Solo Blogging vs Team Blogging vs Guest Blogging

There are three types of drama bloggers!

1. Solo Blogger: Bloggers who run their own blog and have the autonomy of what dramas to review but can be lonely at times.

2. Team Blogging: Bloggers who work with other bloggers on a blog. Sometimes they may or may not get along with their teammates and their opinions may not be your opinions. They have other teammates to share their opinions with and update faster but be careful of other teammates dominate your task.

3. Guest Blogger: Bloggers who casually guest blogs to other blog. It takes a lot of pressure and approval to work for another blogger and take criticism from fans from another blog.

What type of bloggers are you or would you want to be? Would you rather have your own blog, work with another blogger, or work for others?


2 thoughts on “Solo Blogging vs Team Blogging vs Guest Blogging

  1. I think working with another blogger is great, especially during periods when I’m just busy and it’s hard to update actively. It helps that my partner is really nice. We both blog about different stuff that interest us so no conflicts there.

Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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