Sword of the Outlaw episode 39 recap

The eunuch confronted the priest of saying rebel stuff. The priest laughed and asked the eunuch if he wants to be the emperor. The eunuch arrested the priest. The eunuch told the mongolian girl that success isn’t important as long as she tries her best. The mongolian girl asked hte eunuch if he collected taxes from the people. The eunuch said the majesty ordered the people to collect taxes under his name. The eunuch said hte majesty will pick whoever he likes as the king. The eunuch lets the sect leader to handle Fengyi’s father for the moment.

Fengyi and Zhuiyun found the cave of treasures. Zhuiyun asked the sect members to let go of hunting for the treasures. The monk asked the sect members to let go of their greed and go home. The sect leader demanded the monks at the temple to hand out Zhuiyun. The monk told the sect member it would be a deed for the people if he could let go of vengeance. The sect leader asked the monk if he wants the monks to die along with Zhuiyun. Fengyi’s father and Zhuiyun came. Zhuiyun believes that martial artists have to live peacefully instead of trying to be the top of the world. The sect leader told Zhuiyun if the monk listen to him then he wouldn’t hurt him. The sect leader told Zhuiyun if he worries for the monks at the temple, he should hand out the map of treasure. The sect leader told Zhuiyun that people die because they are useless and they should kill them instead of helping them to make this world better. Zhuiyun told the sect leader that everyone has the right to live and he doesn’t have the right to get rid of them. The sect leader said if they don’t have the power to live, they don’t have the right to live. The sect leader gives Zhuiyun three days to hand out the treasure map or he’ll destroy the temple. Fengyi’s father told the sect leader he shouldn’t have stolen the manuel. The sect leader said the manuel belongs to the sect. Fengyi’s father said he promised Zhuiyun he will find the manuel.

Xiao Qian serves food for the master. The master complained that the food isn’t as good as what his wife cook. Xiao Qian said his wife’s tofu doesn’t have the flavor while he has a good taste. The master ate and praised the food. The master paid Xiao Qian three taels. Xiao Qian demanded five taels including the tea. The master fainted. The servant took five taels from the master’s pocket. Some monks came and threw down Xiao Qian’s food stall.


Xiao Qian saw Zhuiyun and cried. The sect leader is willing to hand out the manuel in condition Fengyi’s father keep his promise. Xiao Qian said she regrets of sometimes being naive. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian to leave feeling the martial arts world doesn’t fit her. The bodyguard told Xiao Qian he will stop her from killing others. He hopes she will turn good. Xiao Qian walked in the woods and thought of Zhuiyun. The bodyguard saw a sword and some dead bodies and heard Xiao Qian’s master did it. The bodyguard visits the official and told him that Xiao Qian been killing people. The bodyguard and the official waits for Xiao Qian during the night.



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