Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 24 recap

Qiao Feng sworn to be brothers with Yelut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng gave Ye Lut Hung Kei his horse. Ah Zhi feels dizzy and wants to go hunting with Qiao Feng. A day later, Qiao Feng received chests of gold and fabric from Ye Lut Hung Kei. Qiao Feng gave the gold, fabric, horses and goat to the villagers. Ah Zhi hung out with Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng said Ah Zhu and he planned to live a peaceful life in the farm. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng if he will leave her someday. Qiao Feng and Ah Zhi told each other they are each other’s closest relative. Qiao Feng and Ah Zhi saw a tribe of Mongols. The soldiers came and greeted Qiao Feng. The soldiers greeted Ye Lut Hung Kei as the emperor of Mongol. Ye Lut Hung Kei told Qiao Feng the horse is good but he fell down from it so he ordered the soldiers to chased it then he encountered him. Ye Lut Hung Kei plans to go to war with the Song. Ye Lut Hung Kei asked Qiao Feng to help him but Qiao Feng refuses. Ye Lut Hung Kei got mad hearing that his uncle wants to steal his throne and accused him of faking the edict.

Ye Lut Hung Kei looked at the soldiers fighting. Ye Luk Hung Kei’s soldier remains one hundred. Qiao Feng requested to help Ye Lut Hung Kei to get out from the rebel’s trap. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng to leave with her. Ah Zhi is willing to stay with Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi fainted. Ye Luk Hung Kei’s uncle troops surrounded Ye Luk Hung Kei and shot arrows. The soldiers used Ye Luk Hung Kei’s family as a pawn. Ye Luk Hung Kei madly broke his sword. Ye Luk Hung Kei pointed a sword at himself but Qiao Feng threw it. Qiao Feng rode his rose toward the troops and shot an arrow at the captain. Qiao Feng pointed a sword at the captain and ordered the guards to put their weapons down. Qiao Feng grabbed the captain. The captain begs for forgiveness. Ye Luk Hung Kei spares him to avoid more death. Ye Luk Hung Kei gives Qiao Feng minster rank.


Ah Zhi admired Qiao Feng’s heroic battle last night. Ah Zhi smiled and asked Qiao Feng if she looks like a princess. Ah Zhi asked Qiao Feng if he was scared fighting with the soldiers. Qiao Feng said he was scared he couldn’t save Ye Luk Hung Kei but he has to risk his life through death. Ah Zhi joked that Qiao Feng can use his troop to eliminate those beggars. Qiao Feng said he can’t do this since the beggars used to be his sect. Qiao Feng said in the Hans eyes, he is a Khitan and if he gets a high status as a Khitan they will despite him ore. Qiao Feng drinks with the empress dowager of Mongol. Ah Zhi told the empress dowager that she never seen a spectacular majesty and an elegant empress dowager. Empress Dowager appointed Ah Zhi as the princess. Qiao Feng begs Ye Luk Hung Kei to take back the post. Qiao Feng said he came from a lowly background and can’t accept the post. Ye Luk Hung Kei said he’s been surrounded by his uncle’s troop and only he can manipulate them. Qiao Feng encouraged his soldiers to help the people. An elder Han sodlier thanked Qiao Feng for ending the battle between the hans and Khitan. A soldier told Qiao Feng that based on the law, a Han can’t be promoted. Qiao Feng gave an order to remove those inequality laws.



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