Weapons of Power episode 18-20 recap

Lin Pen got mad at Mu Rong Bai for not eating his stuff. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple gave some medicine to Nuo Feng’s father and let him rest in the cave. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple deals with Nuo Feng’s father to transfer his martial art to him so he can revenge for him. Nuo Feng’s father agrees to transfer his martial arts to Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple but he must tell Nuo Feng and Lin Pen about him being harmed by Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple told Nuo Feng’s father that Xiaohou Zhun told the six sect leaders that he will revenge for him. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple said he has received a letter from Nuo Feng and Lin Pen that they are fine. Nuo Feng’s father wants to see the letter before he transfer the martial arts. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple said he burnt the letter. Nuo Feng’s father knows Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple didn’t tell Lin Pen and Nuo Feng. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple punched Nuo Feng’s father. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple locked Nuo Feng’s father with a chain.

Nuo Feng and Lin Pen threw white papers for Nuo Feng’s father. Nuo Feng told Lin Pen they have to poison the water. Nuo Feng’s father thought about how Mu Rong Bai spared him during the fight. Nuo Feng’s screamed and broke the chain and crawled on the street and said Xiaohou Zhun is a rebel. Mu Rong Bai found Nuo Feng’s father. Mu Rong Bai thought of his time with Nuo Feng’s father and promised to engage his son and Nuo Feng. Nuo Feng and Lin Die saw Mu Rong Bai riding a horse. Mu Rong Bai brought Nuo Feng’s father to the doctor. Tian Long’s sect told Lin Die and the sect they found Lin Die’s mother and will come here in three days. The sect members teased Tian Long of dressing girly when seeing Lin Die’s mother. Nuo Feng plans to put poison in the wine during Lin Die’s mother feast. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng to not choose this time to poison since he haven’t seen his mother in a long time.


Xiaohou Zhun and his sect is on their way to Tian Long’s sect. Nuo Feng’s father held the doctor’s hand and begged him to save him so he can clear the name for Nuo Feng’s father. Lin Pen teased Lin Die that he will tell Tian Long that Lin Die will marry her. Lin Pen and Lin Die and the sect saw Tian Long dressing up. Nuo Feng sneaks in the kitchen and put poison in the wines. Lin Pen and Lin Die reunite with their mother. Lin Die told his mother that Lin Pen is married. The sect members asked Tian Long to call Lin Die’s mother as her mother in law. Tian Long drinks with Lin Die’s mother at the party. Lin Die asked his mother how does she has the jade. Lin Die said Mu Rong Bai gave this jade to his son and put him on the river. Lin Die’s mother told Lin Die that she found this jade on Lin Pen when she found Lin Pen on the river. She found the jade looked good so she gave it to Lin Die. Mu Rong Bai asked Lin Die’s mother when did she picked up Lin Pen. Lin Pen denies it. Mu Rong Bai leads Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to Nuo Feng’s father. Nuo Feng’s father told Lin Pen and Nuo Feng they’ve been deceived by Xiaohou Zhun. Nuo Feng’s father told Nuo Feng and Lin Die to tell out that Mu Rong Bai isn’t the evil one but Xiaohou Zhun is the evil one.


Nuo Feng pushed the wine and asked the sect members to stop drinking it. Nuo Feng cried and laid down. Lin Pen came out and cried and said Xiaohou Zhun ordered them to come here. Lin Pen’s mother ache her leg. Xiaohou Zhun and the sect came. Mu Rong Bai asked his sect to leave. Mu Rong Bai asked Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to leave and he doesnt’ want to see them. Lin Die and Tian Long fought with Xiahou Zhun’s sect members. Lin Pen and Mu Rong Bai took Nuo Feng’s father in the cave. Nuo Feng’s father grabbed Xiaohou Zhun’s leg. Xiaohou Zhun killed Nuo Feng’s father. Xiaohou Zhun fought with Lin Pen and Mu Rong Bai. Nuo Feng looked at Tian Long’s sect member’s body and cried. Nuo Feng stabbed two of the sect members. Nuo Feng looked at her father. Xiao Hou Zhun’s disciple came and told Nuo Feng to look at herself that he wanted to throw up when he sees her and he was blind when he liked fell for her.

Lin Pen and Mu Rong Bai wake up by the beach. Lin Pen apologized to Mu Rong Bai for believing the wrong person. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Pen his martial art steps. Lin Pen ran to the top of the rock and yelled for help. Xiao Hou Zhun and his disciple chased Lin Pen. Mu Rong Bai came in front of Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun and his disciple left. Mu Rong Bai bled. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Pen he will die in three days. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Pen he doesn’t regret dying after seeing him. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple eavesdrop on Lin Pen. Lin Pen pretends to tell Mu Rong Bai they don’t need to be careful and they should have killed Xiaohou Zhun and his disciple and he knows that they can’t do anything since it’s in the island. Mu Rong Bai bled. Lin Pen wiped his mouth and pretends to say he will bring food for him. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple left.


Tian Long brought a bun to Lin Die and said all the members of her sect is dead. His mother got buried. Lin Die wants to revenge. Tian Long stabbed herself and said she doesn’t want him to die. Lin Die piggyback Tian Long searching for the flower for her. Lin Die fought with two sect members and asked them where’s Lin Pen. Tian Long told Lin Die that pehaps Lin Pen has been used. Lin Die thought of Lin Pen. Tian Long told Lin Die he is naive. There are many victims who can’t clear up their name. Tian Long hopes that Lin Pen and Mu Rong Bai are fine. Tian Long wants to live peacefully with Lin Die.


Lin Pen tripped down the rock and fainted. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple told Xiaohou Zhun he can’t find any branch to make a canoe, and he saw Mu Rong Bai generates his energy. Lin Pen told Mu Rong Bai he found some branches to make a canoe. Mu Rong Bai told Lin Pen to remember to tell Lin Die his martial art steps. Xiaohou Zhun and his disciple eavesdrop on Lin Pen. Lin Pen pretends to transfer his energy from Mu Rong Bai and said he can combine his martial arts with Nuo Feng to defeat Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun threw a rock at Mu Rong Bai and he died. Xiaohou Zhun pointed a sword at Lin Pen and said he never heard his master saying about the combination of martial arts. Lin Pen told Xiaohou Zhun if he kills him, he won’t be able to leave the island.

Lin Pen bury Mu Rong Bai. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple kicked Lin Pen. Xiaohou ZHun slapped Lin Pen and ordered him to build a canoe for him. Xiaohou Zhun’s tied up Lin Pen’s leg with a chain. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple whipped LIn Pen and forced him to build a canoe. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple poured water on Lin Pen and asked him to beg him for water. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple pushed Lin Pen on the water and said he caused Nuo Feng’s death. Lin Die brought Tian Long to his home. Lin Pen found some poisonous mushroom in the mountain. Lin Pen brought some mushrooms to Xiaohou Zhun and praised it as tasty. Xiaohou Zhun asked Lin Pen to try it first. Lin Pen tried the mushroom and said it’s good. Lin Pen told Xiaohou Zhun that they should be helping each other. Xiaohou Zhun said this mushroom is poisonous. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple whipped Lin Pen and ordered him to build the canoe.


Lin Pen uses the coals to burn the island. Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple beat up Lin Pen. Lin Pen ran and tripped. Xiahou Zhun’s disciple punched Lin Pen. Lin Pen saw a rock with a poem. Lin Pen told Xiaohou Zhun that Mu Rong Bai is coming backing to hunt them. Lin Pen said there’s a old man with a beard living in this island and made this rock. Lin Pen said living in this island is great. There’s no food or water. Lin Pen told Xiaohou Zhun that only one person can sit on this canoe. Lin Pen told Xiaohou Zhun but he hates his disciple more. Lin Pen said Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple knew that he and Nuo Feng were moles but still wanted to rape Nuo Feng and killed her. Lin Pen asked Xiaohou Zhun to let him handle his disciple. Lin Pen fought with Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple and killed him. Xiaohou Zhun was about to killed Lin Pen but a master prevented him. Lin Pen went in the cave. Nuo Feng came and hugged Lin Pen. Lin Pen wakes up and held Nuo Feng’s sword.Lin Pen went to the rock and yelled for Nuo Feng.

Lin Die carved the tablet for Lin Pen and claimed he died. Lin Die performs his martial arts. Nuo Feng peeked at Lin Pen and left. Lin Pen yelled for Nuo Feng to come out.



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