Rural Hero episode 3 recap

The maid asked Jackie what he would like to eat. Jackie said anything is fine. Jackie’s colleagues told the maid they would like crabs, curry, and other dishes. Jackie asked his colleague came in and compliment him of working hard. Jackie’s colleague said he is always clumsy at work and don’t ask him to work. Jessica’s brother flirted with Jessica’s friend. Jackie brought pills for Jessica. Jackie showed the restaurant boss’s wife his jests necklace. A waiter brought fried rice to Jackie but the restaurant owneR asked him why did he serve fried rice. Jackie has been injured and egg is not good for his health. Jackie suggests his colleague to tr ain their subordinates. Jackie’s subordinate jogged the next morning. Jackie’s subordinates feel tired after jogging, and asked Jackie to please don’t whistle. Jackie criticizes them of having a messy room and he would like them to jog faster next time. Jackie’s colleague said there won’t be a next time since he won’t jog anymore. This station isn’t a training school and they don’t need to jog in the mountain. Jackie’s subordinate went to take a shower. Jackie’s colleagues have a drink and mocked Jackie for being cocky. The restaurant asked Jackie to give her twenty dollars. The restaurant owner gave Jackie the music tape which cost twenty dollars.


Jackie’s grandmother asked Jackie to reevaluate himself to be more generous toward his colleagues. Jackie laid on the bed and listen to the music. Jackie’s grandma came to Jackie’s room and told him that everytime he cried when he was a child, she used to play this song for him. Jackie helped his grandmother cleaning the nursing home. Jackie saw Poon who happens to be a volunteer. Jackie helped Poon carrying her bags. Poon’s sister tease Poon and gave Jackie and Poon the tickets to Leonardo’s movie. Jackie’s friend saw Jackie and Poon going to the movie. Jackie sneezed. Poon teased Jackie of sneezing to court girls. Jackie said he is isn’t that type she’s talking about and he is a playful guy. Poon put on the jacket for Jackie and held Jackie’s hand. Poon’s sister teased Poon of having a boyfriend and she gave her a teddy bear.


Jackie gave his subordinate an order to arrest criminals. The villagers brought food for the cops. Jackie’s subordinates said they can’t accept gifts and would like them to take the pork back him. The maid dip a pork in Jackie’s mouth. Jackie’s subordinates start to eat. Jessica distributes ads promoting her store. Jackie asked Jessica to pick up the ads from the floor. Jackie yelled at two villagers for burning papers on the street. A clique tried to steal the chicken. Jessica’s sister stopped hem. Jessica’s brother’s clique sat on the beach and sighed and saw Jessica’s friend passing by and harassed her throwing her books. Jessica’s friend slapped Jessica’s brother’s girlfriend. Jessica’s brother’s clique entered Jessica’s friend house and messed up her room and stole her document. Jessica’s brother and his clique burnt the documents. The villagers wanted to let go of this incident and accused Jackie of offending the Buddhist. Roger scold his brother. Roger’s father beat up Roger’s brother with a stick. Roger’s brother pretends to surrender and tells his mother to paid back the money to Jessica’s friend. Jessica’s brother took the money and left.


Jessica sighed to Roger that her brother is spoiled and the store will soon be closed down because of him. Jackie’s colleague nitpick on Jackie for offending the villagers. Jackie sighed to his girlfriend. Poon told Jackie that there good and bad days at work and sometimes she has bad days during teaching. Poon told Jackie that sometimes it scares her seeing him frown. Jackie told Poon that too bad she is his girlfriend and have to be bored with him. Jackie and Poon caught a fish. A man and his girlfriend walked in the elevator and he smoked cigarettes in front of Jackie. Jackie told the man he’s not allowed to smoke. Poon’s sister whine that the bathroom has been leaked. Poon and her sister run on the man and his girlfriend’s house and asked them to call the mechanical man to fix the bathroom. The man and his girlfriend drove them away and the girlfriend claimed she is the assistant of a layer. Jackie’s friend picked up Jackie and drove him to the bar for his friend’s wedding. Jackie stared a prostitute.



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