WOW Boba Teas

There’s a new Boba Tea place near Dallas Texas area called WOW Boba Teas run by fellow Vietnamese.

The classic and Jasmine Milk Tea of WOW Boba Tea is perfect. Bobaland, QQ Teahouse, and Tasty Cup also do perfect Jasmine Milk Tea and that is how Authentic Milk Teas are.


There are plenty of Boba Tea places in Dallas, Texas are but here are my recommendation. My friends in real life and online knows I drink a lot of Boba Teas.

Fat Straws

Kungfu Tea


QQ Teahouse

Tasty Cup

WOW Bubble Teas

Tasty Cup, Bobaland, and Fat Straws comes on my top place to go for Bubble Teas. I recommend the Panda and Jasmine Tea Sea Cream from Bobaland. Classic from Fast Straws. Classic, Jasmine, and Thai Milk Tea for Tasty Cup. Classic and Jasmine for Wow Milk Tea.


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