Transportation and delivery messages in wuxia

Well, how can we deliver messages in wuxia or ancient series without our current technology of phone and computer? There’s always a way to reach ot your love.

-Horses: Wuxia characters always ride horses from one location to another.

-Sedan Chair: A good way of transportation like sitting in a car except having four servants carrying the sedan chair.

-Canoe: Way to paddle from one city to another.

-Seagull sending letters: A good way to deliver letters.

Chasing Power: Another method of visiting others is the speed chasing scene which Duan Yu possess in Demi God and Semi Devil 96.

Be drown: in the sea and hopefully someone will picked you up to another island.

Hang out in the festival:
You never know when you will pass by someone you know.

What other method you would recommend to contact each other in the ancient world?


4 thoughts on “Transportation and delivery messages in wuxia

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