Heroes from Shaolin episode 20 recap (Finale)

The temple got burnt. The monks fought with Lian Kun’s guard. The monks sliced the chain for the head monk. About more than one hundred monks have died. The temple has been burnt for four days. The monks walked on the way to the North Temple in the rain. The head monk whipped the guards to continue walking. A magistrate yelled at the head monk for whipping his guard. The head monk killed the magistrate and ordered the guards to continue riding the horse. The monks pray and thirst and about to give up. Deric said if they turn back, they will be kill but if they continue walking they will have hope of reaching the temple. Deric asked the monks to persist. Deric gives Noel some food to eat. Noel worries she will be Deric’s burden. Deric told Noel they only have thirty monks remaining.


Gigi said don’t worry Noel will be well. Eddie told his son that when he grows up he has to go to the straight path. Eddie asked the elder monk a favor of taking care of his son. Lian Kun and the guards surrounded Eddie and the monks. Eddie asked the monk to leave while he fights with Lian Kun’s guards. Lian Kun fought with Eddie. The head monk kicked Deric and then kicked Gigi and Noel. The head monk threw pearls at Deric. LianKun pushed the dagger in Eddie. The monks The monks pusehd Lian Kun. Eddie pushed a sword in Lian Kun. Lian Kun and Eddie fell down.

Deric recalled the poem from the elder monk. Deric fought with the head monk and broke the sword in pieces and threw at him. Eddie’s son called his father. Eddie’s son dragged the dagger and walked toward Eddie. Eddie held his dagger and killed Lian Kun. The monks and Eddie reached the lake and played with the water. Gigi watched Deric and Noel giving water to each other. Eddie’s son dragged the horse with Eddie toward Gigi and Noel and the monks. After a month of suffering, Deric and the monks finally arrived at the temple in the North. There was only twenty three people remaining. The monks at the North temple helped Deric, Noel, and Gigi, and the monks in. Deric and the monks sit and pray in front of the Buddhist.


The majesty Yongzheng wants the manuel to cure his health. Lui Sei Niong wore a veil and attacked Yongzheng and killed him. In the 13th year, which is 1735, Yongzheng died. The executive claimed Yong Zheng died from illness but commoners claimed that Yong Zheng got killed by his lover Lui Sei Niong and lost his head.

Noel combed her hair and realized her hair has turned grey. Eddie’s son learned martial arts from the little monks. Deric searched for Noel and came in the cave. Noel yelled at Deric to leave. Noel cried that she turned old and can’t face him. Deric picked up Noel’s pink veil on the branch and left. Noel pushed the bucket and everything off the table and cried. Deric walked on the mountain and picked up a flower and thought of Noel. Noel played the flute. Deric saw Noel turning old and he asked her why did she become like this. Noel told Deric that on the last page of the manuel if she practices the manuel, she will lose. A person will eventually turn old and ugly. Currently she is happy living a peaceful life taming goat on the farm. Deric is still young and there’s many things for him to do. The temple needs him. Please do not search for her anymore. Deric bids farewell to Li Ning and asked him if he can’t break the rule. He has to cultivate the temple. Li Ning wants to have a duel with Deric after hearing the elder monk has transferred his martial arts to him.


On the second year of Qianglong’s reign which is 1937, Deric leads Hui Qian, Qian Jin and his servant to renovate the temple. Deric and his students pray. Deric is about to shave his head to become a monk. Gigi rode the horse to the temple but tripped. Gigi ran. The monk started to shave Deric’s head. Gigi cried and ran to the temple and tripped. Gigi crawled to the temple and called Deric’s name aloud and saw him official becoming a monk. Gigi cried.


Comment: It was a great wuxia except for the expected ending but it’s expected since this seires is focused on monks and monks are not allowed to date. Couldn’t resist watching this series due to my favorite casts: Amy Kwok, Gigi Lai, Noel Leung, and Deric Wan. I would rate this series 4.5 out of 5. But if you’re not a fan of Buddhist series or not a fan of family drama mixed with martial arts then stay away!


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