave of treasure. Fengyi and Zhuiyun believe the war is evil and can cause many death. The magistrate already has chosen his path. The Mongolian Girl told Zhuiyun she is fated to kill him. The Mongolian Girl pointed a sword at Zhuiyun and demanded him to hand out the map of treasure. Zhuiyun told the Mongolian Girl she will never kill him. She got influenced by the eunuch but she has the blood of his family. She can kill him but the one hundred and thirty two lives of the family are watching her. He is her older brother and this is the true that will never change. The Mongolian Girl dropped her sword and left. The Mongolian Girl ordered the Japanese sect to leave. The Mongolian Girl rescued the bodyguard out of the dungeon. The bodyguard asked the Mongolian Girl why does she continues to go to the wrong path if she knows she made mistakes. The Mongolian Girl said because the eunuch is her godfather. The bodyguard congratulates the Mongolian Girl for having an evil godfather who harm the people. The Mongolian Girl pointed a sword toward the bodyguard and asked him to stop forcing her to kill him. The bodyguard told the Mongolian Girl, as long she doesn’t kill him he will continue to investigate the eunuch. The Mongolian Girl told the bodyguard, if he continues, she will someday kill him. The bodyguard asked the Mongolian Girl if she really wants to kill him. The Mongolian Girl asked the bodyguard to leave. She doesn’t want him to die but she doesn’t want to see him. The sect member told the eunuch that the Mongolian Girl has rescued the bodyguard. The eunuch ordered the sect member to find Zhuiyun and the map of treasure.


Zhuiyun read the jade that that Xiao Qian master has returned. Fengyi asked Zhuiyun if he actually saw the corpse of Xiao Qian. Fengyi doubts if Xiao Qian is still alive and impersonated her master. The soldiers attacked Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun threw his knives at them and they all died. Fengyi said the wuxia world is bad and full of lies. Zhuiyun said it’s not only the wuxia world but everyone has a bad trait but they have to control it. If they can control themselves, this world would be a more beautiful place. Fengyi believes that as long as they are in the wuxia world, their life will never be beautiful. Fengyi asked Zhuiyun if he wants to leave this wuxia world after they hand out the treasures to the people. Zhuiyun said he wants to have a normal world where he can be with his family but he lost it all. That’s when he realizes that’s the memory he wants. His wish is not huge, he only needs to get away from the storm and be with Fengyi. A priest visits the eunuch and wants to tell him his fortune. The priest told the eunuch he saw an atmosphere of the dragon on him.


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