Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 27 recap

Ah Zhi feels bored in the tribe. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi he’s busy with work and don’t have time to play with her. The soldiers whipped the Hans villagers. The Hans villagers begged Qiao Feng to forgive them. Qiao Feng released the Hans villagers. Yan Tan Z threw powders at Qiao Fen .Qiao Feng fought with Yan Tan Z and dropped the Hindi manuel. Qiao Feng told Yan Tan Z his parents feel ashamed of not being able to defeat them so they killed themselves. Qiao Feng stopped Yan Tan Z from killing himself and gave him some money. Ah Zhi smiled and told Yan Tan Z to practice martial arts seriously then come back and revenge. Yan Tan Z picked up the manuel and thought the words were in Khitan. Yan Tan Z wash his face on the stream and thought of Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi ordered the guards to kidnap Yan Tan Z. Ah Zhi told Yan Tan Zi she caught him because she wants to see him. She wants him to play with her. Ah Zhi tied Yan Tan Z on the kite and the soldiers dragged him on his horse using the rope. Ah Zhi laughed at flying Yan Tan Z on the kite. Ah Zhi rode on the horse. Qiao Feng came. Ah Zhi blamed it on the soldiers. The soldiers said Yan Tan Z lost the bid so he flew him on the kite. Ah Zhi wiped Yan Tan Z’s face. Yan Tan Z feels touched. Qiao Feng yells at Ah Zhi for playing flying the kite on Yan Tan Z. The soldiers suggests Ah Zhi not to lock Yan Tan Z since Qiao Feng will be mad if he knows. Qiao Feng held his cloth and thought of Ah Zhu.


Yan Tan Z stared at Ah Zhi and wants to see her everyday. Ah Zhi tied up Yan Tan Z with a chain and put on a burnt mask on his face. Yan Tan Z put on the metal mask and crawled to eat food. Ah Zhi told Yan Tan Z she put on this mask for him so Qiao Feng won’t recognize him. Yan Tan Z stood on the rolling ball and tripped. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng that Yan Tan Z was born wearing this metal mask. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi to be nice to him. Ah Zhi showed Yan Tan Z her cauldron and asked him to drive away the worms. Ah Zhi asked Yan Tan Z to put his finger in the cauldron so the termite can suck his blood. The termite sucked Yan Tan Z’s finger. Yan Tan Z ache his body and roll around on the grass. Ah Zhi practices martial arts. Yan Tan Z saw the manuel page and heal his body. Ah Zhi came and looked at Yan Tan Z and found him well.

Qiao Feng searched for the cloth and yelled at Ah Zhi for washing it. Qiao Feng forbids Ah Zhi from washing Ah Zhu’s cloth. The next day, Yan Tan Z put his finger inside the cauldron for the termite to suck his blood. Ah Zhi practices her martial arts. Yan Tan Z looked at the manuel page and heal himself. Ah Zhi is happy she managed to practice the martial arts and will soon defeat her master. Ah Zhi tested her punch to Yan Tan Z but got pushed back. Qiao Feng found two bodies. The soldiers said Ah Zhi tested the punch. Ah Zhi and Yan Tan Z saw the green termite coming near the cauldron and left. The caterpillar came to the monk. Yan Tan Z and Ah Zhi punched the monk and stole the caterpillar. Ah Zhi asked Yan Tan Z to put his finger in the cauldron. Yan Tan Z told Ah Zhi that if he dies from the poison, she hopes he remembers him. Yan Tan Z’s body froze. Ah Zhi picked up the caterpillar and threw Yan Tan Z on the river. Qiao Feng yelled at Ah Zhi for poisoning people to practice martial arts. Ah Zhi told Qiao Feng she put on the mask on Yan Tan Z and tortured him. Qiao Feng slapped Ah Zhi. Ah Zhi cried and pushed Ah Zhu’s tablet and sliced Ah Zhu’s cloth. Qiao Feng returned home and picked up Ah Zhu’s clothe. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhi she will ignore her from now on. Ah Zhi cried and told Ah Zhu that Qiao Feng has forgotten his promise. Ah Zhi left. Ah Zhi threw the objects and ordered the soldiers to bring her a prisoner for her to torture. The soldiers said Qiao Feng gave the order forbidding to use people to test poison or torture them. Ah Zhi whipped the soldiers and said she won’t see Qiao Feng again. Qiao Feng told Ah Zhu he hasn’t fulfilled her fishes and Ah Zhu is spoiled but he will find her. Yan Tan Zi landed on a shore and saw Ah Zhi throwing rocks on the river.



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