Heroes from Shaolin episode 18 recap

Gigi and Noel fought with the Bronze men hopefully to see Deric. Deric reads the manuel. Deric went out and thought there was an underqualified monk and he said if he haven’t mastered the martial arts he shouldn’t fight with the Bronze men. Gigi and Noel hugged Deric. Deric apologized for hiding his identity from the monks and said the elder monk changed his name and arranged him in the Bronze men’s room for his safety. Noel promised she will rewrite the manuel for the temple. The head monk got mad at the elder monk for hiding Deric behind his back. The head monk gave a letter to the monk and asked him to send the message to Lian Kun alerting him that Deric and Noel are in the temple.

Eddie visits his son. Eddie’s son begs his mother to give him the pineapple. Eddie’s wife asked Eddie to quit using drugs. Eddie walked across the river in the cold buying the pineapple for his son. Eddie only has two taels but the pineapple is three taels. Eddie begged the stall owner to give him the pineapple. Eddie drowsily walked holding the pineapple and tripped. Eddie went home and deals with his son that if he stop being angry at his mother, he will treat him pineapple. Eddie’s son saw Eddie feeling sick and gave a piece of pineapple to him. Eddie left and asked his son to eat the pineapple. The sect leader yelled at Eddie’s wife for letting Eddie come here.


Lian Kun told the majesty he has the news of Deric and Noel. Noel blames herself for stealing the manuel and causing many victims to die from this incident. Deric would like to live with Noel and Gigi after returning the manuel to the temple. Deric asked Noel if she likes her. Noel feels guilty toward Gigi. Deric asked Gigi if she bears to leave him. Deric hugged Noel and asked her not to leave him. Gigi came and said Qian Jin and Hui Qian has arrived. Eddie play with his son at the beach. Eddie’s son wants to eat at the restaurant with Eddie and his mother. The sect leader criticize Eddie eating with his family. The sect leader beat up Eddie for seducing his wife and warned him to not hang out with his wife. Eddie’s wife punched the sect leader and asked him to leave. Eddie asked his wife to not leave him. Eddie’s wife asked her son to call Eddie as his father. Eddie laid down and bled his nose. Eddie’s wife tied up Eddie on the bed and asked him to quit taking drugs.


Eddie’s wife slapped Eddie and asked him to hang on for his son. Eddie’s wife cried and went out to buy some drugs. Eddie’s son asked Eddie to drink tea. Eddie asked his son to untie him. Lian Kun’s sedan chair passed toward Eddie’s wife. Lian Kun fought with Noel and killed her. Eddie and his son search for his wife. Eddie and his son found his wife being injured. Eddie’s wife gave Eddie the powder of drug and died. Eddie crumpled the bag of drug. Eddie performed martial arts and bury his wife.


Lian Kun came to the temple and demanded the monks to hand out Deric and Noel. The monk showed an edict from the previous majesty of not disturbing the temple. Lian Kun waits outside the temple. Lian Kun said he has poisoned the river. Lian Kun cuts the food and water. The head monk asked Deric to hand out Noel. Deric said he rather burn the manuel than giving it to the majesty. The monks came in to ask the elder monk. The elder monk told the monks to leave. The monks only have fifty days of food and water. Deric eavesdrop the head monk opening the cave and meeting with Lian Kun. The head monk told Lian Kun that the elder monk haven’t eaten nor drank. Lian Kun suggests the head monk to kill the elder monk. The head monk pray in front of the elder monk and hopes he would give him his post. The head monk pushed the two monks t ward the elder monk.



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