Solo Blogging vs Team Blogging vs Guest Blogging

There are three types of drama bloggers!

1. Solo Blogger: Bloggers who run their own blog and have the autonomy of what dramas to review but can be lonely at times.

2. Team Blogging: Bloggers who work with other bloggers on a blog. Sometimes they may or may not get along with their teammates and their opinions may not be your opinions. They have other teammates to share their opinions with and update faster but be careful of other teammates dominate your task.

3. Guest Blogger: Bloggers who casually guest blogs to other blog. It takes a lot of pressure and approval to work for another blogger and take criticism from fans from another blog.

What type of bloggers are you or would you want to be? Would you rather have your own blog, work with another blogger, or work for others?

Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 23 recap

Ah Zhi told the sect member that since they don’t leave, she assumes they want her to kill them. The sect member pointed a sword at Ah Zhi. The sect member asked Qiao Feng to meet them at the conference tonight. The four leaders told the sect member it is unethical for him to use a female to blackmail Qiao Feng. The sect member said if he doesn’t kidnap Ah Zhi then he couldn’t catch with Qiao Feng. The main the black suit punched the the four leaders and the sect members. Qiao Feng fought with the main the black suit. Ah Zhi got injured and ran. The sect member held Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi threw poison at the sect member. The four leaders thanked Qiao Feng.

The man in the black suit chased Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng came. Qiao Feng confronted the main in the black suit wanting to kill Ah Zhi because she knows the identity of the leader for the monks. The main the black suit told Qiao Feng that if he knows he’s a Khitan, he can’t befriend the hans. Qiao Feng told the man in the black suit that he is is the manchu who spread wrong message to the leader of the monks that the Khitan were on the way to the temple to steal the manuel. Qiao Feng told the man in the black suit he is a lot younger than him, he’ll wait three till he ages and he will have a duel with him.

Ah Zhi spit out a needle. Qiao Feng punched Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi fainted. Qiao Feng worries for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng that Madam Ma didn’t tell her who the leader is. He spit poisonous needle at him hoping he will be injured so she can take care of him. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng that she is an orphan and hoping to find a good man and have him love her. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng to save his energy to have a duel in three years. Qiao Feng carries Ah Zhi. The man in the black suit took off his mask, who happens to be Qiao Feng’s afer, and stared at Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng saw the cauldron. Ah Zhi wakes up and begs Qiao Feng to save her. Qiao Feng feels useless for not being able to help Ah Zhi. The doctor refused to cure Ah Zhi and wanted to give the gingseng to a rich patient. Qiao Feng stole the gingseng and cooked it for Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng carries Ah Zhi to the snowy mountain to treat her. Qiao Feng hugged Ah Zhi to keep her warm during the snow. Qiao Feng foung a gingseng for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she never understood why her sister loves him so much but now she knows why.


One month has passed away. A Khitan fell off and got dragged by the horse. Qiao Feng rode on the horse controlling it. The villagers told Qiao Feng that he has plenty of gingseng. Qiao Feng eat and drink with the villagers. The villagers hopes Qiao Feng will help them drive away the Khitan. The villagers went hunting with Qiao Feng. The Khitan soldiers fought with the villagers wanting to take back their horses. Ye Lut Hung Kei arrived with his Khitan troops. Qiao Feng fought with the Khitan. The troops shot arrows at Qiao Feng . Qiao Feng threw the arrows back at Ye Lut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng kicked Ye Lut Hung Kei out of his horse and pointed a sword at him. Qiao Feng brought Ye Lut Hung Kei to the villagers. Ye Lut Hung Kei admired Qiao Feng’s martial arts and satisfied being caught by him. Ye Lut Hung Kei deals with Qiao Feng to give him hundred thousand gods, two hundred thousand silvers and two hundred fabric. The villagers suggests five hundred thousand golds, one thousand silvers, and two thousand fabrics in exchange. Khitan breaks his knife and asked Ye Lut Hung Kei for his identity. Qiao Feng wants to have a duel with Ye Lut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng gave Ye Lut Hung Kei two swords and asked him to leave and would like to make friends with him. Qiao Feng told Ye Lut Hung Kei he is a Khitan but was raised by the Hans.



Rural Hero episode 3 recap

The maid asked Jackie what he would like to eat. Jackie said anything is fine. Jackie’s colleagues told the maid they would like crabs, curry, and other dishes. Jackie asked his colleague came in and compliment him of working hard. Jackie’s colleague said he is always clumsy at work and don’t ask him to work. Jessica’s brother flirted with Jessica’s friend. Jackie brought pills for Jessica. Jackie showed the restaurant boss’s wife his jests necklace. A waiter brought fried rice to Jackie but the restaurant owneR asked him why did he serve fried rice. Jackie has been injured and egg is not good for his health. Jackie suggests his colleague to tr ain their subordinates. Jackie’s subordinate jogged the next morning. Jackie’s subordinates feel tired after jogging, and asked Jackie to please don’t whistle. Jackie criticizes them of having a messy room and he would like them to jog faster next time. Jackie’s colleague said there won’t be a next time since he won’t jog anymore. This station isn’t a training school and they don’t need to jog in the mountain. Jackie’s subordinate went to take a shower. Jackie’s colleagues have a drink and mocked Jackie for being cocky. The restaurant asked Jackie to give her twenty dollars. The restaurant owner gave Jackie the music tape which cost twenty dollars.


Jackie’s grandmother asked Jackie to reevaluate himself to be more generous toward his colleagues. Jackie laid on the bed and listen to the music. Jackie’s grandma came to Jackie’s room and told him that everytime he cried when he was a child, she used to play this song for him. Jackie helped his grandmother cleaning the nursing home. Jackie saw Poon who happens to be a volunteer. Jackie helped Poon carrying her bags. Poon’s sister tease Poon and gave Jackie and Poon the tickets to Leonardo’s movie. Jackie’s friend saw Jackie and Poon going to the movie. Jackie sneezed. Poon teased Jackie of sneezing to court girls. Jackie said he is isn’t that type she’s talking about and he is a playful guy. Poon put on the jacket for Jackie and held Jackie’s hand. Poon’s sister teased Poon of having a boyfriend and she gave her a teddy bear.


Jackie gave his subordinate an order to arrest criminals. The villagers brought food for the cops. Jackie’s subordinates said they can’t accept gifts and would like them to take the pork back him. The maid dip a pork in Jackie’s mouth. Jackie’s subordinates start to eat. Jessica distributes ads promoting her store. Jackie asked Jessica to pick up the ads from the floor. Jackie yelled at two villagers for burning papers on the street. A clique tried to steal the chicken. Jessica’s sister stopped hem. Jessica’s brother’s clique sat on the beach and sighed and saw Jessica’s friend passing by and harassed her throwing her books. Jessica’s friend slapped Jessica’s brother’s girlfriend. Jessica’s brother’s clique entered Jessica’s friend house and messed up her room and stole her document. Jessica’s brother and his clique burnt the documents. The villagers wanted to let go of this incident and accused Jackie of offending the Buddhist. Roger scold his brother. Roger’s father beat up Roger’s brother with a stick. Roger’s brother pretends to surrender and tells his mother to paid back the money to Jessica’s friend. Jessica’s brother took the money and left.


Jessica sighed to Roger that her brother is spoiled and the store will soon be closed down because of him. Jackie’s colleague nitpick on Jackie for offending the villagers. Jackie sighed to his girlfriend. Poon told Jackie that there good and bad days at work and sometimes she has bad days during teaching. Poon told Jackie that sometimes it scares her seeing him frown. Jackie told Poon that too bad she is his girlfriend and have to be bored with him. Jackie and Poon caught a fish. A man and his girlfriend walked in the elevator and he smoked cigarettes in front of Jackie. Jackie told the man he’s not allowed to smoke. Poon’s sister whine that the bathroom has been leaked. Poon and her sister run on the man and his girlfriend’s house and asked them to call the mechanical man to fix the bathroom. The man and his girlfriend drove them away and the girlfriend claimed she is the assistant of a layer. Jackie’s friend picked up Jackie and drove him to the bar for his friend’s wedding. Jackie stared a prostitute.


Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 22 recap

Madam Ma told Duan Zhen Jing she was waiting for him but he never returned. She gave birth to their son sneakily in a deserted house. She gave her son to a family but when he was three, he left. If people knows she has a son without staying with him, they will laugh at her. She can’t waste her beauty. She was lucky to meet Brother. To be Brother Ma’s wife, he has to kill her son. Her son was handsome as Duan Zhen Jing. When she held his neck, he continues on screaming. She used Qiao Feng to kill Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Zhen Jing regrets meeting an evil woman like Madam Ma. She didn’t only kill her son but also kill his daughter Ah Zhu. Duan Zhen Jing asked Madam Ma how does she knows that it wasn’t the real sect member who was talking to her back then. Madam Ma said she asked Ah Zhu if she prefers sweet or salty mooncake but she didn’t answered she prefers sweet bun because she is sweet. Duan Zhen Jing asked Madam Ma who is the leader of the monks during the battle. Madam Ma told Duan Zhen Jing, he still doesn’t deserves to know unless Qiao Feng comes and begs her. Duan Zhen Jing told Madam Ma when he dies, he will nominate her as a consort. Madam Ma asked Duan Zhen Jing if he remembers his promise of what would happen if he rejects her. Madam Ma tied up Duan Zhen Jing’s hands and said he sworn that he would let her bit his skin one by one if he rejects her. Madam Ma bit Duan Zhen Jing’s shoulder.

Qiao Feng barged in the room and untied Duan Zhen Jing. Duan Zhen Jing uses his power and forced Madam Ma to tell who is the leader. The sect member came. Madam Ma asked the sect member to kill Duan Zhen Jing just like how he used to kill Brother Ma. The sect leader told Madam Ma to not forget that she used the scent to cause Brother Ma to fall asleep. Madam Ma said Brother deserved to die since he prevented her from stealing the letter from the previous sect leader about Qiao Feng’s identity. During the wind, the man in the black suit grabbed and killed the sect member. Madam Ma and the sect member assumed he is Brother Ma. Madam Ma asked the man in the black suit to kill her too. Qiao Feng came and the man in the black suit left. Duan Zhen Jing’s guards came and unfroze Duan Zhen Jing’s wives and their daughters. Ah Zhi asked her mother to leave with her Duan Zhen Jing. Ah Zhi returned to the house and told Madam Ma she asked them not to kill her so she can toy with her. Ah Zhi held a knife and pushed the sword down in the her body for harming Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng told the masked man he assumed he will come. Madam Ma laughed at Ah Zhu for not revenging for her sister and father but for Qiao Feng.


Qiao Feng knows the masked man killed the sect member so he won’t reveal who is the leader. The black suit told Qiao Feng that the one who harmed him isn’t worthy of death. If he wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have prevented him from dying after Ah Zhu died. Qiao Feng told the masked man he didn’t want him to die so he would be humiliated.

Madam Ma told Ah Zhi that a hero like Qiao Feng wouldn’t fall for a spoiled brat like her. Ah Zhi held her knife and scratched Madam Ma’s face. The man in the black suit wants Qiao Feng to live and fight against his enemy. Ah Zhi prepared a cauldron of worm. The sect member came in the room and saw Madam Ma laying on the floor covered with blood and said Brother Ma’s soul killed the sect member. The sect member plans to frame Qiao Feng for killing the sect member and harassed Madam Ma. The sect member told Madam Ma to collaborate with him and he will be the sect leader.

Qiao Feng came and asked Madam Ma who is the leader. Madam Ma told Qiao Feng he has caused her to be in this sate. He is an illegitimate son but didn’t fall for her. Many men fell for her but he never looked at her. Qiao Feng told Madam Ma even if there’s a thousand woman like her, he wouldn’t fall. But when he fell for Ah Zhu it was too late. Madam Ma told Qiao Feng that it is a pity that he is a hero but he falls for a maid. Because he didn’t fall for her, she asked Brother Ma to tell out his identity. Madam told Qiao Feng that the sect member stole his fan. Madam Ma told Qiao Feng she has used Ah Zhu so he will kill Duan Zhen Jing so they both won’t have a happy ending. Madam Ma told Qiao Feng he hated him more than Duan Zhen Jing cause she gave her many chances and he is the only one who she has fallen for. She wanted to tell him who is the leader at the brothel but he was so cold to her. Qiao Feng asked Madam Ma who is the leader. Madam Ma said she rather dies. Madam Ma asked Qiao Feng to hug her and look at her in the eyes. Madam Ma is about to bite her tongue. Qiao Feng hugged Madam Ma. Madam Ma asked Qiao Feng to kills her. Ah Zhi came and laughed and told Madam Ma that she is ugly like a grumpy girl. Whoever kiss her isn’t a human. Ah Zhi showed the mirror to Madam Ma. Madam Ma freaked out. Madam Ma died. Ah Zhi laughed.

Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi she has ruined his plan. Qiao Feng slapped Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi said is he slaps her, she won’t tell him who is the leader. Qiao Feng followed Ah Zhi and asked her if Madam Ma told her who is the leader. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she used the poisonous pin and forced Madam Ma to tell her who is the leader. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she refused to tell him since he has slapped her. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng if she tells him, he will leave her. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng to be good to her then she will tell him. The sect member came with the members and accused Qiao Feng of killing the sect member and Madam Ma. Ah Zhi told the sect members it doesn’t matter if Qiao Feng has killed Madam Ma. Qiao Feng told the sect members the sect member has been killed by a man in the black suit and Madam Ma died from being scared. Qiao Feng said Madam Ma and the sect member schemed to kill Brother Ma. Qiao Feng asked the sect members who can prevent him to leave.


Weapons of Power episode 21 and 22 recap

Lin Pen jumps down the cliff. Nuo Feng came and told Lin Pen she doesn’t have the guts to face his sect and mother. Lin Pen held Nuo Feng’s hands and said they will defeat Xiaohou Zhun together. Tian Long took her clothes in front of Lin Die while he takes a bath. Lin Pen practices martial arts and told Nuo Feng that the manuel has eighteen steps but the last four steps has the steps to defeat others. He learned the first fourteen steps but his master has never taught him the final four steps. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng the riddle for the last four steps. Nuo Feng told Lin Pen the answer to the riddle. Lin Pen and Lin Die practice martial arts. Lin Pen successfully achieved the martial arts. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng he can now revenge. Nuo Feng asked Lin Pen how can they return to their home since they are stuck on the island.


Lin Die hatch some lettuces. Tian Long cooked many meals. During diner, Lin Die told Tian Long that he heard Xiaohou Zhun came back. Tian Long told Lin Die she knows eventually Xiaohou Zhun will return but she won’t stop him. Tian Long requested Lin Die to give a name to their baby before he leaves. Tian Long told Lin Die when their baby grow up, she will tell him that his father is a hero. Lin Die breaks the stick. Tian Long gave birth to her baby and celebrated with Lin Die.

Five years later, a boat passed by the island. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng yelled for help. They ate buns on the boat with a family. The father said he hopes to let his son learn martial arts under Xiaohou Zhun. Lin Pen told them that they’ve been deceived by Xiaohou Zhun. Lin Pen the father he will ruin his life if he brings his son to Xiaohou Zhun. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng went home searching for Lin Die. An elder lady said five years ago, Lin Die been practicing martial arts and his family left after Xiaohou Zhun came. The elder lady said Lin Die opened a business. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng perform martial arts to earn money and accidentally caused the stall to be falling down. Everyone left. The audience chased Lin Pen for causing their brand to be broken.


The elder servant demanded Lin Pen to pay his rent. Lin Pen pleads the servant to delay the rent for a few days. A  boy came out and said he is the owner of this shelter. The boy wants Lin Pen’s dagger but Lin Pen refused. Nuo Feng told Lin Pen to give the boy the dagger. The elder servant took the dagger. Nuo Feng practiced martial arts and twisted her leg. Nuo Feng blames herself for causing the people to leave. The girl played with the sword. Lin Pen took the sword and ran down the restaurant.

Lin Die came and asked what happened. Lin Pen saw Lin Die and hugged him. Lin Pen and Tian Long sat and ate with Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. Lin Pen told Lin Die he has solved the riddle of the last four steps in the martial arts. Lin Pen thought Lin Die would open a martial arts house but he couldn’t believe Lin Die has opened a restaurant with Tian Long. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng he thinks that Lin Die is running a restaurant for a cover up. During the night, Lin Die sneaks in the kitchen and held his dagger. Lin Pen wants to practice martial arts with Lin Die. Lin Die showed the broken dagger to Lin Pen and apologized that he didn’t follow the plan of revenge. Tian Long said their plan is to manage the restaurant. Tian Long said they have their own plan. Lin Pen asked Lin Die if he knows how much he has suffered. Tian Long said they have worked hard to run this restaurant. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to take him to the their mother’s tablet. Lin Pen saw his tablet along with his mother. Lin Pen asked Lin Die if he has enjoyed his fortune so he forgot his revenge. Tian Long said Xiaohou Zhun has managed six sects. They don’t have the power to defeat him. Tian Long asked Lin Pen to spare Lin Die. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to tell him if he wants to revenge. Nuo Feng asked Lin Pen not to blame Lin Die since he is living a peaceful life. Lin Die worries about Lin Pen and don’t want to take the mayor post. Nuo Feng asked Lin Pen to give Lin Die some time.


During the mayor speech, Lin Pen came and asked Lin Die about his hometown and said if he knows there’s one person who’s mother have died and he spent his time enjoying his fortune. Lin Pen asked Lin Die if he can tell how his mother has died. Lin Pen showed Mu Rong Bai and his mother’s tablets in front of Lin Die and asked him how does he have the motivation to be the mayor. The villagers threw food at Lin Pen. Lin Pen uses his power and drove the villagers away. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to give him three hundred thousand golds or arrest him. Lin Die gave Lin Pen a cheque of three hundred thousand golds.

Xiaohou Zhun ordered his sect to burn the manuels. Xiaohou Zhun confronted the sect leader for not showing him the final page of the manuel.Xiaohou Zhun ordered the sect leader to rewrite page nine of the manuel.

Lin Pen returned the money to Lin Die. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to teach him the martial arts. Lin Pen fought with Lin Die. Lin Die stopped and asked Lin Pen to kill him. Lin Pen asked Lin Die to revenge with him. Lin Die said that he’s been playing chess and writing poems so his martial arts have been fading. Lin Pen told Lin Die that he knows the last four steps of the martial arts. Lin Pen told Lin Die he’s the only student of Mu Rong Bai. Lin Die took out the dagger and try to fix it. Tian Long visits Lin Pen and gave him and Nuo Feng hundred thousand golds and asked them to leave. Lin Pen sits on the chair and wants to wait for Lin Die. Lin Die and Nuo Feng stood in front of the restaurant. Tian Long held the broom and hit Lin Pen. Lin Pen and Tian Long fought for Lin Die. Lin Die’s daughter bled. Lin Die and Tian Long hurriedly search the flower to heal their daughter.


5 currently airing cdramas

Ooh there are some good news that 5 ancient cdramas are currently airing.

1. Imperial Doctress

2. Xiao Shiyi Lang 2016

3.Three Heroes Five Gallants

4. Green Hill Fox

5. Princess Jie You

You drama bloggers can choose on cdramas and blog or recap or review. 🙂

Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 21 recap

Qiao Feng saw some words on the wall and assume Duan Zhen Jing is searching for Madam Ma. Ah Zhi tagged along Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi touched Qiao Feng and Qiao Feng forbids her to flirt with him. A pauper gave Ah Zhi some money. Qiao Feng threw taels in the bucket and the poison blow up. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhi why does she wants to harm the pauper. Qiao Feng was about to slap Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng to slap her since he killed her sister that way. Ah Zhu sat and drank and ordered the the meals which Qiao Feng has ordered. Ah Zhi drank and spit out the wine and complained that it stinks. Ah Zhi bribed the servant one silver and asked him to drink the wine. The servant drank the wine and his lips became inflated. Ah Zhi laughed. Ah Zhi’s sect members came. Ah Zhi asked the servant to serve the sect members the bottle of wine. The sect member touched the wine and drank it. The sect member asked Ah Zhi to hand out the cauldron if she doesn’t want to leave with him. Ah Zhi threw the cauldron to Qiao Feng. The sect members fought with Qiao Feng. The sect members tried to poison Qiao Feng but got the reverse effect. Qiao Feng asked the sect members about the power of the cauldron. The sect member said the cauldron has the power to absorb other people’s power. Qiao Feng asked Ah Zhi to return the cauldron. Ah Zhi refuses. Qiao Feng left. The sect members in the black suit tied Ah Zhi up. Ah Zhi screams for Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng followed Ah the sect members. The sect member and Ah Zhi got caught. The big brother played the flute. Ah Zhi told the big brother if something happens to her, her father won’t spare her. Ah Zhu asked the big brother who is the top martial artists. The big brother said North Qiao Feng and South Mu Rong. Ah Zhi said Qiao Feng is enough to have him beaten. The big brother confronted the sect member for revealing the secret of the cauldron to Qiao Feng. The sect member is about to push the knife toward himself. The big brother threw the fire at the sect member and got burnt to death. Qiao Feng eavesdrop at the sect. The big brother asked Ah Zhi if she knows her crime of stealing their master’s cauldron. Ah Zhi asked the big brother to release her so she can ask Qiao Feng to find the cauldron. The big brother told Ah Zhi if she defeats him, she will be the big sister. The big brother threw a fire at Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng held on to Ah Zhi from behind and told her some martial arts to use. Ah Zhi pushed back the fire toward the big brother. Ah Zhi pushed the fire again. The big brother bled. The sect members called Ah Zhi their big sister. Ah Zhi wants to follow Qiao Feng for her safety. Ah Zhi searched for the cauldron in the restaurant and found it being a scent holder


Duan Zhen Jing arrived at Madam Ma’s house. Duan Zhen Jing greets Madam Ma. Madam Ma gave a letter to the servant to send it to the sect member and asked him to leave from the backdoor. Duan Zhen Jing touched Madam Ma’s hand and said he came here to see her. Duan Zhen Jing saw the flower hairpin on her hari which he gave her. Duan Zhen Jing told Madam Ma he always misses her after he left for Dali. He couldn’t sleep after hearing she got married to Brother Ma. Madam Ma asked Duan Zhen Jing why didn’t he visit her after hearing about Brother Ma’s death. Duan Zhen Jing said he was busy in Dali, and he came here to see her but afraid she may have gotten married to someone else. Duan Zhen Jing hugged Madam Ma. Ah Zhi and her mother arrived at Madam Ma’s house and eavesdrop at Duan Zhen Jing. Wan Qing and her mother arrived. They eavesdrop at Duan Zhen Jing making out with Madam Ma. Qiao Feng jumped on the roof. Madam Ma gave Duan Zhen Jing a cup of wine. Madam Ma asked Duan Zhen Jing if he will bring her to Dali. Duan Zhen Jing said Dali is too hot. Madam Ma told Duan Zhen Jing her family was poor and couldn’t afford new clothes. She is lovesick until now. When she was seven, her father told her he’s going to sell seven goats and fourteen chicken to exchange for fabrics to sew new clothes for her. But in a snow storm, some people caught all the chickens and goats. Her father chased them halfway and fell down the mountain and became crippled. She was disappointed and begs her father to find the chickens for her to sell to buy new shirts for her. During the lunar new year, her neighbor wore a new red dress and she looked at it and felt crazy. She sneaks in her neighbor’s house and cut the dress in pieces and felt so happy. What she can’t have, other can’t have it. Duan Zhen Jing asked Madam Ma if she despite him. Madam Ma said she despite him and wants to tear his handkerchief to pieces. Duan Zhen Jing asked Madam Ma if she despite him, why does she kept his handkerchief and if she bears to tear this handkerchief. If she tear this handkerchief, it will break his heart. Madam Ma wiped Duan Zhen Jing’s mouth and said after he drinks the wine, he can become cold and if he becomes ill, she will be heartbroken. Duan Zhen Jing told Madam Ma during their memorable moment, she uses this handkerchief to wipe his mouth. He knows she always thought of him and he has never forgotten her. Madam Ma took off her clothes. The four ladies was about to barge in but Qiao Feng froze them. Duan Zhen Jing smiled and said he only drank a few drinks and why did he become so drunk. Duan Zhen Jing feels so weak and doubt if he became poisoned. Madam Ma pretens to feel ill and asked Duan Zhen Jing to use his power. Madam Ma laughed and said he’s been affected by her scent. She accidentally used the wrong handkerchief with the scent when wiping his face. Madam Ma told Duan Zhen Jing if she can’t get him, she has to get rid of him. Madam Ma asked Duan Zhen Jing if he is willing to officially marry her. Duan Zhen Jing gives up and promised he will bring her back to Dali tomorrow and marry her. Madam Ma tied up Duan Zhen Jing’s legs withe a rope and seduced him and begs him to let her be the queen. Madam Ma said because of him, he has to marry Brother Ma and killed their own son. Madam Ma said her baby’s name is Duan and is the son of Duan Zhen Jing.



Heroes from Shaolin episode 20 recap (Finale)

The temple got burnt. The monks fought with Lian Kun’s guard. The monks sliced the chain for the head monk. About more than one hundred monks have died. The temple has been burnt for four days. The monks walked on the way to the North Temple in the rain. The head monk whipped the guards to continue walking. A magistrate yelled at the head monk for whipping his guard. The head monk killed the magistrate and ordered the guards to continue riding the horse. The monks pray and thirst and about to give up. Deric said if they turn back, they will be kill but if they continue walking they will have hope of reaching the temple. Deric asked the monks to persist. Deric gives Noel some food to eat. Noel worries she will be Deric’s burden. Deric told Noel they only have thirty monks remaining.


Gigi said don’t worry Noel will be well. Eddie told his son that when he grows up he has to go to the straight path. Eddie asked the elder monk a favor of taking care of his son. Lian Kun and the guards surrounded Eddie and the monks. Eddie asked the monk to leave while he fights with Lian Kun’s guards. Lian Kun fought with Eddie. The head monk kicked Deric and then kicked Gigi and Noel. The head monk threw pearls at Deric. LianKun pushed the dagger in Eddie. The monks The monks pusehd Lian Kun. Eddie pushed a sword in Lian Kun. Lian Kun and Eddie fell down.

Deric recalled the poem from the elder monk. Deric fought with the head monk and broke the sword in pieces and threw at him. Eddie’s son called his father. Eddie’s son dragged the dagger and walked toward Eddie. Eddie held his dagger and killed Lian Kun. The monks and Eddie reached the lake and played with the water. Gigi watched Deric and Noel giving water to each other. Eddie’s son dragged the horse with Eddie toward Gigi and Noel and the monks. After a month of suffering, Deric and the monks finally arrived at the temple in the North. There was only twenty three people remaining. The monks at the North temple helped Deric, Noel, and Gigi, and the monks in. Deric and the monks sit and pray in front of the Buddhist.


The majesty Yongzheng wants the manuel to cure his health. Lui Sei Niong wore a veil and attacked Yongzheng and killed him. In the 13th year, which is 1735, Yongzheng died. The executive claimed Yong Zheng died from illness but commoners claimed that Yong Zheng got killed by his lover Lui Sei Niong and lost his head.

Noel combed her hair and realized her hair has turned grey. Eddie’s son learned martial arts from the little monks. Deric searched for Noel and came in the cave. Noel yelled at Deric to leave. Noel cried that she turned old and can’t face him. Deric picked up Noel’s pink veil on the branch and left. Noel pushed the bucket and everything off the table and cried. Deric walked on the mountain and picked up a flower and thought of Noel. Noel played the flute. Deric saw Noel turning old and he asked her why did she become like this. Noel told Deric that on the last page of the manuel if she practices the manuel, she will lose. A person will eventually turn old and ugly. Currently she is happy living a peaceful life taming goat on the farm. Deric is still young and there’s many things for him to do. The temple needs him. Please do not search for her anymore. Deric bids farewell to Li Ning and asked him if he can’t break the rule. He has to cultivate the temple. Li Ning wants to have a duel with Deric after hearing the elder monk has transferred his martial arts to him.


On the second year of Qianglong’s reign which is 1937, Deric leads Hui Qian, Qian Jin and his servant to renovate the temple. Deric and his students pray. Deric is about to shave his head to become a monk. Gigi rode the horse to the temple but tripped. Gigi ran. The monk started to shave Deric’s head. Gigi cried and ran to the temple and tripped. Gigi crawled to the temple and called Deric’s name aloud and saw him official becoming a monk. Gigi cried.


Comment: It was a great wuxia except for the expected ending but it’s expected since this seires is focused on monks and monks are not allowed to date. Couldn’t resist watching this series due to my favorite casts: Amy Kwok, Gigi Lai, Noel Leung, and Deric Wan. I would rate this series 4.5 out of 5. But if you’re not a fan of Buddhist series or not a fan of family drama mixed with martial arts then stay away!

Transportation and delivery messages in wuxia

Well, how can we deliver messages in wuxia or ancient series without our current technology of phone and computer? There’s always a way to reach ot your love.

-Horses: Wuxia characters always ride horses from one location to another.

-Sedan Chair: A good way of transportation like sitting in a car except having four servants carrying the sedan chair.

-Canoe: Way to paddle from one city to another.

-Seagull sending letters: A good way to deliver letters.

Chasing Power: Another method of visiting others is the speed chasing scene which Duan Yu possess in Demi God and Semi Devil 96.

Be drown: in the sea and hopefully someone will picked you up to another island.

Hang out in the festival:
You never know when you will pass by someone you know.

What other method you would recommend to contact each other in the ancient world?

Short End of Stick episode 1 recap

The majesty lost appetite in food. Lee Suk Gung cooked plenty of dishes for the majesty. Chan Siu Fung puts on make up and do the hair for the concubine. In 1920, the Western laughed at the braids of the chinese and was ordered the baids being cut. Sung Gung picked up the braids from other people hearing that they exchange the braids for the a bowl of noodles and five dollars from the French. The majesty wants to drive away all the eunuchs in the palace. Song Guung, Dan Tin, and Siu Fung fought for their braids. In 1923, the palace became burnt driving away the eunuchs.

A few months later, Suk Gung and Siu Fung works as a chef in a food stall cutting pig intestines. Suk Gung talk about Manchu and Han food to the food stall owner. The stall owner asked them to go wash dishes. Yip Ching Yee tied up an eunuch on the street. He saw Sug Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin passing by and asked them to throw tomatoes and eggs at the eunuch. Jung Sing’s father eunuch asked Jun Sing to sell the treasure from the palace. Jun Sing asked his father the eunuch to clean the house. Lee Suk Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin sighed they need to find a home and couldn’t go back to the forbidden city.


A prostitute seduced Siu Fung. Suk Gung and Dan Tin dragged Siu Fung in the room. Siu Fung signs a contract to work to bail the prostitute out. Suk Gung prevented Siu Fung and said that’s a contract to sell her in the brothel. Suk Gung, Siu Fung, and Dan Tin saw Ching Yee forcing Jun Sing to pull his pants down to embarrassed him as an eunuch. Suk Gung told Ching Yee to release Jun Sing so he can bring him to the magistrate for seducing his wife. the prostitute asked Ching Yee how can eunuchs have girlfriends. Ching Yee and his men chased Suk Gung, Siu Fung, Dan Tin, and Jun Sing. Suk Gung told Jun Sing that stealing treasures from the palace is a huge crime but he saved him because they are both eunuch. Jun Sing got arrested by the soldiers. Suk Gung, Siu Fung and Dan Tin brought their braids and packed up their stuff. The prostitute stood in front of the room and asked Siu Fung to open the door and she said she still loves him. Ching Yee kicked the door and accused them of stealing and selling treasures from the palace. Suk Gung pointed a knife at Ching Yee and ordered the soldiers to put down their rifles. Suk Gung, Dan Tin, and Siu Fung ran in the train. Suk Gung and Jun Sing hid by the corner and closed a woman’s mouth for accusing them of molesting. Ching Yee and the soldiers followed two people wearing Suk Gung and Jun Sing’s outfit but they were sidetracked.


Siu Fung bleeds his hands. Song Gung, Dan Tin, and Jung Sing pulled down Siu Fung’s pants and uses firecrackers to take out the bullet. Jun Sing said to survive on the street they have to be cunning. Jun Sing told Song Gung he was sick when he was ten and got sold in the palace when he was eleven. After working for two years, he got transferred to serve the the eight prince. The majesty sent and edict driving away the eunuch out of the palace.

Jung Sing piggyback Siu Fung to the hospital. The nurse demanded hem to pay fifty dollars or leave. Suk Gung, Siu Fung ,and Dan Tin plans to gamble. They stared at the gentlemen and plans to steal money from them. They saw Dai Nam pushed away the prostitute. Suk Gung lured Dai Nam on the narrowed hallway and put a bag on her and hit her and found out she’s a female. Suk Gung brought Dai Nam to the hospital. Kam Heung confronted Suk Hung of harassing her niece. Suk Hung pointed a knife at Dai Nam. Kam Heung pointed a gun at Suk Gung and asked Suk Gung if his knife or her gun is faster.