Heroes from Shaolin episode 17 recap

Lian Kun came toward Noel and asked her to stop pretending to be crazy. Noel got locked. Lian Kun burned the rope. Deric came and begged the majesty to forgive Noel. The majesty wants to possess the manuel. Deric pointed the sword toward the majesty. Deric’s student stopped the rope in time from dropping the blade. Deric told the majesty his sword helps him from killing innocent people. The majesty told Deric that it is a pity he became friends with him. Deric told the majesty that he has killed his father for the reign and wants to kill others for the manuel. Noel and ran and got caught by Lian Kun. Gigi asked Deric’s student to leave. Lian Kun went to Deric’s home with an edict to arrest Deric. The majesty believes that Noel isn’t pretending to have amnesia since she still doesn’t know anything when she is almost being executed. The doctor suggests the majesty to let Noel hang out in a familiar place to recover faster. The majesty plans to release Noel to hang out with Gigi and he ordered Lian Kun to kill Deric. The majesty ordered Deric’s family to be executed.

Deric fought with the guards. Deric injured his knee. Gigi teaches Noel to write. Deric sneakily ate the carrots in the monk’s basket and fainted.


Three years later. Noel remembers she healed Gigi’s eyes but but can’t remember others. Eddie got drunk. Hui Qian and Qian Jin threw Eddie out. Eddie deals with a kid to exchange his jade for the ball. The kid whined and wants Eddie to return his ball. Eddie’s wife came and asked her son. Eddie’s wife saw Eddie. Eddie wants to touch his son but his son avoided him. Eddie’s wife said she has opened her sect and has about two hundred members and luckily there’s a man who’s been helping him. Eddie dresses up properly to meet his wife. Gigi told Eddie’s she’s getting ready to meet Deric. The two officials followed Gigi’s sedan chair. Hui Qian and Qian Jin got out the sedan chair and smiled and asked the officials to rest. The guards chased Hui Qian and Qian Jin. Lian Kun beat up the officials and ordered them to find Gigi and Noel. Gigi took Noel to the village. Noel watches the villagers dancing. Noel remembers dancing with the villagers and Deric. Noel remembers Deric used to piggyback her. Gigi and Noel saw Deric’s student. Deric’s student thinks Deric is in the temple.


Gigi and Noel came to the temple to find Deric. The monk said Deric isn’t here. Gigi persists to see the elder monk. The elder monk pray and drove Noe land Gigi away. Gigi deals with the monk to write the manuel if he showed them where Deric is. Gigi asked Noel to read a few pages from the manuel. Noel read a few lines. The monk gives Noel ten days to write the manuel script. Noel only remember a few lines. Eddie followed his wife and son to the beach. Eddie gave his son a new ball but he is scared of him. Eddie hopes his wife to take good care of his son. Eddie’s wife welcomes Eddi to visit their son anytime. Noel watches the lantern and remember the past of Gigi got bitten by a snake. Gigi said she wanted Noel to remember but also don’t want he to remember. Noel and Gigi sneaks in the men’s room searching for Deric. The monk ordered the monks to kick Gigi and Noel out the mountain. Gigi and Noel walked in a room with the monks face covered in paper.



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