Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 26 recap

Xu Zhu put on the piece on the chess board and stopped Yat Khing from killing himself. The scholar confronted Xu Zhu from solving the chess piece. Xu Zhu played chess with the scholar and won. The doctor and the scholar congratulates Xu Zhu for solving their master’s chess game. The scholar pushed Xu Zhu in the cave. The scholar’s master told Xu Zhu he managed to solve his chess piece but he doesn’t have the look of a martial artist. The scholar’s master thought it was fate that Xu Zhu will be responsible for this task. Xu Zhu bowed in front of the scholar’s master. The scholar fought with Ah Zhi’s master. The scholar’s master removed the monk’s martial arts from Xu Zhu and transferred his martial arts to Xu Zhu. The scholar’s master told Xu Zhu he has transferred his seventy years of martial arts to him. Xu Zhu is his disciple and his sect member. Xu Zhu jumped up high and down. The scholar’s master said he only admit two students which is Ah Zhi’s master and the scholar. The scholar is honest but focused more on his studies. Ah Zhi’s master wants to be the top martial artist and also sneakily study dark martial arts. He pushed Ah Zhi’s master down the hill after he learned he continued to learn dark martial arts. Ah Zhi’s master begged the scholar’s master to save him then he pushed him down the hill. The scholar came and the scholar’s master became paralyzed. For thirty years, he’s been waiting to have a student to eliminate Ah Zhi’s master. The scholar’s master showed the painting of the map and his sister to Xu Zhu and asked him to find her. One of his sister tried to seduce him to steal his manuel. Two of his sisters fought with each other. He and his sister went on the underground and gave birth to a girl. Xu Zhu asked if he wanted him to ask the sister to teach him the martial arts. The scholar’s maser told Xu Zhu that he wanted her to teach him the rest of the martial art steps but the person has to be handsome and intelligent which he is neither. The scholar’s master is about to pass away. Xu Zhu called the scholar’s master as his master. Xu Zhu is his third student and the leader of his sect.


Mu Rong Fu asked Duan Yu to not bug in the affairs of other sect. The scholar fought with Ah Zhi’s maser. Xu Zhu generates the energy for the scholar. Mu Rong Fu fought with Ah Zhi’s master sect. Wang Yu Yan begged Duan Yu to help Mu Rong Fu. Ah Zhi’s master threw poisonous green bomb master left. The scholar and his doctor bowed in front of his master. The scholar saw the ring on Xu Zhu’s finger and bowed in front of him. The scholar said Ah Zhi’s master wanted to kill him long ago. The scholar wanted to keep his life so he was forced him to pretend to be mute. He gave the manuel to the three sisters. The scholar’s master created a complex chess piece hoping to find an intelligent student to solve it. Xu Zhu doesn’t dare to leave the temple to be a sect leader. Xu Zhu heals the monks. Xu Zhu used his power to heal the elder monk. The monks and the elder monks died. Xu Zhu cried. Xu Zhu thought the scholar taught him to tap behidn the monks back and smiled. Xu Zhu confronted the scholar to teach him how to kill those monks so he can accept the post to be the new sect leader. The scholar died. The doctor said the scholar has been affected by the green poison of Ah Zhi’s master. The poison only affect people who’s been injured. When they’ve been affected by the poison, they will smile strangely three times. Duan Yu wants to tag along Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan. Mu Rong Fu bids farewell to Duan Yu. Xu Zhu showed the painting to the doctor. The doctor found the sister looks like Wang Yu Yan. Xu Zhu said the scholar’s master’s sister is sixty years old. Xu Zhu plans to go meeting with the scholar’s master sister.



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