Weapons of Power episode 17 recap

Xiao Hou Zhun’s disciple thought about what Lin Pen said about him being a mole sent by his master. Xiao Hou Zhun’s disciple sighed about why does his master did this to cause him lose his face. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple went in the room and saw Nuo Feng’s father moving. Nuo Feng’s father told Xiao Hou Zhun’s disciple that his father caused him to be crippled like this. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple visited Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple begged his master to forgive Nuo Feng. Xiaohou Zhun asked his disciple to not be lenient on Nuo Feng. Mu Rong Bai begged Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple to inform Nuo Feng. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple vowed he will tell this incident to clear up the name.

Lin Pen and Nuo Feng fought with Lin Die. Nuo Feng tried to kill Lin Die. Lin Pen chat with Nuo Feng alone and said her father’s death isn’t related to Lin Die. Mu Rong Bai asked Lin Pen about Nuo Feng’s father. Nuo Feng yelled that her father turned crazy. Mu Rong Bai asked why.

Nuo Feng sneaks in Mu Rong Bai’s cave. Tian Long’s sect members came in Lin Pen’s room and opened the blanket and found Nuo Feng in pajamas and teased them of sleeping with each other. The sect members suggest them to marry each other. Lin Pen congratulates Lin Pen in getting married but Lin Pen is sad. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng get married. The sect members threw confetti and drink. The sect members insert and noodle in Lin Pen and Nuo Feng’s mouth and support them eating the noodle together. Lin Pen apologized to Nuo Feng and asked her to remember that this isn’t their real wedding. Nuo Feng doesn’t mind being humiliated for her father. The sect members asked Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to stay on their bed and take off their clothes. Lin Pen takes off his clothe. Nuo Feng didn’t take off her clothes. The sect members accused Nuo Feng and Lin Pen for being a spy. Nuo Feng takes off her clothes.


Tian Long told Lin Die she envies Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. Tian Long said there’s a cupid that tie up the feet of the couple. Lin Die said he doesn’t care if there’s a string but once the flower blooms, he will marry her. Xiaohou Zhun and his sect discuss their plan of destroying Tian Long’s sect. The servant saw Nuo Feng’s father moving and wanted to alert Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple killed the servant and Nuo Feng’s father and burned the room.

The sect member asked Lin Pen how did Zhu Bajie die. Lin Pen decipher the poem and said die from being dumb. Nuo Feng asked Tian Long why doesn’t Mu Rong Bai get out of his cave. Tian Long said Mu Rong Bai doesn’t believe in Heaven so he never gets out. The sect members watches the flower grow. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng that he finds the members in Tian Long’s sect are nice. Nuo Feng persists to kill Mu Rong Bai. Lin Pen gave mooncakes and wines to Lin Die to bring it to Mu Rong Bai.



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