Demi God and Semi Devils 96 episode 29 recap

Mu Rong Fu and Wang Yu Yan and the two servants went in the woods and got surrounded by some martial artists from seven two island. Mu Rong Fu fought with the sect. The martial artist grabbed Wang Yu Yan and asked her to bow fifty times. Duan Yu used his finger lazer power on the martial artist and took Wang Yu Yan away. Xu Zhu asked the martial artist stop fighting. Wang Yu Yan asked Duan Yu to come back to help Mu Rong Fu. Duan Yu fought with the sect members and suck his energy. The sect members asked Mu Rong Fu to help their sect to fight another sect. The sect members said they’ve been affected by the spell of the other sect and need the medicine. The sect members said they got lost in the garden and caught a mute girl. She wouldn’t tell them what kind of illness does the leader of the sect has. The sect members wants to kill the mute girl to relieve their anger. Xu Zhu put the mute girl in the bag and left. The mute girl called Xu Zhu a coward. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu how is he related to the other sect since his martial arts is strong. Xu Zhu dropped the bag down.

The mute girl looked at Xu Zhu’s ring and asked him how did he get it. Xu Zhu said an elder master gave him this ring before he passed away. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu if the master gave him this ring. Xu Zhu said the master transfer his seventy two years of martial arts to him but he didn’t mean to be the leader of the sect. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu permission to give her the ring. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu to jump up. The mute girl teaches Xu Zhu to fly. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu to bring her a deer so she can drink its blood or she’ll die. Xu Zhu refused. The mute girl told Xu Zhu she will drink his blood. Xu Zhu ran and decided to search for a deer but the sect members came. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu to use the rocks to beat the sect members. The mute girl drink the sect member’s blood. The mute girl gave the sect member a pill and forced him to bring her some rabbits and chicken. Xu Zhu apologized to the sect member.


The sect member gave the mute girl the chicken. Xu Zhu wants to leave but the mute girl asked Xu Zhu to stay to protect her from the enemies. The mute girl said she is the elder master’s lover. She is ninety years old. The mute girl said she was focusing on practicing martial arts so she didn’t fight back when the sect members came. Another lady came who is her sister. The elder used her power to push Xu Zhu. The mute girl showed the ring to the elder lady and said the master have gave her the ring. The mute girl said the elder lady fought with her while she was practicing martial arts causing her body to shrink which cause the master to stop loving her. The elder lady said the mute girl spread rumored about her causing the elder master to leave. She poisoned her while she was marrying to a prince and she stabbed her face. The elder lady punched the mute girl and put on the ring. Xu Zhu piggyback the mute girl out of the cave. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu to throw her down the hill. Xu Zhu fought with the elder lady and fell down the hill. Duan Yu used his power to save Xu Zhu. Duan Yu fought with the elder lady.

The sect members assumed the mute girl have fallen down the hill and died. The sect members nominated Mu Rong Fu as their leader. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu what moves did he do to win the chess game. Xu Zhu said he randomly put the chess piece on the board and won the game. The mute girl thought of going through the death where everyone is afraid. Xu Zhu gave the mute girl a bun and looked at her beautifully and feels guilty. The elder lady called the mute girl and Xu Zhu to get out. The mute girl asked Xu Zhu to piggyback her to the south. The mute girl laughed and told Xu Zhu that she’s reached the elder lady’s territory and will practice martial arts in her cave while she is searching for her.



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