Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 25 recap

Ah Zhi complained the the mongols that the dishes are always the same. Qiao Feng doubts he won’t stay in his post long. He plans to quit this post when everything is settled. Duan Yu pretends to ache his stomach in front of Wang Yu Yan. Mu Rong Fu’s servant fought with Duan Yu. Mu Rong Fu’s servant said Duan Yu is lovesick. Mu Rong Fu greets Duan Yu’s bodyguards. Duan Yu sadly bids farewell to Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan. The sect members respect Qiao Feng for saving them. The sect member said Qiao Feng is a Khitan and they chould nominate a new leader. A sect member asked what qualities the sect member possess to be the new sect leader. The sect member suggests three leaders to nominate the new sect leader another day during the conference. The sect member greets Duan Yu. Duan Yu gave the sect member a letter from his father that the other sect member and Madam Ma was killed by a man in the black suit and they should stop framing Qiao Feng. The sect member burnt the letter.


Ah Zhi’s master arrived and threw kniveS’s at the beggar sect member and persist in seeing Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi’s master threw a skull spell at the beggar sect. Xu Zhu came and plead Ah Zhi’s master for forgiveness. Ah Zhi’s master told Xu Zhu he gives them forty nine days to break the spell or die. Xu Zhu asked Ah Zhi’s master to forgive them for generosity. Ah Zhi’s master wants to have a duel with Xu Zhu. Ah Zhi’s master punched Xu Zhu. Duan Yu used his chasing power and held Xu Zhu. Duan Yu admired Xu Zhu’s generous philosophy. Duan Yu told Ah Zhi’s master he doesn’t belong to any sect but Qiao Feng is his brother. Ah Zhi’s master asked Duan Yu to tell the whereabout of Qiao Feng. Duan Yu told Ah Zhi’s master that Qiao Feng has left and a person like him isn’t qualified to meet Qiao Feng. Ah Zhi’s master punched Duan Yu. Duan Yu used his power to step back. Ah Zhi’s master used his power on Qiao Feng. The three sect leaders came and fought with Ah Zhi’s master. Duan Yu used his laser power on Ah Zhi’s master. Ah Zhi’s master left. The sect member drove the three sect leaders away and asked them to rest. Xu Zhu gave the invitation card of the martial arts conference to the sect member.

Duan Yu befriends Xu Zhu. The scholars gave Duan Yu an invitation card to play chess. Duan Yu is happy knowing that Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan will be at the chess competition.

Xu Zhu’s master drank wine. Xu Zhu chased his master but his master continues to run away. Xu Zhu’s maser begs the elder monk for forgiveness for sneaking out of the temple. Ah Zhi’s master and his sect passed by the monks. Ah Zhi’s master accused the monk of stealing his favorite object. Ah Zhi’s master punched the elder monk and took the monk away.


Duan Yu played checker with the scholar. Ah Zhi’s master came and used his spell on the scholars. Ah Zhi’s master greets his scholar brother. The doctor confronted Ah Zhi’s master of joining the dark side after being kicked out of the sect. Duan Yu bids farewell to the scholar. Duan Yu greets Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan. Duan Yu asked Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan to go play chess with the scholar. Mu Rong Fu greets the scholar to play chess. Xu Zhu came with the elder monk to the doctor asking him to heal. The scholar said he feels better seeing the elder monk coming. Mu Rong Fu sweat while playing chess with the scholar. Ah Zhi’s master criticized Mu Rong Fu for not being able to solve one piece. Flashbacks of Mu Rong Bai’s reign of Yan fell down. Mu Rong Fu accepths his face and wants to kill himself but Duan Yu pushed his sword. Mu Rong Fu’s servants said he must have been affected by the spell. YatKhing and the four villains came. Yat Khing tried to punch Duan Yu. Duan Yu chased and tried to use his laser power. Duan Yu ran. Mu Rong Fu stopped YatKhing. YatKhing wants to play chess with the scholar. YatKhing sweats. Xu Zhu suggests YatKhing not to use this move since Mu Rong Fu became crazy earlier. YatKhing doubts which moves he should use. Ah Zhi’s master laughed and said it is har for a villain turning a new leaf. Flashbacks of YatKhing lost his reign. He asked the cloudy sparrow for help. YatKhing is about to kill himself.



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