Weapons of Power episode 23 recap

The doctor told Tian Long and Lin Die that their son only has a minor scratch. Lin Die and Tian Long feel relieved that their son doesn’t have the illness. Tian Long told Lin Pen and Nuo Feng that she was worried her daughter have her illness so she wanted to live a peaceful life. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng want to revenge alone. Lin Die hugged Tian Long and decided not to revenge. Lin Die kneel in front of his mother’s tablet and said he’s happy that his son doesn’t the illness and knows that Tian Long will raise their daughter well. Lin Die wants to collaborate with Lin Pen and Nuo Feng to revenge. Lin Pen told Lin Die that he put their mother’s tablet by the sea and they can visit when they like. Lin Die told Lin Pen he wants to revenge. Lin Pen suggests Lin Die to wait till Xiaohou Zhun turns eighty and ninety years old and they can kill him with a knife. Lin Pen told Lin Die that Nuo Feng is pregnant and wants to live a calm life. Lin Pen told Tian Long and Lin Die he will help them do chores tomorrow. Lin Die picked up a sword and practice martial arts. Lin Pen and Nuo Feng practice martial arts. Lin Die pray in front of his mother’s tablet and wants to take the revenge mission alone. Lin Pen fall asleep while working as a cashier and counted the taels wrong from three taels to thirty taels. Nuo Feng accidentally dropped the dishes. Lin Pen told Nuo Feng the haven’t got used to sleeping on the new bed. Lin Die’s daughter wakes up Lin Die and said she’s hungry.


The eunuch reunited with Tian Long ad Lin Die. The eunuch is happy for Tian Long having a good family. Tian Long told the eunuch that Lin Pen is busy working in the restaurant while Nuo Feng takes care of her baby. The eunuch pray in front of Mu Rong Bai’s tablet. The eunuch poured some wine to Lin Die and Lin Pen. Lin Die and Lin Pen fainted. Tian Long came. The eunuch and Tian Long fought with the sect. The eunuch said five years ago, he and the sect became a slave of Xiaohou Zhun. Xiaohou Zhun poured drugs in his mouth. The eunuch became more addicted to drugs. Xiaohou Zhun ordered the eunuch to kill Lin Pen and Nuo Feng if he wants more drugs. Xiaohou Zhun forced the eunuch to listen to him or he’ll let his sect of one hundred and four suffer. Lin Pin and Nuo Feng went on a separate ways with Tian Long and Lin Die.



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