Demi God and Semi Devil 96 episode 23 recap

Ah Zhi told the sect member that since they don’t leave, she assumes they want her to kill them. The sect member pointed a sword at Ah Zhi. The sect member asked Qiao Feng to meet them at the conference tonight. The four leaders told the sect member it is unethical for him to use a female to blackmail Qiao Feng. The sect member said if he doesn’t kidnap Ah Zhi then he couldn’t catch with Qiao Feng. The main the black suit punched the the four leaders and the sect members. Qiao Feng fought with the main the black suit. Ah Zhi got injured and ran. The sect member held Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi threw poison at the sect member. The four leaders thanked Qiao Feng.

The man in the black suit chased Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng came. Qiao Feng confronted the main in the black suit wanting to kill Ah Zhi because she knows the identity of the leader for the monks. The main the black suit told Qiao Feng that if he knows he’s a Khitan, he can’t befriend the hans. Qiao Feng told the man in the black suit that he is is the manchu who spread wrong message to the leader of the monks that the Khitan were on the way to the temple to steal the manuel. Qiao Feng told the man in the black suit he is a lot younger than him, he’ll wait three till he ages and he will have a duel with him.

Ah Zhi spit out a needle. Qiao Feng punched Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi fainted. Qiao Feng worries for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng that Madam Ma didn’t tell her who the leader is. He spit poisonous needle at him hoping he will be injured so she can take care of him. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng that she is an orphan and hoping to find a good man and have him love her. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng to save his energy to have a duel in three years. Qiao Feng carries Ah Zhi. The man in the black suit took off his mask, who happens to be Qiao Feng’s afer, and stared at Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng saw the cauldron. Ah Zhi wakes up and begs Qiao Feng to save her. Qiao Feng feels useless for not being able to help Ah Zhi. The doctor refused to cure Ah Zhi and wanted to give the gingseng to a rich patient. Qiao Feng stole the gingseng and cooked it for Ah Zhi. Qiao Feng carries Ah Zhi to the snowy mountain to treat her. Qiao Feng hugged Ah Zhi to keep her warm during the snow. Qiao Feng foung a gingseng for Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she never understood why her sister loves him so much but now she knows why.


One month has passed away. A Khitan fell off and got dragged by the horse. Qiao Feng rode on the horse controlling it. The villagers told Qiao Feng that he has plenty of gingseng. Qiao Feng eat and drink with the villagers. The villagers hopes Qiao Feng will help them drive away the Khitan. The villagers went hunting with Qiao Feng. The Khitan soldiers fought with the villagers wanting to take back their horses. Ye Lut Hung Kei arrived with his Khitan troops. Qiao Feng fought with the Khitan. The troops shot arrows at Qiao Feng . Qiao Feng threw the arrows back at Ye Lut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng kicked Ye Lut Hung Kei out of his horse and pointed a sword at him. Qiao Feng brought Ye Lut Hung Kei to the villagers. Ye Lut Hung Kei admired Qiao Feng’s martial arts and satisfied being caught by him. Ye Lut Hung Kei deals with Qiao Feng to give him hundred thousand gods, two hundred thousand silvers and two hundred fabric. The villagers suggests five hundred thousand golds, one thousand silvers, and two thousand fabrics in exchange. Khitan breaks his knife and asked Ye Lut Hung Kei for his identity. Qiao Feng wants to have a duel with Ye Lut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng gave Ye Lut Hung Kei two swords and asked him to leave and would like to make friends with him. Qiao Feng told Ye Lut Hung Kei he is a Khitan but was raised by the Hans.




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